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The episode begins with Brodie and Kurt checking out the Travelocity app before they learn they must fly to Bali, Indonesia. They’ll find their clue at a temple. Brodie and Kurt got their fourth first place finish, but they wish they still had their Express Pass. Burnie and Ashley are the only other team to know Brodie and Kurt no longer have their Express Pass. This is the last leg the Express Pass could have been used too. All the teams go to the airport to book flights to Indonesia. Brodie and Kurt lost their lead since the flight is an equalizer; all teams are on the same flight, which gives Sheri and Cole hope since they were way behind the other teams.

The teams land in Bali and go to their next locations. They must claim times to begin the task in the next morning. Brodie and Kurt and Sheri and Cole are in the first group, Burnie and Ashley and Tyler and Korey are in the second group, and Zach and Rachel and Dana and Matt are in the last group.

In the morning, the teams must deliver offerings to two different temples. Brodie and Kurt and Sheri and Cole get confused and go to the wrong place, which allows Burnie and Ashley and Tyler and Korey to begin the task before the first two teams complete it.

Brodie and Kurt finally find the first temple they need to go to. After they deliver their first offering, they are given live snakes they must carry around their necks and deliver to another temple. Brodie and Kurt are the first to deliver their snakes. Afterwards, they learn they must go to the bat temple.

However, Brodie and Kurt are still asking for directions when Sheri and Cole, Burnie and Ashley, and Tyler and Korey deliver their snakes. All four teams are on equal footing as they make their way to the bat temple.

As Zach and Rachel and Dana and Matt deliver the snakes, the four teams in the lead begin the Roadblock. They must collect sea water and sprinkle it onto the earth. Afterwards, they must collect salt and then put it into bags. Before Sheri and Cole can begin the Roadblock, they must complete a Speed Bump. They must prepare breakfast and serve it to locals, and then eat a dish themselves. Afterwards, they can proceed to the Roadblock.

Even though Kurt has done most of the Roadblocks, Kurt once again does the Roadblock for the team. We also hear Kurt discuss how he was diagnosed with colon cancer, but has been a cancer survivor for several years now. Burnie and Tyler begin the Roadblock too. While they are still working on the Roadblock, the other teams arrive. Rachel chooses to do the Roadblock before seeing what it was. The other teams feel bad for Rachel having to do a physically demanding task; Zach now wishes he chose to do the task instead. Meanwhile, Sheri and Cole complete their Speed Bump and can now start the Roadblock.

Burnie and Kurt are the first two to finish loading the sea water. They now must collect salt. While Korey and Zach watch their team members struggle with doing the task, they hope Sheri and Dana will do the task since they will likely struggle too. However, Cole and Matt do the task instead, and Cole is doing exceptionally well carrying the large loads of water. He even manages to complete the task before Rachel does. Tyler finishes the task too. Not too long afterwards, Matt completes the task too. Rachel continues to struggle carrying the loads of water as it seems to be too much for her.

Burnie is the first to finish the Roadblock. He and Ashley can now proceed to Pantai Mertasari. Kurt is almost done with collecting the salt, but he drops one of his bags and the salt spills onto the ground. This allows Tyler to finish before Kurt, and he and Korey can now go to Pantai Mertasari.

It’s time for another Roadblock. One team member must build a kite. If they can get it airborne, they will receive their next clue. The team member who did not do the previous Roadblock must complete this one. Ashley and Korey are the first two to begin the Roadblock. Burnie notes how Kurt is now out of Roadblocks to do for the remainder of the race too.

The other teams are wondering why Brodie and Kurt have not used their Express Pass yet (they don’t know they already used it). However, Kurt completes the task and can proceed too. Right behind them are Sheri and Cole and Dana and Matt as Cole and Matt finish the task too. Rachel is the last one left at the Roadblock.

Ashley and Korey are still working on building the kite as Brodie and Kurt arrive. Brodie seems confused what to do as he gets started on his kite. The locals laugh at him as he has no clue what to do. He continually looks at Ashley’s kite as an example too. Meanwhile, Rachel finishes collecting the salt into bags. She and Zach can now go to the second Roadblock.

Sheri and Cole and Dana and Matt arrive at the kite building Roadblock, and Sheri and Dana begin on their kites. Dana is also confused what to do, but is determined to try her best. No teams have finished by the time Zach and Rachel arrive. Zach and Rachel are hopeful they can avoid elimination since Zach is good at building things. All the team members who did the first Roadblock sit in the shade as they watch their partners working on building their kites.

Korey is the first to test out his kite. He manages to get it airborne, so he passes. He and Tyler can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Phinisi. They must paddle out into the ocean and find Phil on a boat. Right afterwards, Ashley is the next to test her kite. She passes too, and she and Burnie can go to the Pit Stop too.

Brodie is still struggling with his kite, but Sheri and Dana are having success. Zach was the last to arrive, but he’s doing well working on his kite too. Sheri is the next to successfully fly her kite, so she and Cole can now go to the Pit Stop. Dana’s kite is successful too, and she and Matt can proceed to the Pit Stop too.

It’s now down to Brodie and Kurt and Zach and Rachel. Brodie is ready to test out his kite, but he is told his is not yet ready. There is an issue with the knots, which gives Zach a chance to get ahead. Meanwhile, Tyler and Korey arrive at the Pit Stop first. Tyler and Korey are Team #1. Right behind them are Burnie and Ashley as Team #2.

As Sheri and Cole and Dana and Matt are paddling to the Pit Stop, Brodie and Zach test out their kites at the same time. They both pass, and it’s a footrace between these two teams. Sheri and Cole and Dana and Matt are Team #3 and Team #4 respectively as Brodie and Kurt and Zach and Rachel are paddling to the boat. All the other teams watch this very close race between the teams from the boat. It’s an extremely close race as both teams are urging their partners on to paddle as fast as they can, but which team will avoid elimination? Brodie and Kurt manage to get to the boat first and check-in as Team #5. Right afterwards Zach and Rachel climb up on the ship as the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop. Zach and Rachel have been eliminated from the race. They handle their elimination well, and Zach is glad he got to run the race with his wife and best friend. And since they have been eliminated and are on a boat, they are told to walk the plank. The closing shot is of Zach and Rachel jumping overboard.

Episode Summary

1st place: Tyler and Korey (Each won $5,000)

2nd place: Burnie and Ashley

3rd place: Sheri and Cole

4th place: Dana and Matt

5th place: Brodie and Kurt

6th place: Zach and Rachel (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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