SYTYCD 14 Top 10 Perform # 1 – Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: The top 10 contestants L-R Top Row: Logan Hernandez, Kaylee Millis, Robert Green, Kiki Nyemchek, Dassy Lee and L-R Bottom Row: Taylor Sieve, Mark Villaver, Koin Iwasaki, Sydney Tormey and Lex Ishimoto on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Monday, August 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. ©2017 FOX Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rosee

Join me here tonight as the Top 10 is revealed! Voting begins tonight! Did your favorite make the top 10? Sound off in the comments!

1st Routine- The All Stars- Knocking On Heaven’s Door
It really is amazing to see how much growth the All-Stars have had over the years, becoming a part of this family. They’re all great dancers, even though most of them didn’t win their seasons. It’s a very pretty, contemporary piece. I’m guessing Mandy Moore as the choreographer. It feels like her. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

It was Mandy Moore. Cat points out the new set. She also congratulates Mandy Moore on her Emmy noms. Allison is injured this week and won’t be performing with her All-Star. We’ll find out later who is pairing in place of Allison.

Later, there’s a group routine choreographed by Wade Robson. Time to welcome the judges. Nigel, Mary, and Vanessa. No guest judges or subs tonight. Mary looks like a fairy godmother tonight. Nigel says he’s happy with who was chosen by the All-Stars.

