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The episode begins with Phil Keoghan informing us this season of The Amazing Race took place before the pandemic. After a recap of some of the most memorable moments of the series, we are introduced to some of the new teams. DeAngelo & Gary are former NFL stars. They said they are bred to win. Sisters Kaylynn & Haley are very close and say they have street smarts. Dating couple Leo & Alana hope they will be underestimated by their nerdy appearance. All the teams gather onstage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles to greet Phil. He asks them to size up their competition, and DeAngelo and Gary say Leo & Alana look smart. Will and James aren’t counting anyone out. James says in a confessional that he has applied to be on The Amazing Race nine times, but he never thought it would be with the love of his life. Nathan & Cody say being on The Amazing Race is an opportunity of a thousand lifetimes. Phil then tells them to go and get their clue. They rush to their backpacks and open their first clue. They learn they must make their way to LAX and travel to their first destination: Trinidad. They must fly to Saint Augustine and find their next clue.

The teams land in Piarco International Airport. There is a rush for taxis, and we hear from some more teams. Jerry & Frank are father and son. Frank is a former basketball star, and he’s looking forward to spending quality time with his son. He says this is a bucket list opportunity. Michelle & Victoria are sisters and admit they weren’t very close growing up.

Riley & Maddison are professional volleyball players, and they are the first to find their clue. They must pick up a pair of oil drums and roll them a quarter of a mile down the streets of Trinidad until they reach a carnival celebration. They must then find the Midnight Robber who will give them tickets to Tobago. The first seven teams to complete the task will be on the first flight to Tobago. We hear from some more teams as they all roll their oil drums. Hung & Chee are married parents who are very competitive. Riley & Maddison believe they overpacked and made the challenge more difficult for themselves. All teams are rolling their oil drums except for Eswar & Aparna. They are still in their taxis, but they are not too far behind. Eswar & Aparna are siblings and say they are very smart. They say being on The Amazing Race is a childhood dream. They eventually start rolling their oil drums too.

DeAngelo & Gary are the first team to complete the task, and they are followed by Jerry & Frank, Riley & Maddison, Hung & Chee, Nathan & Cody, Michelle & Victoria, and Will & James. These will be the seven teams on the first flight to Tobago. Kellie & LaVonne, Kaylynn & Haley, Leo & Alana, and Eswar & Aparna will be the four teams on the second flight. Eswar says being the last team to complete the challenge was demoralizing.

The teams board their flights to Tobago the next day. They learn they must make their way to Swallows Beach, Tobago. The first flight will be thirty minutes ahead of the second flight. Kaylynn & Haley aren’t too concerned about being behind since they believe teams out in front will make mistakes and allow them to catch up.

Will & James are the first to arrive at Swallows Beach. They read their clue and learn they have a task to complete together. They must search through the water for wooden fish that matches the fish on their boat. Among the many fish is one with the same unique color as theirs. They must use the numbers attached to their fish to unlock a combination lock from the matching fish to receive their next clue. We hear from some more teams as they get on their boats to take them to the challenge. Riley & Maddison spent four years growing out their beards. DeAngelo & Gary played for the Carolina Panthers. Nathan & Cody have been friends for six years.

Before any teams complete the task, the other teams from the second flight land in Tobago. Hung & Chee did not memorize the unique colors of their fish, so they are going to use the trial & error method until they find their matching fish. Jerry & Frank can’t seem to find the combination lock at first. No teams solved it by the time the other teams arrive at the beach. Kellie & LaVonne are former Olympians, and they are looking forward to spending time together.

Michelle & Victoria are the first to find their matching fish. They receive their next clue and learn they must proceed to Pigeon Point. Riley & Maddison are the next to find their fish, but the teams from the second flight are catching up and are beginning the task. However, Jerry & Frank are the next to complete the task. Will & James finally solve it too after their 31st attempt. Hung & Chee solve it after their 55th attempt.

Michelle & Victoria arrive at Pigeon Point and learn they have a Roadblock next. One team member must play a piece of the song “Day-O” with a live band. Michelle chooses to do it. Other teams arrive behind them, and Chee, Maddison, Will, and Frank choose to do the Roadblock for their teams. Meanwhile, the other teams complete the fish task except for Kellie & LaVonne. Kellie is dyslexic, so the task is difficult for her.

Back at the Roadblock, Gary does the task after some hesitation. After it’s revealed it’s a musical task, both Gary and DeAngelo regret the decision. They believe DeAngelo would have an easier time with the task. Meanwhile, Cody, Leo, and Haley do the Roadblock for their teams.

Michelle is the first to attempt the Roadblock, but she does not pass. She must try again. Chee attempts it next, and he passes it on his first attempt. Michelle is unhappy that he and Hung are now ahead of her and Victoria. Chee & Hung can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Buccoo Integrated Facility. They must each race down the field while holding onto the reins of a goat before stepping onto the Pit Stop mat. After Hung & Chee leave, Michelle wonders if Chee managed to excel so easily because he had piano lessons. The scene cuts directly to Chee saying he’s thankful for the piano lessons he had when he was younger.

Michelle wonders if the Chinese are better than the Vietnamese when it comes to this task, but Michelle passes on her second attempt. She and Victoria can now make their way to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, the other teams are learning how to do the Roadblock, but they fail after a few attempts. Kellie & LaVonne finally complete the fish task, and they can make their way to the Roadblock too. Kellie chooses to do the steel drum task.

Hung & Chee arrive at the Pit Stop, and Hung slips and falls before stepping on the Pit Stop. Phil informs Hung & Chee that they are Team #1! However, they learn that they are still racing. Phil hands them their next clue, and they learn they must now fly to Bogotá, Colombia. Michelle & Victoria arrive shortly afterwards as Team #2.

The other teams are still struggling with the task, and DeAngelo regrets not doing the task. He says Gary “can’t carry a tune in a bucket.” After many attempts, teams start to finally pass the Roadblock. Maddison is the next to pass the Roadblock, and he’s followed by Will, Frank, Leo, Eswar, and Kaylynn. They all make their way to the Pit Stop with their partners, and they greet Phil in the order they left the Roadblock.

The last three working on the Roadblock are Gary, Kellie, and Cody. DeAngelo continues to regret not doing the Roadblock instead, but Gary finally performs “Day-O” on the steel drums successfully on his eleventh attempt. He and DeAngelo can finally make their way to the Pit Stop. However, Kellie and Cody complete the task on their next attempts too, making this a close race to the finish.

DeAngelo & Gary’s boat only has one engine functioning while the other boats have two, and this allows Kellie & LaVonne to pass them and greet Phil as Team #9. DeAngelo & Gary finally arrive at the Pit Stop, but Nathan & Cody are right behind them. Nonetheless, they sprint down the field with their goats and land on the mat before Nathan & Cody do. After DeAngelo & Gary have left the mat, Nathan & Cody are the least team to greet Phil. Phil gives them the bad news. Nathan & Cody are eliminated from the race. Cody takes full responsibility for the loss, but Nathan tells him not to worry about it. He says it was still the adventure of a lifetime and he got to make memories with his best friend.



1st place: Hung & Chee

2nd place: Michelle & Victoria

3rd place: Riley & Maddison

4th place: Will & James

5th place: Jerry & Frank

6th place: Leo & Alana

7th place: Eswar & Aparna

8th place: Kaylynn & Haley

9th place: Kellie & LaVonne

10th place: DeAngelo & Gary

Eliminated: Nathan & Cody

And that wraps up the season premiere of The Amazing Race 32. Thanks for reading, vote in the polls below, and come back next week for another live recap of The Amazing Race!

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