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A two-hour edition of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Will & James won the last leg of the race, so they are the first to learn their next destination: Hyderabad, India. It is called the cyber capital of India. This leg will also be a Mega Leg, which means there will be double the tasks and double the distance. James calls it intimidating, but Will says they thrive under pressure. We hear from the rest of the teams as they make their way to the airport. Riley says the Mega Leg will be to their advantage since they’re professional volleyball players. They must play all day long during tournaments that take days to complete. Hung & Chee say they won’t share info with DeAngelo & Gary again, but the football players still believe their alliance is going strong. Kaylynn & Haley are used to being in the back of the pack, but they are hopeful that the Mega Leg will give them more opportunities to catch up. Eswar & Aparna were born in India before moving to the United States. They have visited India during the summer. Aparna says she and Eswar are techies, so they are hopeful they can do well with any cyber-related tasks.

The teams land in Hyderabad, and there is a rush for taxis. Riley & Maddison say the hectic traffic is like organized chaos. Eswar & Aparna are the first to reach the clue box. They learn they must smog test three auto-rickshaws to receive their next clue. DeAngelo & Gary and Will & James are the next to arrive, but they are confused on what a rickshaw is. They must convince drivers to stop and agree to a smog test, which is a struggle as most drivers just speed by without stopping. Hung & Chee and Kaylynn & Haley arrive too, and it’s chaotic as all teams are flagging down rickshaws for smog tests. Eswar & Aparna are the first to complete the task, and they get their next clue: Food App or Number Trap. Food App requires teams to complete three food deliveries. Number Trap requires teams to use a sequence of binary numbers to crack a code. They must first grab the numbers with a motion sensor technology. Eswar & Aparna choose Number Trap, as do DeAngelo & Gary, Hung & Chee, and Will & James. Riley & Maddison and Kaylynn & Haley are still working on the smog test task.

Eswar & Aparna, DeAngelo & Gary, and Will & James fail their first attempt at the motion sensor game. This allows Hung & Chee a chance to catch up when they are the last to join them due to heavy traffic. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison complete the smog test and make their way to the Number Trap Detour too. Kaylynn & Haley complete the task too, and they choose Food App. However, their taxi driver gets lost on the way there, putting them further behind the other teams. DeAngelo & Gary are the first to get their binary code that they must solve to get the next clue. Will & James work on solving the code next, and they figure out the message: “You can find the clue in the fourth floor bunker.” They go upstairs and get their next clue. They are currently in first place as they learn they must proceed to the next clue box with a Yield in play. Will & James are contemplating using the Yield against Kaylynn & Haley since they already used their Yield and won’t be able to retaliate. DeAngelo & Gary and Eswar & Aparna solve the code too, and they collect their next clue.

Will & James choose to use their Yield against Kaylynn & Haley. They next learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must use an augmented reality interface on a tablet to travel through a digital world and find three distinctive turbans out of eighteen possibilities. They must then go upstairs and find the matching turban worn by one of the men there. They must bring them to a square and place them where the digital urbans were found. The task is about matching the real world with the digital world. James gets started on the task. Meanwhile, Hung & Chee are still struggling with the motion sensor technology. They wonder whether or not they should switch Detours, and they ultimately choose to switch to the Food App Detour. When they make their way there, Gary and Eswar begin working on the Roadblock.

Hung & Chee manage to arrive at the Food App Detour before Kaylynn & Haley arrive there. The Food App is called  Swiggy, and they begin their task. They must take directions from an operator on a phone to pick up food from restaurants and then make their deliveries. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison finish the Number Trap Detour and make their way to the Roadblock as Kaylynn & Haley finally arrive at the Food App Detour.

Riley begins working on the Roadblock, and none of the other teams ahead have completed the task yet. Gary and Riley are the fist to get a match. James repeatedly places the matching turbans in the wrong square, despite getting the turbans correct. Meanwhile, Hung & Chee manage to communicate well taking directions from the operator. However, Kaylynn & Haley aren’t communicating well with their Swiggy operator and keep getting lost. Hung & Chee make their three deliveries, and they now can proceed to the Roadblock. As they leave, Kaylynn & Haley finally make their first delivery.

James keeps struggling with the Roadblock, and he demands Eswar and Gary to explain what he’s doing wrong. They tell him he’s not lining up the squares correctly, and James realizes he’s been one square off each time. Riley and Gary complete the Roadblock first, and they can now proceed to their next location: Charminar. As James finally gets his first match, Hung & Chee arrive. Chee agrees to do the Roadblock, and he’s relieved to see Will & James and Eswar & Aparna are still there. Meanwhile, Kaylynn & Haley make their second food delivery.

