SYTYCD11- Top 18 Power List (with Polls!)

For those new to my power list, a reminder that I’m doing things a bit different, and I’m giving points (scale 1-100), to show how close I believe contestants really are, and how close someone is to walking away with the whole thing.

99) Ricky Ubeda- The clear frontrunner here on the guys side. He even got to boost his status by dancing in his own style. Not just did he dance in his own style, but he danced a Travis Wall routine. It may have been only my second favorite performance at the end of the night, but this kid is writing the book on how to be the chosen one. It’s hard to hate him for being The Chosen One, because he’s such an incredible dancer.

90) Zack Everhart- Moving up this week, Zack was given a crazy (yet memorable) routine, and absolutely nailed it. Those costumes? I think we’ll be seeing that number recalled in the finale, just to see those costumes again. Zack’s got a load of charm, and right now he’s got the best shot at taking on Ricky.

85) Stanley Glover- I had to take away points from Stanley last week, due to that awful routine he was in. I would lower him further, but he’s now partnered with Jessica, who was the early favorite on the girls side. I think he’ll make her stronger, and she’ll make him go further in the competition. There’s a chance that he’s in the bottom 3 this week, and his ranking will slide some more before it goes back up, but I’m betting that the Stanley/Jessica pairing is a solid one.

84) Emilio Dosal- How odd was it that BOTH hip hop dancers just happened to draw their own style? It helped build them some momentum going into the next couple rounds. The longer Emilio can wait to draw a ballroom routine, the better. I actually think his partner is taller than he is, so his ballroom is going to look weird. He shined in his own style last week, even if his partner didn’t.

78) Rudy Abreu- A very divisive routine last week. I wasn’t a fan. Some people liked it. It’ll be interesting to see how it translates in votes. It’s possible that Rudy sobbing over losing Nick also helped build him some more fans.

77) Marcquet Hill- Rebounding slowly. Rebuilding. As you can see, I think he and Rudy are really vying for the 5th spot, but anything can happen. In fact, part of me thinks Emilio is going to drop out, and Serge is going to wind up steamrolling his way into the Top 5 also.

75) Serge Onik- It’s hard to power rank someone who almost went home, and also had the best performance of the night. I basically just didn’t change his score from the previous week. He lost as many points for being in the bottom as he gained for his routine. This week, I don’t expect him to be in the bottom, and hopefully he can just enjoy forward movement.

72) Teddy Coffey- I don’t understand how he wasn’t in the bottom 3. He’s cheesy. He’s not the strongest hip hop dancer. He is clearly cannon fodder. If he landed in the bottom 3, I think he’d be sent home. No questions asked.

69) Casey Askew- Bottom 3 last week, and an alright ballroom number. He’s also paired with Brooklyn, who was in the bottom 3 also. They’re the only couple where both people were bottom 3, meaning neither has the strength to help their partner to safety. I’m not sure if Casey is in danger again this week, but he just might be.

93) Bridget Whitman- I thought she had a decent performance, and clearly outperformed Jessica. They were neck-and-neck last week, this week Bridget has built herself a bit more of a padding… and Carly is coming for blood.

89) Jessica Richens- She’s lost her partner and gained a stronger one in Stanley. Hopefully this pairing works out well for Jessica, because Carly’s a strong routine away from knocking her down to third.

88) Carly Blaney- I remember saying that I didn’t think all four contemporary girls would make the Top 5, and then I pegged Carly as the lowest. Well, Carly proved herself this week, and Emily didn’t. Now it’s up to Emily to get all the girls into the Top 10.

80) Emily James- She was clearly the weaker one in her routine this week, but Teddy was supposedly dancing in his style. That being said, her partner is Teddy. Until he gets the boot, I can’t see Emily really being able to have a standout routine, because she now has dead weight holding her down.

79) Valerie Rockey- Got a huge boost when paired with Ricky. But is it really fair to be carried along in the competition by your partner? Valerie needs to stand out on her own, and start building her own fanbase. She can’t just hope Ricky gets enough fans who also want to vote for her so they can stay together.

74) Jacque LeWarne- Jacque made a lot of headway this week with her routine, battling the complete lack of screentime given to her before the Top 20 announcement, and a subpar ballet routine. She’s got a long way to go to reach the finale, but this is a nice start.

72) Jourdan Epstein- Even though Jourdan technically outdanced Malene, I would have sent her home. There was something about Jourdan during her routine that reminded me she has very little potential to go far in this show. She doesn’t feel like a memorable dancer, and was honestly outdanced by Marcquet.

70) Tanisha Belnap- I question her likeability, as well as that divisive routine that was first for the night. I think Tanisha might be in the bottom this week. Whether or not she’s in danger will depend on what she and Rudy can pull out this week.

64) Brooklyn Fullmer- Brooklyn has a long way to go, still. She showed more maturity than the previous week, but she’s still just a baby dancer compared to some of the past contenders. She really wasn’t ready for the Top 20, and she’s having to do a lot of growing… fast. I think Brooklyn is still in danger this week, and depending on how she does outside of her style (they can’t possibly draw a ballroom style for her AGAIN this week, can they?) she might go home. Could you imagine her and Casey doing Hip Hop right now?

Now you tell me. Who do you like? Pick Three!

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