SYTYCD 11- Auditions Part 2- Live Blog and Discussion

I’m back ya’ll. Let’s rock it like it’s 1776. Fabrice Calmels joins Mary and Nigel on the panel in Chicago.

Paul Brushaaer- 21- Puppet Dancer
I think Nigel thought he was going to be a joke, but looks can be deceiving. He’s a very fluid mover. It’s basically a looser version of a robot dance, and he’s really good at it. He’s exhausted when he’s done though. I’m betting he can’t pick up choreography. Mary says he’s at genius level. Mary wants him to go to Vegas. Nigel is hesitant. Nigel asks if Paul has ever done partner work before, and he hasn’t. Nigel talks with Fabrice about his thoughts. Nigel doesn’t condone it, but he gives Paul a ticket to Vegas whereever the next round is. Hopefully Paul goes and takes some classes.

Emily James- 21- Contemporary
A past auditioner from Seasons 8 and 9, though I don’t remember her. It’s pretty typical contemporary. When the track picks up and adds the quick beat under it, I think she could have done more. I wonder if they replaced her track, and if she danced to something else, because I feel like the dance and the track didn’t mesh well. Mary tells Emily she’s a dancer. Fabrice thought it was solid. She’s straight through to the next round. Her cousin gets up on stage, she’s probably 10 or 11, and her contemporary is great for her age. If SYTYCD ran longer she’d probably get a ticket at some point.

Montage of some good dancers.

Franchesca Bass- Contemporary
Has an auto-immune disorder that caused her to lose all of her hair. She has much better choreography in her solo than Emily did. It’s a different style of movement, and it showcases her better, and matches the music. It isn’t just a bunch of typical moves thrown together, there’s a story here. She’s a strong dancer, and I’d love to see more of her. She’s got a unique quality to her. Nigel says she has a quality about her dance that gives more life to her work. She gets a ticket to the next round.

Jenna Scaccia- Ballet/Contemporary
She’s a trainee at the Joffrey Ballet. Febreeze doesn’t recognize her. Awkward. If I’m being honest, I’m bored by her solo. She’s really slow. Technique is there, but not my favorite. Nigel loved her. Mary thought she was gorgeous. Febreeze was impressed. She’s got a ticket.

James Thomas- Bopping Contortionist
Bopping is a Chicago dance. He basically does bone breaking. Definitely one of the better contortionists we’ve ever seen. Even Mary acknowledges that with a “boy he can really do it, can’t he?” He takes off his shirt halfway through so you can see it. This isn’t really dancing though. I wouldn’t put him through to even choreo. There wasn’t even bopping in that. He actually has a dance background. Nigel is intrigued by this and says yes to choreo.

James dropped out of choreo because he was holding his partner back.

Coming up! Someone vomits!

Auditions move to LA!

Christina Appelgate joins Nigel and Mary.

Jessica Ritchens
Her favorite thing is to be sexy on stage. She’s performed with the Rockettes before. She is absurdly sexy when she dances. This girl is 100% confident in her body. If I was her Dad, I’d be a mess. She’s a good dancer, and more importantly, I’ll remember her. We see a lot of contemporary dancers, and it’s hard to distinguish them. The judges love her too, as she gets a standing O, no feedback and an immediate ticket. Mary says she wants to be her. Nigel says she was tremendous. Christina thinks she could win.

Valerie Rockey- Tapper
Loves Savion Glover, Gene Kelly, and Fred Astaire. Nigel is just beaming. He loves tappers. She’s really good at tapping. I hope she can do other styles. Mary says she’s full of love and light. It’s a yes to choreo.

Jaja Vankova- 22 – Hip Hop
Philip Chbeeb brought her to America. She’s a hip hop/krump/animation dancer. Didn’t see that coming. She’s SICK. We haven’t had a female dancer like this in a long time. I can’t wait to see more of her. I’d put her straight through to the top 20, partnering be damned. She gets a standing o from the judges, and three tickets. This girl is one to watch.

Fik-Shun stopped by. So did Legacy and Makenzie. And Cyrus. Montage of terrible dancers.