James finally completes the Roadblock, and he and Will can proceed to Charminar. As Eswar and Chee are still working on the Roadblock, Kaylynn & Haley finally finish making their deliveries. They arrive at the Roadblock, but they have been Yielded. They must wait 20 minutes before either of them can begin the Roadblock. They are in disbelief that Will & James decided to Yield them.

Kaylyn begins the Roadblock just as Eswar finally gets his third match. He and Aparna can now continue to Charminar. All teams are on tuk-tuks on the way to Charminar except for Kaylynn & Haley. Will & James discuss their five-team alliance called Mine Five on the way there. Although all teams are aligned with the exception of Kaylynn & Haley, Will & James say they are most loyal to Hung & Chee and Riley & Maddison.

Kaylynn realizes she must find matches that weren’t claimed by the other teams, making the task more difficult for her. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison are the first to get the next clue. They have a Detour next, and their options are “This or That.” Without really knowing what they must do, they choose This. The This Detour requires teams to push a cart of bangles through a bazaar to a store. Afterwards, they must dig through the cart to find bangles that match a set worn by a waiting bride. DeAngelo & Gary get their next clue too, and they choose the This Detour too. Will & James, Hung & Chee, and Eswar & Aparna get their clues as Kaylynn gets her second turban match. Will & James and Hung & Chee choose This; Eswar & Aparna choose That.

Kaylynn completes the Roadblock, figuring out what to do faster than the teams ahead of her did. She and Haley can now proceed to Charminar. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison finish the This Detour first and learn they must now proceed to Taj Falaknuma Palace for their next clue. This is also the final chance to use the Yield. As they leave, Will & James begin the This Detour. Eswar & Aparna begin the That Detour, which requires teams to become dental technicians. They must help prepare denture molds, polish completed dentures, and fit the clean dentures into a patient’s mouth to receive their next clue. Hung & Chee arrive at the This Detour, but they decide to switch to the That Detour after learning what the tasks are. Hung & Chee arrive as Eswar & Aparna are already working on making the denture molds.

Riley & Maddison arrive at Taj Malaknuma Palace. They learn they must change into formal attire and take a horse and carriage ride around the palace with a waiting couple. Riley & Maddison get to the next clue box, and they decide to use their Yield against Kaylynn & Haley. They read their clue, and they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must set the table for a royal dinner. They must prepare ten identical table settings to receive their next clue. Riley decides to do this Roadblock.

DeAngelo & Gary and Will & James complete the This Detour while Eswar & Aparna and Hung & Chee are still working on the That Detour. They complete it as DeAngelo & Gary and Will & James are taking the horse and carriage ride. Gary and James decide to do the Roadblock.

Kaylynn & Haley are still behind as they are working on the That Detour. Meanwhile, Riley and James help each other with the Roadblock. They don’t want Gary to know the table settings must be set apart at a specific measurement. Riley ends up failing his first two inspections by the time Eswar & Aparna and Hung & Chee arrive. Aparna and Hung choose to do the Roadblock. All the teams except for Kaylynn and Haley are currently at the Roadblock. However, Kaylynn and Haley do complete their Detour, and they can make their way to the Roadblock. They hope they weren’t Yielded again as they depart.

Riley finishes the Roadblock, and he gives James more advice before leaving. Riley also refuses to give any tips to Gary. He and Maddison can now make their way to the Pit Stop. They only have to walk over to another area in the palace to greet Phil. Riley & Maddison are Team #1! They win a 7-day cruise. James completes the Roadblock next, and he gives Hung some pointers before he and Will greet Phil as Team #2.

Gary manages to complete the Roadblock without any assistance from Riley or James. He and DeAngelo greet Phil as Team #3. While Hung and Aparna are still working, Kaylynn and Haley arrive. They reach the Yield board, and they see they are Yielded. They say what goes around comes around since they used their Yield against Leo & Alana. They try to be in good spirits as they say it’s karma why they have been Yielded twice. While Kaylynn and Haley have three minutes left on their Yield, Hung & Chee and Eswar & Aparna arrive on the Pit Stop mat at the same time. Phil asks about the alliance now that all five teams in the alliance are in the Final 5. They say there is no strategy and it’s just competition moving forward. Later, after Haley finishes the Roadblock, they are the last team to greet Phil at the Pit Stop. He gives them the bad news. Kaylynn & Haley are eliminated from the race. They are disappointed, but take their elimination in stride and are grateful for the experience.


1st place: Riley & Maddison

2nd place: Will & James

3rd place: DeAngelo & Gary

4th place: Hung & Chee

5th place: Eswar & Aparna

Eliminated: Kaylynn & Haley

And that wraps up tonight’s two-hour edition of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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