The Amazing Race 26 Recap – Episode 5 Live Blog

After a two-week hiatus, The Amazing Race returns tonight on CBS. Read a live recap of the episode here.

Bergen and Kurt came in first place in the last leg of the race, so they’re the first to depart. They learn their new destination: Munich, Germnay. Once there they must take a train and go to a shop and change into appropriate attire for Oktoberfest. On the way there, we hear from a few of the teams. Bergen and Kurt say there is no romantic feelings for each other, but they both want to win the race. Blair admits that he and Hayley semi-hate each other at times. Aly and Steve met at Munich, and Jeff and Jackie are still learning about each other.

All eight teams are on the same 13 hour flight to Munich. They make their way to the clothing shop and change into the traditional Oktoberfest attire. They get their next clue and learn they must go to Alter Peter Tower. Once at the top of the tower, they will have to look for marked cars and drive one to their next location (a factory). Laura and Tyler switch cars, but leave behind a fanny pack in the car they choose to get out of. Jeff and Jackie get lost finding a car and start bickering. They finally get into the car, but are yelling at each other due to the stress and confusion of finding a car. They also happen to get into the car with Laura and Tyler’s lost fanny pack.

Aly and Steve are the first team to arrive at the factory. Inside is a winter wonderland where they have to drive the car in reverse and figure out their next location by reading the letters on signs. They complete it successfully and learn their new destination is Schliersee. They make their way there as Laura and Tyler realize they lost their fanny pack. Laura and Tyler complete the winter wonderland task second, but they must wait for the car that has their fanny pack.

Bergen and Kurt decide to take a taxi since Bergen was struggling driving a stick. This will cost them since the Ford Focus car is required to do the task. Meanwhile, Aly and Steve arrive at the Detour. They have a choice between “Stein” or “Stack.” They can either carry several steins at once and serve it, or they can stack fifteen crates. Laura and Tyler are still waiting for their fanny pack as Matt and Ashley arrive in third place. Blair and Hayley arrive too. Hayley is once again snapping at Blair, which amuses Laura and Tyler. Matt and Ashley complete the task as Bergen and Kurt get into a taxi. Hayley and Blair complete task next. Laura and Tyler ask if they have their missing fanny pack, and Blair stops to ask what happened. Hayley is angry that Blair is stopping to talk to them instead of just driving away.  “Just craving conversation from happy people,” Blair explains.

Aly and Steve are done with the Detour and they get their next clue. Bergen and Kurt arrive and get two-hour penalty since they arrived in a taxi and do not have their Ford Focus. Aly and Steve arrive at the Roadblock. One teammate must sing to the other in tune to get the next clue.

Hayley and Blair choose the “Stein” Detour as Jeff and Jackie arrive with the fanny pack. Jeff and Jackie try to be misleading about not having the fanny pack, but Laura finds it in their car. Jelani and Jeremy complete the winter wonderland task as Hayley and Blair begin the “Stein” Detour.  Hayley spills the beer, so they have to try again. Aly passes the Roadblock on her second attempt. She and Steve learn Lake Spitzingsee is the Pit Stop. Hayley spills again as Matt and Ashley complete the “Stein” Detour and are in second place.

Aly and Steve greet Phil at the Pit Stop and are Team #1. They each win a car. Back at the Roadblock, Ashley sings to Matt. She fails. Hayley and Blair switch Detours and are there with Jeff and Jackie, Jelani and Jeremy, and Laura and Tyler. Ashley passes the singing task and she and Matt greet Phil as Team #2. Blair almost completes the stacking Detour first, but fails at the lat moment as all his crates go tumbling down. Mike and Rochelle do the winter wonderland task as Bergen and Kurt have forty minutes left in their penalty. Mike and Rochelle are in seventh place. Jeff and Jackie are the first to finish stacking. They are in third place. The other teams finish afterwards, with Laura and Tyler in fourth, Jelani and Jeremy in fifth, and Hayley and Blair in sixth.

Bergen and Kurt’s penalty is over and they can make their way to the Detour as the other teams at the “Stack” Detour arrive at the Roadblock to sing. Jackie sings, but fails. Bergen and Kurt have to take a train to Schliersee since they don’t have a Ford Focus. Mike and Rochelle choose to do the crate stacking Detour.

Jelani and Laura sings, but they each fail on their first attempt. Jackie passes on her second attempt, and she and Jeff are now in third place. Jelani passes in fourth place. Blair is now singing to Hayley and he passes on his first attempt. Laura passes right afterwards.

Bergen and Kurt are in last place and choose to do the “Stack” Detour as Mike and Rochelle are already working on the “Stack” Detour. Meanwhile,  Jeff and Jackie greet Phil as Team #3. Seconds later, Jelani and Jeremy arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #4. Hayley and Blair check-in as Team #5 and Laura and Tyler are Team #6. In a confessional, Blair admits Hayley’s attitude towards him is too much for him and he sometimes just wants to run away, but he’ll stick with the race all the way to the end.

Mike and Rochelle finish stacking and are in seventh place. Mike sings to Rochelle and they check-in at the Pit Stop as Team #7 before Bergen and Kurt even begin a Detour. Next we see Phil having to go and find Bergen and Kurt sitting in a building to inform them that they have been eliminated from the race. Bergen is frustrated since he believes Kurt just gave up when he realized he wouldn’t be finding love in the race, but Bergen was still determined to compete to try to win the race. There’s tension between them, and we see them both walk away in opposite directions as the episode ends.

Episode Summary

1st place: Aly and Steve (Each won a Ford Focus)

2nd place: Matt and Ashley

3rd place: Jeff and Jackie

4th place: Jelani and Jeremy

5th place: Hayley and Blair

6th place: Laura and Tyler

7th place: Mike and Rochelle

8th place: Bergen and Kurt (Eliminated)

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