Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 1 – Recap and Discussion

Hi, my name is Krista (@glitzyheartsx) and I’ll be helping MJ cover Big Brother 16 this summer. I’m a huge fan of the show so I’m super excited to be writing about it. Tonight is Part 1 of a 2 part premiere.

Welcome to another season of Big Brother! It finally feels like summer. When the show comes on we are greeted by Julie Chen inside the Big Brother house. She starts the show by saying that in order to be the winner of Big Brother 16, this new group of contestants will have to survive 3 months in the house without the internet, cellphones, and music as well as the “most twisted season ever..” Once she says this, she walks out on stage, where she is greeted by a studio audience who erupt in cheers. She then says that there will also be a brand new twist called  “Team America” and that more details will be revealed about this twist later on in the show. Julie then says again that this will be the most “twisted season ever”. I’m interested to see how these twists will play out in the season.

Julie then mentions that only one group of eight houseguests will be entering the house tonight and that the other group of 8 houseguests will be entering the house tomorrow night (Thursday). The screen then goes to a taped segment introducing the first eight houseguests to enter the Big Brother house. The first group of houseguests to enter to the house are then shown entering the house and include the following the eight houseguests: Amber Borzotra ( from Tennesse and loves the outdoors) , Cody Calafiore (former soccer player) , Frankie Grande (brother of superstar Ariana Grande and a NY broadway/ Youtube star)  Donny Thompson (school groundskeeper in NC) , Joey Van Pelt (makeup artists from Seattle) , Nicole Franzel (superfan of Big Brother from Michigan) , Devin Shepherd (single dad from Texas), and Paola Shea (DJ from NY) . In the introductions, Frankie mentions that he is the brother of superstar Ariana Grande and doesn’t want to let the other houseguests know this because he thinks it will make him a target for the other houseguests. I’m not surprised that he said this because once the other houseguests found out that Elissa Slater was Rachel Reilly’s sister, she was a major target. I’ll be interested to see if/ how long he can keep this a secret. If he can keep it a secret, he could go pretty far in the game.

Once the houseguests are done introducing themselves, Julie then gathers this 1st group on stage and tell them that they will experience “the most twisted summer ever” and must stay in the house 3 months in order to win the game.  Julie also divides them into 2 groups of four to enter the house. The first group of 4 to enter the house is Cody, Amber, Joey, and Donny. Once they enter the house they all find a bed in the house. Once the first group of 8 is all settled in the the house, the 2nd group of 8 houseguests enter the house. This second group of four contestants includes Devin, Nicole, Frankie and Paola. Once this group of houseguests enters the house, it is time for the couch introductions. During this time, the houseguests introduce themselves to the rest of the group. When it is his turn, Frankie gets worried that his identity as Ariana Grande’s brother will already be in jeopardy since Paola is a DJ. Also, during these introductions, Donnie mentions that he wouldn’t mind an alliance with Nicole since they seem similar since they are both low key personalities. Once the introductions are over Julie tossses the show to a commercial break but not before revealing more about the Team America twist. She mentions that we have been voting for whom we want to be in a secret alliance with. Julie also says that she will reveal more about this twist later in the show.

When the show comes back, Devin mentions that the 1st eight to enter the house should stick together given that more people are entering the house at a later time. They decide to call this alliance the “Crazy 8s.” I’ll be interested to see if this alliance will stick together, given that this hasn’t been the case in earlier seasons. After this, we see Frankie leading a workout routine with Cody and Devin. I thought that this was a fun segment. If the group can continue to do things like this, we should be in for a fun summer. Once this group breaks up, Devin mentions making a side alliance with Donnie called the “Double Ds.” Donnie agrees to this. Another alliance is formed between the girls of group one called “El Cuatro“. This alliance is formed between Joey, Nicole, Amber, and Paola. This alliance is formed between the girls because they are tired of guys dominating the game and feel it is a girl’s turn to win the whole game. Like the main group alliance, I’ll be interested to see if this alliance can stick together. I have a feeling that this alliance will fall apart once the houseguests get to know each other better.

Julie then gathers everyone in the living room and says that the house is going to become more crowded very soon. Naturally, the housguests are shocked. She also mentions that it is time for the first Head of Household competition of the summer. However, unlike in previous seasons, just because you are HOH does NOT meant that you are completely and safe that this person must still nominate 2 houseguests for eviction. Once the houseguests find this out, they are completely shocked. After this, there is a quick segment with Cody and Paola getting to know each other. I could see a potential showmance brewing between these 2 which is not a good idea given previous seasons.

It is then time for the first  Head of Household Competition of the summer called ” Go Fly a Kite. ” This competition has a beach theme and each housguest must hold onto their kite and balance on a rotating log. If the houseguests let go or fall off the log, they will be  eliminated from the competition and their sandcastle will be destroyed.  Everyone starts out holding on fine, but once Paola looks down she falls off the log and is eliminated from the competition. The houseguests continue this compettiion and Joey is the 2nd one eliminated. In order to make the competition trickier for the Houseguests, Julie then adds sunscreen into the mix. Once this happens, Nicole is the 3rd eliminated from the competition. The log then changes directions midway through the competition. The HoH competition continues until Donny and Devin fall off the log at the same time. This HoH comes down to Amber, Cody and Frankie. Cody falls off next and Amber decides to throw the compettion after realizing that the houseguest  who wins HOH is not necessarily safe. I think she waited too long to throw it because the other contestants might see her as a comp threat. With Amber throwing it, that means  *Frankie Grande is the last one standing and wins the title of Head of Household for the 1st group of 8 houseguests to enter the Big Brother house.* Frankie then wants everyone to have this back when the other houseguests enter the house. Julie then leaves the houseguests by telling them that another group of houseguests will enter the house and that group will have a Head of Household as well. Frankie begins to look worried and we leave the houseguests for the night.

Julie then ends the show by mentioning the “Team America” twist again. Julie mentions that  America will be given the power to vote for the contestants they would most like to be in an alliance with. This final group of 3 chosen by America will be a secret alliance and be given tasks by America to complete. The 1st member of this alliance will be revealed tomorrow night. This sounds similar to “America’s Player” from Season 8. Overall I thought this was a solid premiere and a look forward to meeting the other group of contestants.

See you guys tomorrow night for Part 2 of the premiere. Who will be the 2nd Head of Household? Will anyone figure out Frankie’s secret of being related to Ariana? Who is your favorite houseguest out of this group?