The Amazing Race 34 Recap – Week 8 Live Blog

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A new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The teams learn they must drive themselves to Toulouse, France. Emily & Molly and Marcus & Molly are the first two teams to depart. Derek & Claire and Luis & Michelle are the next two to leave in a separate group. They agree to work together to easily find the next location. Derek and Louis have become friends, and Michelle jokes how they have a bromance. Quinton & Mattie and Aubrey & David are the last ones to leave. Aubrey & David bickered last leg after some trouble navigating. They agree to switch spots today. Aubrey will be driving while David will be reading the map.

Emily & Molly are the first team to arrive at Stade Toulousain. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must complete rugby drills to receive their next clue. Molly chooses to do the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Marcus & Michael went the wrong way and are stuck in traffic.

Molly struggles with the Roadblock, but she finally completes it after her sixth attempt. She and Emily must now drive themselves to Couvent des Jacobins. They depart before any other teams arrive. Luis & Michelle, Derek & Claire, and Marcus & Michael arrive at the same time. Luis, Claire, and Marcus choose to do the Roadblock. Luis completes it after his first attempt. Claire completes it after her first attempt too. Marcus, however, fails his first attempt.

Derek & Claire and Luis & Michelle help each other find directions on their maps before driving off. Meanwhile, Emily & Molly accidentally drive into a parking garage. They lose their lead trying to get out since they needed to figure out how to pay. As a result, Derek & Claire and Luis & Michelle are the first to arrive at Couvent des Jacobins. They get their clues and learn they have a Detour next. Say Six requires teams to recite six lines of a French poem. Lay Bricks requires teams to place bricks in an intricate design. Meanwhile, Marcus keeps failing the Roadblock after numerous attempts. Aubrey & David and Quinton & Mattie have yet to arrive at Stade Toulousain.

Marcus finally completes the Roadblock, so he and Michael can finally proceed to Couvent des Jacobins. As they leave, Aubrey & David arrive. Aubrey chooses to do the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Luis & Michelle and Derek & Claire are working on the Say Six Detour. They must get two lines of the poem from three different areas of the town. After they get the entire poem, they must recite it by memory. The Detour ended up being too difficult for Luis & Michelle, so they switch to the Lay Bricks Detour.

Emily & Molly finally arrive at Couvent des Jacobins. They choose the Lay Bricks Detour, and they arrive there shortly after Luis & Michelle started the task. Meanwhile, Aubrey completes the Roadblock after four attempts. As they leave, Quinton & Mattie finally arrive at Stade Toulousain. Quinton gets started on the rugby drills.

Marcus & Michael got lost again, and they happen to arrive at Couvent des Jacobins at the same time as Aubrey & David. Both teams choose the Say Six Detour. Derek & Claire make their first attempt at reciting their poem, but Derek forgets his first part. He and Claire go back to hear it again. Meanwhile, Quinton completes the Roadblock.

Derek & Claire successfully recite the poem on their second attempt. They can proceed to the Pit Stop: Canal de Brienne. As they leave, Marcus & Michael and Aubrey & David are learning the French poem and Emily & Molly and Luis & Michelle are still laying bricks. Quinton & Mattie have yet to arrive at either Detour.

Luis & Michelle complete the Detour, but so do Emily & Molly shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, traffic is putting Quinton & Mattie further behind. They finally arrive at Couvent des Jacobins, but they may be too far behind to catch up.

Derek & Claire arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #1! They won Expedia Reward points to a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Marcus & Michael complete the Say Six Detour while Aubrey & David are having trouble with the French pronunciation. They haven’t completed the Detour by the time Quinton & Mattie get started on the Say Six Detour.

Luis & Michelle and Emily & Molly arrive at the Pit Stop at the same time as Team #2 and Team #3 respectively. Later, Marcus & Michael arrive as Team #4. They are disappointed for blowing their lead.

Only two teams are left at the Say Six Detour. Quinton & Mattie seem to be picking up the French pronunciation faster, but Aubrey & David finally complete the task. They can now proceed to the Pit Stop. Before we see them greet Phil, we see Quinton & Mattie complete the Say Six Detour. Which team will avoid elimination?

Aubrey & David greet Phil as Team #5. Quinton & Mattie show up a little later. Quinton & Mattie have been eliminated from the race. Mattie says they are competitors and are disappointed to not be in the final leg. Quinton said he couldn’t have done this race with anyone else.

Episode Summary

1st place: Derek & Claire

2nd place: Luis & Michelle

3rd place: Emily & Molly

4th place: Marcus & Michael

5th place: Aubrey & David

Eliminated: Quinton & Mattie

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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