SYTYCD 10th Anniversary – A Decade of Dance Videos

Join me here tonight for the 10th Anniversary special of So You Think You Can Dance!
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1st Dance- My Tears Are Becoming A Sea – Travis, Allison, Brandon, Alex, Katherine, Marko, Robert, Jasmine, Jamie, and a few others are on the stage. It’s a contemporary dance. Good to see everyone back on the stage. Some terrific dancers up there. I should have spent the day boning up on my SYTYCD alumni to make sure I could recognize them all on dark stages in fleeting moments. LOL.

Click to Watch My Tears are Becoming a Sea Group Dance VIDEO

For some reason, the only judges on the panel are Jason, Paula, and Nigel. Why are two first year judges celebrating a 10 year anniversary? Umm.

First pre-taped montage. It shows our favorite dancers from the audition stage going through. Travis’s mohawk. LOL. I forgot about that. Twitch’s audition. Chehon. Cyrus. A bunch of others. Then we see them making it through the green mile. And end montage.

Nigel’s first pick is from Season 2. It’s Mia Michael’s bench routine.

2nd Dance- Travis and Katherine- Calling You by Jevetta Steele Choreography by Mia Michaels – It’s weird seeing Katherine doing this, but that just highlights how much of this dance belonged to Travis in the first place. Katherine does a great seat filler job.

Click to Watch Travis and Katharine Perform Bench Routine VIDEO

Gaby dances a quick Tap solo. JJ does a quick hip hop solo. Really both solos are really quick. Maybe 10 seconds. Maybe.

Cat checks in with Knock Knock Live and Ryan Seacrest. Kellie Pickler, Ross Matthews, and David Beckham get name checked. Anyone watching that?

After the break, Neptune and Moises log some quick solos.

Jason’s pick. He mentions two girls doing a hip hop. It’s obviously Comfort and Jasmine doing Run The World. It won NappyTabs an Emmy.

3rd Dance- Jasmine and Comfort- Run The World by Beyonce Choreography by Nappy Tabs – Loved this dance the first time it was done. Comfort’s hair is on point tonight. Love it. Keep the braids. They’re almost like a third dancer. Standing O.

Click to Watch Jasmine & Comfort Perform Run The World VIDEO

A quick montage of successful dancers from So You Think You Can Dance. Twitch, Kent, Joshua, Courtney, Dmitry, Melanie, Alex, Jasmine, Comfort, Mark. Oh, So YoU Think You Can Dance is now claiming they launched Katy Perry, One Republic, Florence and the Machine, and Lady Gaga. Christina Perri, yes, you did launch her. But the others? Come on now. And where were Evan, Jess, and Thayne in your montage? They were all in Newsies too. Bad form, SYTYCD. Bad form. Evan actually closed the show, and didn’t leave like Alex and Thayne did. And isn’t Ricky currently in On The Town? What about those that graduated to Dancing With The Stars pros? What an odd segment. “Here are the dancers we want you to remember. The others? Yeah, screw them.”

It’s an odd segment to skimp on. Usually, reality shows are only as successful as their alumni. Why do you think you hear Kelly Clarkson’s name in almost every single Idol episode. The more the better. Remind your audience that you’re a launchpad for talent, and that FOX can’t cancel you. EDIT: I forgot about Kherington being in Fame the movie. She had a role and everything.

Virgil and Jim do some quick solos. All solos are so quick, but they’ve all been great.

Paula’s pick. She’s picked a Season 3 dance. It’s a Wade Robson dance. It’s the flower and the hummingbird. Hok and Jamie.

4th Dance- Hok and Jamie- The Chairman’s Waltz from Memoirs of a Geisha Choreography by Wade Robeson – Glad to see Hok back. He’s still an incredible dancer, and one of the best risks that SYTYCD has ever taken. Great dance again. Hok’s hair is crazy now. It’s a side mohawk.

Click to Watch Hok & Jamie Perform Hummingbird & The Flower VIDEO

“Memorable” audition montage. Meaning Sex is back. Courtney. The girl who was Lady Gaga’s twin. Dancing Derrick.

Kate and Jaja do their solos. Jaja might win this thing, ya’ll. She’s incredible. I was a little disappointed by Kate’s 10 second solo.

We’re back with Ryan Seacrest in ANOTHER KNOCK KNOCK PREVIEW. Ryan goes to Ross Matthews in the field. I see a palm tree. He’s in Florida. Somewhere.

Asaf and Alexia perform their solos. Alexia gets a little Team Street at the end of hers. I’m beginning to like her.

Cat introduces a montage of dance styles. Popping. Locking. Krump, Memphis Jookin. Detroit Jit. TURF. Cranking. Waacking. Ball Hopping. Breaker Ballet. Mutation. Puppeting. Exorcism. The Wobble. The Creep.

Cat’s favorite routine is next.

5th Dance- Mark and Jenna- I Am The Best by 2NE1 Choreography by Mark Kanemura – Eh. It’s a good dance. But, we’re only getting to see like 4 dances tonight. And I haven’t seen Twitch dance yet. So I’m not happy. I would have rather seen Mercy with Twitch.

Click to Watch Mark & Jenna Perform I Am The Best VIDEO

Cody Carlson’s segment. Cat’s literally standing in front of him pre-montage, so obviously… we know there’s a video coming. The Special Olympics people invited Cody to compete in the World Olympics in the dance category. Cody says he’s excited, but his mom’s nervous.

Hailee does her solo. Yorelis does her solo.

National Dance Day promo.

Megz and Edson do their solos.

6th Dance-Stage Runner Up Dance- Robert and Allison- Fix You by Coldplay Choreography by Travis Wall – Of course this is getting performed. It’s a great dance. Love it. Perfection. Standing O from the judges.

Click to Watch Robert and Allison Perform Fix You VIDEO

Marissa and Ariana do their solos.

ANOTHER RYAN SEACREST CHECK IN. WHAT. Kellie is in somewhere with mountains, and where it’s still daylight (if it is live).

Burum and Derek knock out their solos.

Last trip down memory lane. Montage of amazing moments.

The all time favorite routine was… Alex and Twitch! HELL YEAH!

Final Dance- Alex and Twitch- Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon Choreography by NappyTabs – All night I just wanted to see Twitch dance. I got my wish. I figured we’d see this tonight. I was right. Alex is even stronger now in Hip Hop after years out in the industry doing other styles. It’s like a fine wine that got better with age. Standing O from everyone.

Click to Watch Alex & Twitch perform Outta Your Mind VIDEO

Well, that’s it. Join me again next Monday for the Top 18 dance. Two go home.

Thursday, I’m doing a power list. Look for that.

See you then!

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