SYTYCD 2018 Recap – Top 10 Results Live Blog, Performance VIDEOS

So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Top 10 SYTYCD

Tonight, the top ten return to the stage to compete once again for America’s votes. This time though, when the dancing ends, the eliminations begin! One guy and one girl will be sent packing as we go from ten to eight in search of America’s favorite dancer!

Based on last week’s routines, I would personally send home Chelsea & Jay Jay. Chelsea and her partner, Evan, did not have a stellar night but I feel as though he deserves the opportunity to work with a different partner and advance. Chelsea just couldn’t really nail either dance. With the boys, it is more difficult. Jay Jay, though a fantastic dancer, did not do it for me as compared to the other four boys. But of course, with as much exposure as he has received thus far on the show, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was safe and someone who excelled last week is eliminated instead. My fear is that Cole could be the sacrificial lamb. I loathe eliminations when the talent pool is this good.

Don’t forget to vote at the conclusion of the show for your favorites via the FOX website, the FOXNOW app, and via text messaging. Here we go…

Exciting opening group routine, looking like something out of a mashup of Alice In Wonderland, American Horror Story, and the circus. Once again, all the dancers got a special moment to shine. Good stuff. The top ten are introduced and here comes Cat. The opening was choreographed by Luther Brown. Chelsea was not in the routine due to injury but she will be dancing tonight. Everyone is dancing twice tonight and no one is dancing in their own styles. This is going to be a rough night as the bottom four will be announced as the end of the show before the judges decide which guy and girl to send home.

Nigel announces everyone in the top 10 will meet again on tour! YEY! Good for them.

Darius & Magda – dancing Bollywood choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan
I love Bollywood, especially on this show. But I was really underwhelmed by this. I’ve seen so many better routines on this show done to this style. There was nothing technically wrong (apart from one or two out of sync moments between the dancers) but it just fell flat for me. Not as exciting or quick or intricate as I am used to seeing. Perhaps a bit of blame to be placed on Nakul on this one? Hmm.

Nigel called it a Vegas buffet. He loved the energy and calls it fabulous. Vanessa loved how joyous it was. Twitch loved how fast it was and how the partnership checked in with one another. Mary thanks them for getting the party started. She says Darius has so much energy. And she says Magda is like a young schoolgirl all full of love.
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Evan & Chelsea – dancing lyrical hip-hop choreographed by Christopher Scott
Redemption from last week! So much better. My eyes were still drawn to Evan more than Chelsea though. I thought he really got the technical aspects of this routine down. And I loved the use of the props to advance the dance as opposed to hinder it. I also saw an increase in the pairs connection, which was a note from the judges last week. Nice to see marked improvement even if I am still waiting for Chelsea to really bring it.

Vanessa really enjoyed it and felt a decent amount of emotion. She felt that Chelsea felt it. She feels Evan needed to drop it down a little bit though. Twitch compliments Christopher Scott. Again though, he felt it was in and out and wasn’t strong throughout. Mary thought it wasn’t bad but she wanted more as well. She wanted to really believe it. Nigel agrees it was in and out but does think the two were more connected here than last week.
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Cole & Hannahlei dancing stepping and strolling choreographed by Joe Brown
That was a lot of fun. It was just a good time and I was grooving along with them. I am not as familiar with stepping and strolling as I am with other styles but based on the rehearsal package, I needed to see no mistakes in the counting of the steps and I saw none. So that’s good. They also embodied the characters well (Hannah more so than Cole) so it was a success for me. It put a smile on my face.

Twitch felt the energy was brought but more from Hannah than from Cole. He wasn’t so impressed by Cole. Mary loved that this style is growing but she does agree that Cole wasn’t in it totally until the very end. She gives Hannah props and says she looked like she was in some dance troupe. Nigel also agrees that Hannah’s personality showed through but Cole needs to work. Vanessa agrees with everyone.
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Jay Jay & Jensen dancing contemporary choreographed by Jaci Royal
Very good. I enjoyed this more than either of the routines from these two last week. Strong contemporary moves executed beautifully by both. It wasn’t anything over the top in terms of something we have yet to see on this show but it was a simple story conveyed well with emotion and consistently good dancing. Both should get high praise for this.

Mary found it beautiful. She feels they stayed in each and every moment. She feels it was the best performance of the night so far. Nigel calls Jensen a powerhouse. He says Jay Jay is a strong partner. Vanessa says it was like perfection. It made her cry. Twitch doesn’t have anything to add. All praises.
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Slavik & Genessy dancing jive choreographed by Sharna Burgess
Okay. First off, Slavik is a real find for a show like this. A freestyle dancer who has never had to learn choreography doing so well with actual difficult choreography. The dance was super fun and energetic and old school. It was breezing along perfectly until one little mishap toward the end. I am not sure if Genessy put her foot up late or what but Slavik was waiting for it and it took some time. From that moment, it got a little sloppy but both had some of those kicks and flicks out of sync. I think the error threw them a bit. But I loved the dance and loved seeing Sharna Burgess on this show doing choreography.

