• abbysee

    Hey, that’s a pretty cool gig. Pickler should have been there too. I hope that there is video. Taylor looks good.

  • It was an excellent opportunity for Taylor and the fact that Clint Eastwood specifically asked him to perform makes the gig even more special to Taylor. Looks like Taylor added his own unique touch to the song “Gran Torino” by playing some harmonica riffs.

    There are other photos that show some of the other attendees, Mandy Moore, Mary Hart, and Michael Grim and Eli Wallach. Hope we get some video or audio.

  • wjmtv

    Great picture. He’s a good-lookin’ dude.

  • caroleinfla

    Thanks so much for the pictures. I hope we get video of the song too.
    Taylor is one handsome man.

  • Mary Colurso of AL.com article on Taylor Hicks’ performance at the Museum of Tolorence International Film Festival honoring Clint Eastwood, Nov. 14, 2010.

    Birmingham’s Taylor Hicks added a new tune to his repertoire Sunday night, at the request of actor-director Clint Eastwood.

    Hicks said hadn’t tackled the “Gran Torino” theme before, but was happy to do so as a salute to Eastwood. Hicks embellished the tune a bit, adding a harmonica part he’d improvised during rehearsal.

    “What an honor it was to get a personal call from Clint Eastwood, asking me to do this,” said Hicks, 34, a Hoover native. “It made my day.”


  • Suzanne

    OMG! That is absolutely amazing! Clint Eastwood asked him to perform Gran Torono. That should make his year! I’d absolutely live to hear it. I’d never match a voice like Taylor Hicks with that song. I can’t get over this. MJ should put that it was a request from Clint in the lead for the post. Wow!

  • loveroftalent

    Good for Taylor. I never watched his season of idol, but he seems like a great guy and loves performing.

  • hicksaholic

    Great pictures! Can’t wait for some video to show up. It was reported Clint’s wife was videoing the performance on her cell phone. Maybe she will post it.

  • hickifino

    What an honor to be invited by Clint Eastwood to perform at his award ceremony! Probably a little scary too since Clint co-wrote the song, “Gran Torino.” Taylor’s raspy voice and soulful delivery is perfect for the song. Hope Taylor performs this song for the public someday.