Kyle Taylor- Pop N Lock
Probably a joke. He’s inspired by Fik-Shun and Cyrus. He doesn’t have time to perform in front of crowds. He dances in his living room. This is probably going to be awful. It’s actually not, but he’s not on the level needed. He’s got some moves, and I’d even support choreography based on his audition, if they wanted to. But, honestly, there are better poppers. Legacy, Cyrus, and Fik-Shun join him on stage to battle him. It’s a perfect way to show how Kyle is out of his depth. Legacy is even out of his depth, since he’s technically a B Boy. A Great one though. Christina’s face is awesome. She’s loving them. Kyle finishes the dance off, and really tries to hold his own. It’s not terrible. Kyle’s living his dream right now, dancing with his idols. They put him through to choreography, which he will probably fail.

Justine Lutz- 19- Contemporary
She originally trained in ballet and jazz, but she’s doing contemporary today. Girls should take note of her choreography, because like Franchesca, her choreo tells a story, and is memorable. It’s not the standard set of moves. It shows that she breathes life into her work. She’s a brilliant dancer. One of my favorite auditions of the season, and definitely my favorite of the night. Christina is crying as Justine gets her ticket.

A montage of more yes’s.

Mauricio Vera and Deise Mendonca- Ballet
They’re professional ballet dancers who are in love. Nigel is immediately in love with Deise, and Mary loves Mauricio. Ballet is rare on the show, and these two are really good at what they do. That was a fantastic routine. A lot of solid dancers this year. These two are a standout. Standing O from the judges, Christina is crying. Christina says she can feel the love between them, and says she could feel everything that Deise was feeling. Chrsitina says she wants to watch them dance all day long. Mary praises Deise a lot. Nigel gives them both tickets.

Justin Bieber is back to introduce more crews. I wonder if Justin Bieber will be back next week, or if Fox will have to replace him after his latest controversy.

First Crew- BreakSkate
Second Crew- Academy Of Villans

BreakSkate dances on skates. Academy of Villains dances like puppets. They are very theatrical. They’re also better dancers. I’d vote for Academy Of Villains. BreakSkate is cool, but gimmicky.

Hailee Payne- 19- Jazz Funk
She brought Dad and “his friend Brandon”. Mmmmhmm. She looks like a more edgy version of Miley Cyrus. It’s pretty good, definitely good enough for the next round. We’ve seen better tonight, but there’s something about HER that is undeniable. Her solo has weak choreo, but she’s a star. I’d love to see what she can do with the choreographers on the show. Her Dad got her into dance. How does “his friend Brandon” feel about it? lol. She gets a ticket.

Sebastian Serra- Contemporary (Ballet?)
He’s returning. I don’t remember him. He made it to the cut before Green Mile last year. His dance is mostly contemporary, but I think he’s got some ballet training in there. He’s a good dancer. Not a WOW dancer. Mary loves his elevation. Christina compares him to Chehon. He’s getting a ticket.

Dani Platz- Contemporary
She’s been dancing since she was 3. She stopped dancing in high school and just started dancing again. She had an eating disorder in high school. She appreciates dance more now. Another well crafted solo. She can also contort a bit. Nigel thinks she was beautiful, and felt her sadness. Mary says dance is oxygen for the soul, and then starts crying. Christina interprets Dani’s solo, and makes Dani cry. She says Dani is healing other girls who feel like her. She’s going through to choreo, but Christina says she would have given her a ticket.

Coming up… Vomiting Man!

Marie Poppins- Pop N Lock
She’s a French Popper. She says not enough women do this style. That’s probably true. Hopefully her and Jaja had a good conversation. She’s a gorgeous girl, like a model. It’s a different style of popping, not so aggressive. Fikshun joins her mid dance. I remember him being from Vegas, so I wonder if they know each other. Nigel loved every second of it. Mary says she’s a true artist. Christina calls it unexpected. She gets a ticket.

Choreo round. Surprise! Kyle bows out. He can’t do the choreo. Dani got to dance with Robert Roldan. Valerie the tapper gets a ticket. Dani also gets a ticket. Throw Up Guy got cut.

The crew winning the twitter poll is Academy of Villains.

Final audition episode next week.

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