1) Team Fik-Shun- Shake Your Pants
His final 2 was Kyle and Dassy. Dassy was the one who moved to America to be on the show. Fik-Shun says Kyle struggles picking up choreo. Fik-Shun picked Dassy. Dassy really got lucky with Fik-Shun, who not only won his season, but coached Kida to a win also. This is a very funky hip hop routine. Kinda old school, but with a lot of popping which is Dassy’s strength. They dance well together, and this was a good introduction dance to Dassy. Mary LOVED IT. What a way to get the show started. That was choreographed by Poppin Pete, who is one of the innovators of Poppin. Mary says Fik-Shun has finally found his match. Mary says Dassy is a hard hitting It Girl. The chemistry is unreal. Nigel says they moved every part of their bodies. He thinks Dassy made the show stronger. He predicts they’ll be a favorite couple. Vanessa says “YOU SHINE ON GIRL!” – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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2) Team Allison- Protocol
Allison had to choose between Zachary, who has already made the Green Mile once before and not made the Top 10. She also has Logan, who is young, and needs developing. She chooses Logan. Filling in for Allison is Season 9’s Audrey. This is a more intense contemporary piece. It feels more like Travis Wall. It’s another routine I like. Logan did a really good job connecting with a dancer he had spent very little time with. Good job. It’s actually a Tyce Diorio routine. She only had a few hours to learn the routine, and Tyce had to spend extra time teaching her. Zachary who didn’t get the top 10 spot, is actually now in Cats. Wow. Nigel says Logan is a stunning dancer. Vanessa says it was so beautiful, and “you’re only 18?” Mary says it’s a blessing to see Audrey back, and says Logan deserves to be here. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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3) Team Jenna- There’s Nothin Holding Me Back
Jenna had to choose between Konkrete and Kiki. Kiki struggled in Hip Hop, Koncrete struggled in Sonya’s Jazz routine. Konkrete really gave a memorable paired performance with Jenna, but Jenna shares a style with Kiki. She picked Kiki. Poor Konkrete. I hope he reauditions. Our first ballroom routine of the night. There’s a bar on stage for them to use. Kiki really is good at what he does. I’d be worried to see him do Hip Hop again though. Not as impressive as the last routine, but a decent routine. I think Kiki has to be able to do tricks with Jenna to stand out. Ballroom dancers have been struggling on recent seasons, and Kiki has to bring an extra something to the table. Mary says Jenna is latin hotness. Mary says she hasn’t seen a more grounded woman than Jenna. Mary says Kiki came into the show like a stealth bomber. Nigel congratulates Dmitry for his choreo on that. Nigel commends Jenna for choreographing two routines, and now wants to see more choreo from Jenna. He says he had a hard time taking his eyes off of Jenna tonight. Nigel is worried that the audience isn’t going to see Kiki’s style, and hopes he gets votes. Vanessa says Jenna is SO HOT, but Kiki really shines up there. And the ladies love him. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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4) Team Cyrus- Clown
Cyrus had to choose between Havoc, who is a street dancer like Cyrus. He also had Kaylee, who is really a fusion dancer. Both really deserve to be here. Cyrus has a tough call to make, just like Jenna and Allison did. Cyrus picked Kaylee. They’re doing a contemporary routine, so Cyrus is actually out of his style. It allows for Kaylee to shine. On a personal note, I love Kaylee. I’m so happy she was chosen. I think she’s a great body positive role model. It shows girls that you don’t have to be rail thin and move extremely well, or be lifted by a guy. If you can dance, you can dance. (Not that she’s fat at all, she’s just not a toothpick). The routine was great, and Kaylee just shines. Cyrus was a surprisingly able partner for her, even though it was out of his style. He’s come a long way in a few years. Kaylee says she wanted Cyrus because she knew he would challenge her. Mary thanks Tassandra for that choreo, and says it was really clever. Mary says Cyrus did a noble job. Mary wanted him stronger in the piece. Mary says there’s something so real, honest, and authentic about Kaylee’s dancing. Nigel mentions Cyrus chose someone out of his style. Nigel thinks Kaylee has to raise her game. He needs more from her. Vanessa loved watching Kaylee dance, and has loved seeing her evolve. Vanessa wants more weightlessness and air from Kaylee. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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5) Team Gaby- More
Gaby had to choose between Lex and Evan. Lex is a contemporary dancer who can tap, and Evan is a tapper who can do other styles too. Obviously, she’s going to choose Lex. This is one of the least suspenseful decisions. Which is a shame because Evan is really good. Lex is very serious, and needs to have more fun if he’s going to go the distance. Gaby says she picked the person who she felt needed her more. Lex walks out decked in a white tux. Choreographed by Anthony Morigerato. I’m not sure ths was a smart decision, because this isn’t Lex’s style. He’s dancing out of his style tonight and in Gaby’s instead. Cyrus went into Kaylee’s style to help her out, and here Lex is going into Gaby’s style. For me , it shows me that Lex is not quite on Gaby’s level. She’s clearly the better tapper, though I give him props for being able to keep up. He did seem like he was trying to have fun, but I still need more. Nigel loved the choreography and compares it to Fred Astaire. Nigel loves Gaby’s whole look, and her dancing. Nigel says Lex is a great all around dancer, and says his personality came out a little tonight. Nigel says Lex is one of the best dancers he’s ever seen. Vanessa says Gaby looks stunning, and really saw Lex’s personality and thought he was endearing. Mary says Lex made her tap tap happy. Cat badgers Mary into doing the hot tamale train for Lex. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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6) Team Comfort- REDMERCEDES
