SYTYCD11- Top 14 Power List

Good God. The bloodshed this week. FOUR Dancers will be going home, meaning that Nigel and Co will only save one of the bottom 3 dancers. The question isn’t who will be in the bottom 3 as much as it is who would Nigel save?

100) Ricky Ubeda- I have to believe that without a doubt, Nigel would save Ricky. It doesn’t matter what combination of boys is with him, if Ricky somehow slid into the bottom, he is “on another level” and would be saved.

90) Zack Everhart-
Now, if Zack repeated in the bottom, I think it would both perplex the judges, and then Nigel would swoop in and save his tapper. I think Zack is pretty safe this week anyway, but I totally didn’t see his Bottom 3 appearance happening last week either.

88) Emilio Dosal- Emilio has been in the bottom, but not recently. He could dip into the bottom this week, because America is fickle. I think they’d save him, so they could have a hip hop dancer on tour. I mean… Teddy can’t possibly make the Top 5 boys, can he?

86) Rudy Abreu- They love Rudy, but as a reminder, he is not Ricky, and they dance in the same style. Still, I think America and the Judges would both keep Rudy around.

75) Serge Onik- This is where it gets a little sketchier. If the bottom 3 was Serge, Casey, and Teddy, then I believe Serge would get saved. Serge is the last ballroom guy, whereas Teddy and Casey have dancers remaining in their style. If they’re looking to diversify, Serge is the key

71) Casey Askew- I think Casey has been too forgettable this season, and hasn’t really broken out of being a 6-10 dancer. I don’t think there’s any chance they’d save him, if he was in the bottom 3.

70) Teddy Coffey- I can’t imagine they’d save Teddy either, though their praise for Teddy sometimes is shockingly more than I’d expect. I can’t imagine who they’d send home instead of Teddy, so that’s why I think Teddy and Casey have got to go.

95) Carly Blaney- Carly is the closest thing the girls have to a frontrunner. She’s had solid routines, hasn’t been in the bottom 3 (despite her partner appearing in the bottom). I think she’s the safest girl.

87) Valerie Rockey- Again, Nigel loves his tappers. Unless she and Carly both appear in the bottom, I think Valerie is safe. If Valerie has to compete with Carly for the vote, for some reason, they’ll choose Carly, and leave Zach as the final tapper. Valerie has been carried a bit in this competition by her partner, and I think they know that.

86) Jessica Richens- Jessica is an interesting dancer. She’s never been in the bottom, she’s lost all of her partners, and she hasn’t lived up to her 1st week dance (which she did with Ricky). Nigel has reminded us of that every week. If Jessica hit the bottom, would Nigel send her home? I think he just might. However, for power list purposes, Jessica has never been in the bottom 3.

85) Bridget Whitman- Bridget however HAS been in the bottom 3, and they’ve kept her around, and praised her dancing. Bridget is this seasons Mackenzie, where Nigel just is baffled that people aren’t voting for her. There’s a scenario where Bridget stays alive, and that scenario involved Emily and Jessica, I think. I also think Tanisha could be seen as more expendable than Bridget, but maybe not.

81) Jacque Lewarne- Jacque shouldn’t really be worried. I feel like she’s done enough to earn America’s vote, and the judges votes. Plus, this budding Rudy relationship thing I think is helping her get noticed, and get votes. Believe it or not.

75) Emily James- Emily is the dancer I am most certain is leaving us if she hits the bottom 3. We have four contemporary females left in the competition, and one of them (for sure) will not make the Top 5. If Emily hits the bottom, she’s out.

72) Tanisha Belnap- I think the judges would recognize that Tanisha has struggled a bit with connecting her personality to her dance, and with two consecutive bottom 3 finishes, they might send her home. However, a very interesting bottom 3 would be Tanisha, Emily, and Jessica. Do I think they might save Tanisha in that scenario? Yes I do. She’s ballroom, and the other 2 are both contemporary girls (with 2 contemporary girls still remaining). Just because she’s at the bottom doesn’t necessarily mean she’s out, but she should be worried.

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