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The episode begins with Will & James learning their next destination is Paris, France. There will be two flights from Paraguay to France, and the second flight is 15 minutes behind. In addition, teams will finally get the chance to drive themselves this leg. Will claims to have practiced driving stick shift before the race, so he feels prepared. We hear from some other teams too. Riley lived in Europe for five years, and he says he is “fluent” in driving stick shift. He and Maddison are certain there will be teams struggling driving stick shift. Michelle & Victoria say they weren’t close growing up, but the race has brought them closer together. Eswar says he thought he could showcase his strengths on the race, but it has instead highlighted his weaknesses. Aparna says she has no weaknesses. Kaylynn & Haley were given a reprieve in the previous non-elimination leg, but they will have to overcome a Speed Bump to survive today’s leg.

The teams make their way to the airport, and the four teams on the first flight are Leo & Alana, Michelle & Victoria, Will & James, and Riley & Maddison. Kaylynn & Haley, DeAngelo & Gary, Hung & Chee, and Eswar & Aparna are on the second flight. The first flight lands in Paris, and they must proceed to Domaine de Chantilly. Riley & Maddison manage to get ahead of the other four teams, especially due to Will’s struggle driving stick shift. Will can’t get out of the parking garage while Leo & Alana and Michelle & Victoria are waiting in their cars behind him and James. Leo & Alana call Will & James incompetent and annoying. Leo eventually gets out of the car and helps Will. He moves the car far enough so Will & James won’t be blocking the way. Leo & Alana and Michelle & Victoria drive past them afterwards as Will continues to struggle. He says he doesn’t know what to do, but he finally figures out his mistake. He and James can finally depart to Domaine de Chantily as the second flight lands.

Riley & Maddison arrive at Domaine de Chantily. There is a Roadblock to complete. One team member must go inside where there are people dressed as the people depicted in the paintings in the gallery. They must make a match with a partygoer in costume with one of the paintings. However, there are only nine possible matches and several paintings and costumed people in the gallery. Nonetheless, Riley manages to make a match before any other teams arrive. He brings a costumed man to the curator, and he gets the next clue. Riley & Maddison learn their next task is to whip Chantilly cream for pies. As they travel on foot to the kitchen, Leo & Alana arrive with Alana performing the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Michelle & Victoria are lost and asking for directions.

As Leo is talking to his cameraman and wondering if Will & James are still stuck at the airport, Will & James walk in with James doing the Roadblock. Alana completes the Roadblock, and she and Leo can leave. James is still working on the Roadblock as Hung & Chee arrive. James and Hung complete the Roadblock before any other teams arrive. Michelle & Victoria and Eswar & Aparna arrive at the Roadblock (with Victoria and Aparna doing the task) while Kaylynn & Haley are lost. They are also stuck in traffic, and they are feeling nervous since they also have a Speed Bump to complete today.

Riley & Maddison complete making their cream for their pies. As they deliver it to the nearby tent, the people inside toss pies at them repeatedly. They get their next clue, and they learn they must proceed to Musée des Artes Forains. Riley & Maddison give a warning to Will & James and Hung & Chee about the people throwing pies. They are still staying loyal to their alliance.

Victoria completes the Roadblock before DeAngelo & Gary or Kaylynn & Haley arrive. Aparna is still struggling with the Roadblock as other teams in the lead are delivering their pies. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison learn there is another Roadblock to complete. One team member must win three carnival games to receive the next clue. Since Riley did the first Roadblock, Maddison must do this one. Maddison struggles with the first game, which is throwing balls into holes. Riley says he plays darts, and he’s displeased Maddison is doing poorly since he thinks he would have done a better job. Riley says it will be embarrassing if they lose their lead because Maddison can’t win a few carnival games.

DeAngelo & Gary arrive at the Roadblock, and Gary is relieved to still see Eswar & Aparna there. Gary gets to work on the Roadblock. He also says he enjoys art and has paintings in his house, and DeAngelo is amused to learn this. Kaylynn & Haley finally arrive at the Roadblock, but they have a Speed Bump to do. They must clean riding gear for two horses before proceeding to the Roadblock.

Gary finishes the Roadblock next while Aparna is still struggling. Eswar says there must be some detail Aparna is missing. Aparna is feeling stressed after two teams behind her have completed the Roadblock before her. She finally completes the Roadblock on her 16th attempt, and she and Eswar can leave as Kaylynn and Haley finish the Speed Bump.

Maddison manages to complete all his carnival games before any other teams arrive. He and Riley can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Pont des Arts. As they leave, Leo & Alana arrive at the Roadblock. Leo gets to work on the carnival games. Alana believes he can do well since he played baseball in middle school, but he struggles with the first game.

DeAngelo & Gary and Eswar & Aparna are making pies. Both teams say they haven’t seen Kaylynn & Haley all day. Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison greet Phil at the Pit Stop. Riley & Maddison are Team #1! They won a trip to Vietnam. Back at the second Roadblock, Hung & Chee arrive and Chee manages to complete his carnival games before Leo. Leo wins his games too, and he and Alana can leave. Will & James arrive shortly afterwards.

DeAngelo & Gary and Eswar & Aparna deliver their pies as Haley finally completes the first Roadblock. As they can leave, Hung & Chee greet Phil as Team #2. Leo & Alana greet Phil as Team #3 as Will completes his carnival games. Meanwhile, Michelle & Victoria are lost on their way to the second Roadblock. They get so lost that DeAngelo & Gary and Eswar & Aparna manage to arrive at the carnival games Roadblock before them.

Kaylynn & Haley deliver their pies as Will & James greet Phil as Team #4. DeAngelo and Eswar complete their carnival games and can depart to the Pit Stop with their teammates. Kaylynn & Haley and Michelle & Victoria are still lost. Both teams ask locals for directions as DeAngelo & Gary and Eswar & Aparna greet Phil at the Pit Stop at the same time.

Kaylynn & Haley manage to arrive at the second Roadblock before Michelle & Victoria. They are certain they are in last place, and they say it would be miraculous if they survived this leg. After Kaylynn finishes the Roadblock, they make their way to the Pit Stop. It’s already nighttime, and they are stunned when Phil tells them they are not the last team to arrive. They are excited to still be in the race.

Michelle & Victoria finally arrive at the second Roadblock. After Michelle completes the carnival games, they make their way to the Pit Stop. Phil gives them the bad news: Michelle & Victoria have been eliminated from the race. They are disappointed, but they are glad the race brought them closer together. They are now best friends and say “I love you” to each other, something they never did before.


1st place: Riley & Maddison (Won a trip to Vietnam)

2nd place: Hung & Chee

3rd place: Leo & Alana

4th place: Will & James

5th place: DeAngelo & Gary

6th place: Eswar & Aparna

7th place: Kaylynn & Haley

Eliminated: Michelle & Victoria

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, vote in the polls below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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