The Amazing Race 27 Recap – Week 4 Live Blog

A new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Last week the race continued in Argentina, and Ernest and Jin were eliminated. Tonight the eight teams will travel to Africa with a Double U-Turn in play. How will it play out tonight? Let’s find out.

Tanner and Josh won the last leg of the race, and they’re the first to depart. They learn their new destination is Livingstone, Zambia. Before they depart, they tell Kelsey and Joey they will give them the Express Pass if they help them U-Turn Justin and Diana. Tanner and Josh, Kelsey and Joey, Jazmine and Danielle, and Justin and Diana get the spots on the first flight. All the other teams are on the second flight, but there’s only a fifteen minute difference. At the airport, all the teams agree to take out Justin and Diana.

The first flight lands, and Kelsey and Joey are in first place with Tanner and Josh in second. Justin and Diana are currently in third, with Jazmine and Danielle in fourth. They all get blessed by a villager who spits water onto them before getting their next clue. The clue tells them to go to Batoka Aerodrome. Meanwhile, the second flight lands with Cindy and Rick in fifth place, Denise and James Earl in sixth place, Tiffany and Krista in seventh place, and Logan and Chris in last place.

At Batoka Aerodrome, there’s a Roadblock to do. It requires one team member to fly over Victoria Falls to spot the red and yellow flag to receive their next clue. Kelsey and Diana choose to do it for their respective teams. Tanner and Josh decide to use their Express Pass. They can skip the Roadblock and can now make their way to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to find their next clue. Justin approaches Joey to form an alliance and he agrees. Joey and Kelsey admit in their confessional that they are playing both sides, but seem more likely to want to side with Tanner and Josh to take out Justin and Diana. Meanwhile, Jazmine does the task for her team.

Kelsey and Diana complete the Roadblock for their respective teams as Cindy and Rick arrive. Rick does the Roadblock while Tanner and Josh get their passports stamped as they cross the border to Zimbabwe. There is traffic that is making them lose their lead. Logan and Denise do the Roadblock for their teams while Jazmine completes it. Other teams discuss Tanner and Josh using the Express Pass. They say they should’ve used it on the Detour instead of the Roadblock since Detour usually take longer than Roadblocks.

Kelsey and Joey and Justin and Diana go to the suspension bridge where the yellow and red flag is located. They find the clue box that gives them their next clue that informs them to go to Zimbabwe. Rick, Logan, and Denise finish the Roadblock too. Meanwhile, Jazmine and Danielle get lost on the way to the suspension bridge.

Tanner and Josh arrive at the Detour location, but they realize they wasted their Express Pass since the Detour won’t begin until 8:00am the next morning. They claim one of the times available. They get one of the 8:00am spots, but so do Justin and Diana. The other teams claim later times, with 8:20am being the latest time. Justin and Diana are smug over the fact that Tanner and Josh wasted their Express Pass. All the other teams are disappointed that the Express Pass was wasted since they wanted Justin and Diana out too.

The next morning, Tanner and Josh and Justin and Diana are the first two to begin the Detour. They tell each other they won’t U-Turn the other, but are actually lying to one another. They admit in their confessionals that they will use the U-Turn if they feel it’s necessary. The Detour is either Wood or Croquet. Wood requires team members to paint and polish a wooden giraffe. Croquet requires team members to play a game of croquet and score five points against a local player. Tanner and Josh, Justin and Diana, Kelsey and Joey, and Denise and James Earl choose to do Croquet. Cindy and Rick, Tiffany and Krista, Logan and Kris, and Jazmine and Danielle choose to do Wood.

Justin and Diana are the first to complete the Detour and can make their way to the Pit Stop: Rose of Charity. Tanner and Josh finish  shortly afterwards with Kelsey and Joey and Denise and James Earl still playing. The teams at the Wood Detour are still working on their task. They wish they were playing croquet instead since waiting for the stain to dry on the wooden giraffes is taking a long time.

Tanner and Josh and Justin and Diana get into taxis on the way to the Pit Stop. Denise and James Earl finish croquet third, but Kelsey and Joey finish it shortly afterwards.

Justin and Diana arrive at the Pit Stop first and choose not to U-Turn anyone. The greet Phil and he tells them that the leg is not over. Phil hands them their next clue as Tanner and Josh arrive. Tanner and Josh are surprised that Justin and Diana didn’t U-Turn them. They respect Justin and Diana for keeping their word to them, but admit they still would have U-Turned them since they see Justin and Diana as their biggest threat in the race. Since Justin and Diana are ahead of them, they choose not to U-Turn anyone either. They greet Phil at the mat and are told the leg is not over. As well, they must decide whom to give the Express Pass to right now. They are undecided, and the episode ends there as the screen cuts to black with the words “To Be Continued” written across.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading and come back next week for another live recap.

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