The Amazing Race 34 Recap – Week 5 Live Blog

The Amazing Race Arabia
Pictured (L-R): Linton Atkinson and Sharik Atkinson. Photo: CBS ©2022

Phil informs the teams that they will be traveling to a country The Amazing Race has never visited before: Jordan. They board the same charter plane to the Wadi Rum Desert. They take a train ride to their destination, where men riding on horses and camels greet them and present them their next clue. The greeting was meant to be reminiscent of the Oscar-winning film Lawrence of Arabia. They will be driven to their next clue in the Wadi Rum Desert. Marcus & Michael and Emily & Molly are the first two teams to depart. They are taken to the clue box and learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must use a metal detector to find their next clue buried in the sand. Marcus finds his almost right away. He and Michael can proceed to the archeological site Petra, Jordan.

Abby & Will, Luis & Michelle, and Quinton & Mattie are the next teams to depart for the Roadblock. Abby, Luis, and Quinton choose to do the Roadblock. Shortly after they arrive, Molly completes the Roadblock. She and Emily can proceed to Petra too. Emily feels like she pulled a muscle in her leg; she is having difficulty running. Quinton is the next to complete the Roadblock, so he and Mattie can make their way to Petra too. Luis completes the Roadblock too. Abby is struggling finding her clue. She feels like she and Will are losing their lead on the teams behind them.

The rest of the teams depart for the Roadblock too. Derek, David, Lumumba, and Linton choose to do the Roadblock for their teams. Before any of them get started, Abby finally finds her clue. She and Will depart for Petra as the other teams begin searching for their clue. Derek is the next to find his clue. The last three are struggling finding the clue. Lumumba keeps finding beverage cans, and David is searching on the outskirts of the area. David wants to avoid areas with lots of footprints, but Aubrey is frustrated that David hasn’t tried looking in the middle of the area.

Most of the teams that already completed the Roadblock arrive at Petra at the same time. Derek & Claire reach the clue box first and are currently in first place. They learn they have a Detour to complete. “Camel Caravan” requires teams to carry four bags of hay and provide water for resting camels. “Palace Puzzle” requires teams to complete a giant slide puzzle resembling how the tombs used to look like. Derek & Claire, Luis & Michelle, and Emily & Molly choose “Palace Puzzle.” Marcus & Michael choose “Camel Caravan.” Meanwhile, David finally finds his clue. He and Aubrey can now depart for Petra. Lumumba is the next to find his Roadblock clue, which puts Linton & Sharik in last place. Abby & Will arrive at Petra and choose the “Palace Puzzle” Detour too.

Derek & Claire are the first to attempt the slide puzzle. Claire is familiar with the strategy of slide puzzles, so she’s having an easy time with the task. Luis & Michelle get started on the slide puzzle too as Marcus & Michael begin collecting water for the camels. The “Camel Caravan” Detour ended up being more physical than Marcus & Michael anticipated. They have to do a lot of walking back and forth to collect water. They wonder if they chose the wrong Detour.

Linton finally completes the Roadblock. As he and Sharik make their way to Petra, Luis & Michelle and Derek & Claire complete their slide puzzles. They get their next clue and learn they must proceed to the Pit Stop: The Great Temple. As they leave, Abby & Will and Emily & Molly begin working on the slide puzzle. Marcus & Michael are still working on the “Camel Caravan” Detour as more teams arrive at Petra. Quinton & Mattie and Aubrey & David choose the slide puzzle too. Glenda & Lumumba arrive shortly afterwards as Marcus & Michael finish their Detour. Abby & Will, Emily & Molly, and Quinton & Mattie finish the slide puzzle too.

Luis & Michelle and Derek & Claire have a footrace to the Pit Stop. Luis & Michelle land on the Pit Stop first. Luis & Michelle are Team #1! They win $5,000 each. Derek & Claire are Team #2. Later, Marcus & Michael, Abby & Will, and Emily & Molly arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3, Team #4, and Team #5 respectively. Meanwhile, Aubrey & David and Glenda & Lumumba are working on the slide puzzle. Glenda & Lumumba finish the puzzle; they can make their way to the Pit Stop. As they leave, Linton & Sharik arrive and choose the “Camel Caravan” Detour. Quinton & Mattie arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #6.

David & Aubrey are struggling with the slide puzzle as Glenda & Lumumba greet Phil as Team #7. David & Aubrey finally complete the puzzle before Linton & Sharik complete the “Camel Caravan” Detour. Both teams are making their way to the Pit Stop to avoid last place. Aubrey & David get there and greet Phil as Team #8. Linton & Sharik are the last team to make it to the Pit Stop. Linton & Sharik have been eliminated from the race. Sharik calls this the most physically demanding thing she’s ever done. Linton says he’s proud of her, and they finished what they started.

Leg Summary

1st place: Luis & Michelle

2nd place: Derek & Claire

3rd place: Marcus & Michael

4th place: Abby & Will

5th place: Emily & Molly

6th place: Quinton & Mattie

7th place: Glenda & Lumumba

8th place: Aubrey & David

Eliminated: Linton & Sharik

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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