The Amazing Race 34 Recap – Week 10 Live Blog

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Tonight’s episode will be a continuation of the Mega Leg. They must drive themselves to Ronda, Spain. They will get their next clue from a tour guide holding the Andalusian flag. Derek & Claire are in the lead, followed by Aubrey & David. Luis & Michelle are currently in third place. Derek & Claire have some driving struggles, and they wonder if it’ll affect their current lead.

Meanwhile, Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael still have to complete the espetos Detour they started last episode. Emily & Molly complete the Detour, and they get a lead over Marcus & Michael. Emily’s leg still hurts, but she’s determined to finish the race. Marcus & Michael complete the Detour too. They know they are behind, but they know they can beat Emily & Molly in a footrace.

Luis & Michelle are the first team to arrive at Ronda. They find the tour guide and get their next clue. They learn they have a Detour to complete: Bend Over Backwards or Dress For Success. The former requires teams to build an arch with bricks, and the latter requires teams to identify a Flamenco dancer’s accessories and correctly dress her.

While Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David catch up to each other on the road and help each other out, Luis & Michelle get started on the Dress For Success Detour. They see a Flamenco dancer perform before going to a shop to get the necessary accessories. After they dress another woman, they are told they do not pass. They go back to see the performer before trying again. They don’t realize they placed the flower in her hair on the wrong side.

Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David arrive at Ronda. They get their next clue, and they choose Dress For Success. They agree to help each other too. Luis & Michelle have not completed the Detour by the time Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David arrive. Luis & Michelle corrected the placement of the flower, but the shawl around her neck is incorrect. Luis finally notices the error, and he and Michelle get the correct shawl. They finally pass and get their next clue. They must proceed to Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi to find their next clue. Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David are still helping each other out. Aubrey & David are repaying the favor from last episode. Derek & Claire think it’s a good idea to work together to stay ahead of Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael.

After Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael arrive at Ronda, Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David get their Flamenco dancers checked. Derek & Claire are incorrect, but Aubrey & David pass. Aubrey points out how Derek & Claire need bigger castanets. Aubrey & David offer to wait for Derek & Claire, but Derek & Claire tell them to go ahead without them.

Luis & Michelle arrive at the Roadblock. One team member must balance 300 feet above the ground as they cross a wire on the Puente Nuevo bridge. They must retrieve the flag the tour guide was holding earlier. It’s up to them to identify the correct flag they need to complete the task. Michelle chooses to do the Roadblock.

Emily & Molly have trouble finding the Dress For Success Detour as Derek & Claire complete the Detour. Emily & Molly finally find the location after Luis & Michelle complete the Roadblock. Luis & Michelle can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Mirador de Ronda.

Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael get started on the Detour at the same time, but they chose different ones. Emily & Molly are at the Dress For Success Detour while Marcus & Michael are at the Bend Over Backwards Detour. Meanwhile, Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David are helping each other out again. They are trying to make their way to the Roadblock.

Luis & Michelle arrive at the Pit Stop. Luis & Michelle are Team #1! They win Expedia Reward points to a trip to Tokyo, Japan. Meanwhile, Derek & Claire and Aubrey & David finally arrive at the Roadblock. The clue only asked who has been paying attention. Aubrey and Claire already agreed to do the Roadblock before realizing it’s a heights task. They are both scared as they prepare themselves to walk across the wire.

Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael don’t pass their Detour tasks on their first attempts. Claire and Aubrey are nervous doing the Roadblock, and Claire snaps at Aubrey to not talk to her. Derek feels bad for Claire as he watches from the sidelines. Aubrey and Claire get across, but they don’t remember which flag is the Andalusian flag. Aubrey correctly guesses, and she tells Claire to pick the green flag too. When Claire gets her feet back on the ground, she breaks down in tears. Aubrey & David and Derek & Claire can now make their way to the Pit Stop.

Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael still struggle with their Detour tasks while Aubrey & David greet Phil as Team #2. While they are still on the mat, Derek & Claire arrive as Team #3. Emily & Molly and Marcus & Michael finally complete the Detours, and they can proceed to the Roadblock. Emily & Molly arrive there first, and Emily chooses to do the task. Emily doesn’t recognize the Andalusian flag, so she just guesses which one to retrieve. She guesses correctly, and she manages to get the task completed before Marcus & Michael get started. Michael chooses to do the Roadblock, and he doesn’t know which flag to get either. However, his guess is correct too. Emily & Molly have a lead, but they stop to ask locals where they need to go. It looks like Michael & Marcus might’ve had a chance to pass them due to Emily & Molly not knowing where they needed to go, but it could’ve been creative editing. Emily & Molly greet Phil as Team #4 and remain in the race.

Marcus & Michael greet Phil as Team #5. Marcus & Michael have been eliminated from the race. Marcus feels like he took half a million dollars away from his brother, but Michael tells him he gave it his best effort and that’s all he could do. They are grateful for the time they got to spend together.

Episode Summary

1st place: Luis & Michelle

2nd place: Aubrey & David

3rd place: Derek & Claire

4th place: Emily & Molly

Eliminated: Marcus & Michael

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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