Comfort had to choose between Daysha and Mark. Another fairly obvious choice. One person has had a lot more screentime. Comfort picks Mark. Luther Brown chorographed their routine. They’re both in their style. I thought there were a few cool tricks there, but I just didn’t like the routine. Sorry. It felt almost too easy, like it was all about acting cool, instead of showing the cool. Vanessa says those two together are like fire. Vanessa calls Comfort FIRE and says Mark loves the camera. He reminded her of Rufio. BANGARANG! Mary loves Luther’s vibe. Mary says the chemistry is out of this world. Nigel says Comfort is dancing brilliantly, and loves her choice for a partner “Bruno Mars’s little brother”. Nigel thinks Mark is going to steal the show with his personality. Mark hopes everyone in Hawaii votes for him. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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7) Team Marko- Memories
Marko had to choose between Sophia and Koine. Both solid dancers. He could have gone either way. Marko picks Koine. Stacey Tookey choreographed this routine. Very ethereal music to compliment a seemingly weightless dance. Very beautiful routine. I don’t even need a story here, I just think the choreography is beautiful, and Koine and mark have really good chemistry together. Standing O from the judges. Mary thanks Stacey for the routine, and the lighting and camera departments. Mary says Marko and Koine gave the piece life, and says it was so amazing. She says they make it look effortless. Nigel agrees and says they danced it brilliantly, and compliments Marko’s choice of partner. Vanessa says it was beautiful, and there was something about it that was so pure and graceful and ethereal. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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8) Team Paul- All-Stars
Paul is between Christina, who Paul says struggled picking up choreography, and Sydney, who Paul says doesn’t always show her personality. I think both are kinda on the low end of the top 10 either way. Paul picks Sydney. She’s going to need to hit the ground running tonight. Val from Dancing With The Stars choreographed this ballroom routine. I’d call this a serviceable routine. I think it’s OK, but OK just isn’t good enough if you want to stay in the competition. There was one really cool lift that helped elevate it, but I thought Jenna and Kiki’s routine was more entertaining. I think Sydney is in danger tonight. Nigel welcomes Val to the show. Nigel says Paul chose wisely. Nigel says Sydney was under his radar, and didn’t remember her. But after tonight, he won’t forget her. Vanessa says it’s beautiful and exciting. Vanessa wants to see more pizzazz from Sydney. Mary says it was fun, fast, and furious. Nigel is sorry the budget couldn’t get Paul a shirt. Mary says Sydney worked that dress and her legs go on forever. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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9) Team Robert- Change Is Everything
His final two is Jonathan and Taylor. Jonathan is REALLY short. Wow Robert is really happy with both of them. However, he’s going to choose Taylor. They got Travis Wall this week. Very cool song too. A very beautiful dance. Robert is such a strong partner. I think this dance helps Taylor overcome her lack of screentime. She creates some amazing lines, and feels connected to Robert and this piece. I’m excited to see this couple evolve over the coming weeks. Standing O from the judges. Vanessa was crying. She says it was insane, and stupendous. She says this moment changes everything for Taylor. She took her breath away. So good. Cat keeps talking about how short Taylor is. Mary says when they look back, they’ll remember that number. Mary says it goes right into her top 10. Nigel says Travis showed why he’s an Emmy nominated choreographer. He says after all the trouble, Robert ended up0 with a great partner. Jonathan is in the audience watching the show. Nigel didn’t remember Taylor either, and says she was incredible. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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10) Team Jasmine – Perm
Who did Jasmine choose to round out the Top 10? She had to choose between Howard and Robert. Howard is trained, Robert isn’t. Jasmine applauds them both for making it this far. Howard has only been dancing for three years. She chose Robert. It’s a funky hip hop routine set to a Bruno Mars song. They use hairspray cans as props. It’s really cool. Robert is really entertaining. What a fun routine. Loved it. Choreographed by Christopher Scott. Mary says Jasmine looked wicked and danced wicked. Mary gives props to Chris. Mary calls Robert the entertainer of the night. Nigel says Jasmine came back from her Beyonce tour a stunning dancer. Fabulous! Vanessa loved it. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO
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We still have a group routine and only five minutes left. In the meantime, we get a recap. To vote, you can vote online or you can text the name of your dancer to 21523. Make sure you know how to spell your dancers name right. We have a few tricky names, I know.

Top 10 Group Routine- This Time
Also with the All-Stars. A very effects heavy routine. Pretty spectacular. One of the best group routines I’ve seen in a while. It’s like watching Cirque Du Soleil. – Click to Watch Performance VIDEO

Join me again next week. Someone is definitely getting voted off. Who will it be?
I have no real basis, but here are my thoughts.

Bottom 2: Sydney and Kiki
Going Home: Sydney

Paul struggles as an All-Star. I think Sydney is a one and done. Who do you think is going home?

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