SYTYCD11- Callback Week- Live Blog and Discussion

Join me here for The Round Formerly Known As Vegas. It is now called “CALLBACK WEEK”.
Twitch, Tara, Adam, and a Ballerina join Mary and Nigel.

Tanisha Belnap– Ballroom
She’s wearing a pink feathery tutu thing. It’s borderline contemporary/jazz as much as it is ballroom.


Steven Kador– Hip Hop/Animation
His girlfriend is having a baby while he’s at callback week. His solo is sick. I hope he can do choreo.

36 People were cut at Round 1. Including the Puppet Dancer. 121 people are moving forward.

ROUND TWO: Christopher Scott with Jasmine Harper- Hip Hop
They actually had overnight to work on the routine. Malena and Steven are working hard, because Steven’s girlfriend is STILL IN LABOR.

Jessica Ritchens and Marie Poppins are in the first group to go. Marie didn’t look solid, Jessica looked OK enough to movie on. Marie gets enough votes to skate through, barely. Jessica has to dance for her life. Presumably her partner, and Marie’s partner were safe.

Marcquet’s partner assumes he’s hip hop, probably because he’s black. lol. Marcquet looked awkward, but really was trying. The judges loved him, and he and his partner make it through. A montage of other ballroom girls and guys making it through.

Marena and Steven are next. His baby was finally born. Steven’s hip hop is not strong enough. I know he’s been awake for 24 hours. They’re all safe.

Trevor Bryce and Caleb Brauner are in the final group. Caleb is hands down my favorite contestant right now. Trevor is killing the choreo, and I honestly thought Caleb was better than Steven. I don’t know how Trevor got cut. I thought he was great. Nigel cuts Caleb also.

Megan Marcano and Franchesca Bass were also cut at Hip Hop. Wow. Does Nigel need me to pick his Top 20 for him? Cause… I could do a better job. I’m not a Trevor Bryce fan, and even I could see he was doing the choreo way better than the other hip hoppers who got a pass

Jessica Ritchens now dances for her life. I don’t know why, because she wasn’t that bad, and the solo round JUST happened. I know they have a lot of blonde contemporary dancers, so it’s possible they forgot which one she was, but dancing for your life at this stage seems silly. Adam Shankman got way too excited about that dance.

ROUND THREE: Sonya doing Jazz
Sonya tells them to be on fire. Amy and George show them the steps. Jaja and Marie Poppins are struggling. Marie is paired with Marcquet.

First group: Zach Everhart. A girl injured her knee. The injured girl is cut, she said it was hard to get through the routine. Zach was the star of the group, and is through. Serge, Johnny Whacks, Jourdan, and Rudy all sail through Round Three.

Steven’s back being featured. He’s not great again. It’s awful actually. Worse than his hip hop. Nigel cuts Steven. Steven says his son would be proud of him because he tried. 12 more dancers are cut, including Shafeek (who doesn’t curse out the camera) and Marie Poppins. Jaja is up, she’s better than Steven was, but it’s really not strong enough. She’ll be dancing for her life. She’s a brilliant hip hop dancer, so I know she’ll sail through her DFYL. Honestly, Jaja deserves a Top 20 spot. Very few female hip hop dancers ever are taken seriously on this show, and Jaja could change that.

We apparently will find out the Top 20 tonight!?

ROUND FOUR: Ballroom with Dmitry and Anya
A guy gets his front tooth chipped in half by his partner. Zach and Valerie teamed up, and are both tappers. Zach and Valerie killed it. Rudy was good. The other ballroom dancers kill it. Jaja and Emilio Dosal (who withdrew last year) teamed up for this. Emilio and Jaja both dance in the same crew. Jaja has a ballroom dress. She looks great. Emilio is great. Jaja is OK, but she could be quicker. Emilio and Jaja are through.

ROUND FIVE: Contemporary with Travis
An early favorite might go home! Mackenzie (from last season) assists Travis. The first group includes some familiar faces, who I thought did really well. Bridget is told there’s a deadness in her face. She’s asked to dance for her life. The rest of her group is safe, including Marena. A bunch of other dancers are safe, including the guy with the busted tooth, Silky, and Ricky Ubeda.

Bridget Whitman dances for her life. She gets 2 no’s, but finally three yes’s. Barely through.

ROUND SIX: Groups!
29 boys and 21 girls are left. And people start getting angry. Drama ensues.

GROUP 1– One Love- Two Ryan’s Carly, Serena, and Novian.
They had a little bit of drama, but not a lot. It’s really random, but you get that when you have an uneven amount of guys and girls. Tara calls it a mess. Mary calls out Serena for using a rumba which is too hard. Nigel says that they have to decide who goes home.

Silky’s group struggled. A group that partied didn’t do well.

Serena is convinced she’s going home out of her group.

Zack, Malene, Johnny, and two others are hopefully going to fix this round. Although Johnny is a diva. This group is perfection though. They all deserve to go through. That’s how you do group choreography.

Also moving on…. Marcquet, Jaja, and some others. One Love refuses to vote anyone off, Nigel’s heart grew two sizes this day and he keeps all of them.

Final Solo round is next.

Ricky Ubeda dances his solo. This kid is definitely Top 20. He really does everything possible in his solo. The flailing on the floor looked incredible. As he walks off the stage, you can hear Adam say “He’s the best dancer we have.” Other dancers do their solos. Silky survived to this point. So did Johnny Whacks.

34 dancers remain for 20 spots.

Time to find out their fate. Ricky is first. He’s through. Jessica Ritchens is Top 20. Jacckie. Teddy. Stanley. Carly. All Top 20. Emilio made it. Jaja is cut. Emilio gives her a hug. Novian is cut. Serena is cut. Armin Way is cut. Johnny Whacks is cut. Bridget is safe. Valerie, Zach, Jourdan, Casey, and Emily made it.

Coming up will Nick and Rudy both make the Top 20?

Landon Anderson is up next. Adam says they loved him out of the gate, but they didn’t like his group round or his final solo. He’s cut. Four more dancers are cut, including Justine Lutz and Hailey Payne. Nick and Rudy are feeling the pressure. Nick is first up. Mary says they adore him. Mary tries to fake him out by saying that “any other year…”, Mary makes him do the fast footwork again and they keep him. Nick was joined by Tanisha, Serge, Malena, Brooklyn, and Marcquet. Two dancers are left. Will it be Silky or Rudy (who has been crying A LOT). Silky is cut. Rudy is safe. Both Rudy and Nick made Top 20.


Top 10 Guys:
Casey Askew (Contemporary)
Emilio Dosal (Hip-hop)
Marcquet Hill (Latin Ballroom)
Nick Garcia (Latin Ballroom)
Ricky Ubeda (Contemporary)
Rudy Abreu (Contemporary)
Serge Onik (Latin Ballroom)
Stanley Glover (Contemporary)
Teddy Coffey (Hip-hop)
Zach Everhart (Tap)

Top 10 Girls:
Bridget Whitman (Contempoary)
Brooklyn Fullmer (Latin Ballroom)
Carly Blaney (Contemporary)
Emily James (Contemporary)
Jessica Richens (Jazz)
Jourdan Epstein (Ballet)
Malene Ostergaard (Latin Ballroom)
Tanisha Belnap (Latin Ballroom)
Valerie Rockey (Tap)
Jacque LeWarne (Ballet)

Who is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

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