SYTYCD 12 Final 4 – Hailee Payne & Gaby Diaz – Contemporary – VIDEO

Hailee and Gaby- Contemporary by Travis Wall – Do Not Hang Your Head – Love has no boundaries. An acceptance dance. Travis almost always has incredible choreography. This piece is another notch in his belt. A great girl/girl duet we’ve been missing all season. These two are perfectly matched. Hailee’s best of the night so far. Gaby is incredble. The song is haunting. I loved it. The Philip Chbeeb number is still my favorite of the night so far, but this is a very close second. Standing O from two judges. Nigel didn’t stand. Hailee is crying a bit. Jason praises Travis, and praises the girls. Jason says he’d pay 200-300 dollars to see that. Nigel says that the fact that the dancers actually felt the dance was the most important part. Paula calls it real, honest, and special.

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