Nigel loved the routine. He says he cannot believe Slavik is a hip hop dancer without formal training. He loves how the couple is working out. Vanessa is amazed. She says it looked like they were doing the jive forever. Twitch loved the chemistry. He says Slavik never lets his partner down. Mary gives Slavik some tips on his technique but she loved the effort and determination. Mary screams at Genessy.
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Darius & Magda dancing jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore
SAUCY! YUMMY! I really loved that. My eyes were drawn to Magda throughout. She just oozed sex appeal in that. Darius was good but this was the women’s piece. I think the smartest thing about this piece was that Mandy didn’t try and give them too much. She wanted to tell this story with simplicity and let the dancing and those small moments sell the overall piece. And that what definitely achieved. These two had a solid night overall.

Vanessa says it was phenomenal. She loved the personality and control. Twitch wants to speak to the power of how subtle it was. He calls it amazing. Mary says it was baked just right. She says Magda looks stunning. Nigel says he is not recognizing Darius- he is becoming cool and elegant. He says it was danced beautifully.

Evan & Chelsea dancing contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall
Thank you Chelsea. FINALLY. I finally saw her. This was a nice dance though if you watched closely, you could see Evan struggling a bit with some of the lifts and holding on to Chelsea. It needs to look a bit more effortless. But without question, Chelsea’s best dance of the competition so far and these two finally did something where I would look back after the night is over and say, I remember that dance well and it was very good.

Twitch felt they were emotionally connected. He wants the connection to continue. Mary feels both are super talented and she feels they found their chemistry in this piece. Nigel compliments Travis for bringing it out of them. Vanessa thinks they did a fantastic job. She loved the lines and shapes. She didn’t feel it personally enough as the other judges did though.

Cole & Hannahlei dancing disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez
Solid. That was solid. Cole is a very good partner- he is strong and capable of handling lifts and tricks with no problem. Hannah was a bit under for me in terms of energy here. I just needed her to dial it up just one more level. But a disco dance is supposed to make you smile and want to get up and dance and I found myself there with them. That said, I have seen the choreographer (Doriana) put together much more difficult disco routines on this show so I wonder if she was nervous about doing too much or opted for a more subdued approach.

Mary loved the lifts. She can’t believe it. She says both of them did great. And she screams. LOUDLY. Nigel found it incredible and has no idea where the energy comes from. Vanessa says the disco was brought to another level. She felt they brought it. Twitch says Cole brought the energy this time.

Jay Jay & Jensen dancing african jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman
My favorite performance of the night based on originality. I loved this. From the steps to the costumes to the music. It all came together. I wasn’t even distracted by the fact that I couldn’t see the dancers faces. It was wild and all abandon was thrown out. Such cool looking moves in there too.

Nigel says this was nobodies style tonight. He loved the spider walk. He goes on to compliment Sean Cheesman. He calls them the strongest dancing couple on the show this year. Vanessa agrees and loved the animistic side. Twitch calls it amazing. Mary says she was wrong- their first number of the night wasn’t the best number- this is. She calls them both stars.

OH. Before Slavik & Genessy dance, we are getting results? I am confused.

Hannahlei, Jay Jay – SAFE

And that’s it for results. How odd. They announce two dancers safe out of ten and now we have to wait for the final routine of the night before the rest of the results are announced. Okay.

Slavik & Genessy dancing broadway choreographed by Al Blackstone
That was incredibly sweet and charming. Aww. This is definitely the couple with the most chemistry on the show who are also the most believable when they are asked to do character driven dances. I loved that. It was so effortlessly endearing. Slavik continues to blow my mind. And Genessy looked and danced like a princess. So good.

Vanessa is crying. She says it was beautiful. Twitch says it was a beautiful thing to watch. Mary says she would give them a Tony award for that performance. Nigel pretends to be crying. He felt it was great to see young love. He says Slavik will learn how to do lines better.

More results…

Genessy, Darius, Jensen, Slavik – SAFE

Tonight’s bottom four are: Chelsea, Evan, Cole, and Magda

My last minute prediction is that Chelsea and Cole are eliminated. What should happen for me is Chelsea and Evan. I love Evan but I think Cole’s overall routines from last week and this should buy him another week.

The ladies are up first.
Nigel blames the tap routine for Chelsea but doesn’t understand why Magda is in the bottom.
Now the men.
Nigel says it has been difficult for the audience to connect with him because he hasn’t done tap. He feels Cole has had difficulty connecting to his partner and the audience.

Leaving us tonight- (and they are unanimous in the decision) EVAN & CHELSEA.

So, they sent home a couple and no one else needs to be shuffled around to a new partnership. I will miss Evan, though I do think Cole deserved another week (but he needs votes because he wasn’t given such a good night of praise) and the right female went home. Next week’s eliminations are going to be interesting. I think Cole needs a miracle now to stay and for the girls, if Magda hits the bottom again, she could be booted. So please fans, VOTE for your favorites if you want them to stay.

I’ll see y’all a week from tonight as the TOP 8 dance once again and we lose two more dancers. Thanks for watching along with me. :D