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Hey guys, it’s Adam, and I am here again to recap tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent. Tonight, another 20 acts will perform with the judges deciding on the 7 that will advance to Radio City Music Hall. Michael Buble will be joining the judges table tonight, and like Neil Patrick HArris last week, he has a golden buzzer to send an act straight on to the next round. I looked at the spoiler list for who is performing, and I must say, I have more then 7 acts that I am pulling for tonight. I have a bad feeling we will be losing some great acts…

For me, my personal 7 favorites tonight are Scott, Daniella, Jenna (they didn’t show her audition!), Uzeyer, Ben, The Chippendoubles, DM Nation….. I HAVE TO MANY FAVORITE GOING TONIGHT!

Anyway, like last week, as the show goes on, I will be listing and updating my predictions for who will be advancing below. Feel free to let me know throughout the show who you think is moving on! Alright, enough of me talking, AGT starts… NOW!!!!!

After a quick intro, it is time for the first act!

Aiden Sinclair will be kicking off the show tonight. He got into some trouble as a kid and spent some time in jail as a result. He learned magic from his cell and since has turned his life around. Tonight, he does a trick where he predicts the cards the judges pick. Cool trick, if a little boring delivery. The judges go crazy over him and give him a standing ovation. Yep, he is going through.

Jenna Renae brings us out of commercial, and she is absolutely fabulous! She performs, I Can’t Help Falling In Love behind a piano. Fantastic cover! Why did we only get a few seconds of her?! I want more! I really hope she doesn’t get cut tonight, but with the edit she is getting I have a bad feeling…

Shirley Claire is our oldest contestant this season. At 87, she wants to show America that she’s “still got it.” I remember liking her audition, I think. She performs The Best Is Yet To Come, which Michael covered recently. She does an okay job, but I think her age is the novelty of her act. What I mean is, if it was just the voice I don’t think she really would be going far. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing her go home tonight.

Quickly, we are on to a favorite of mine, Daniella Mass. She had a great audition, so I’m really expecting her to deliver tonight. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina is her pick, and she does fabulously. She is quickly moving up in my favorites bracket. She finishes the song with some fantastic high notes as the crowd goes crazy. The judges stand up for her, which hopefully means we will be seeing her again in the next round! Good job, Daniella!

Oh god…. Ira the muppet is back. Remember him? He tried to woo Mel B and it failed awkwardly. WHY DID HE MAKE IT PAST THE AUDITIONS!? If he advances tonight over a more deserving act I will riot in the streets of New Jersey, and I riot hardcore. He sings….. Let’s Get It On and I am cringing. MAKE IT STOP! AND HIS MOM PUPPET IS RIGHT THERE!!!!!! PLEASE HIT THE BUZZER!!!! And yet none of them do. Even worse then the whole performance? The judges love him! Ira invites Heidi to a threesome. Excuse me as I go puke outside. He is advancing isn’t he? I give up. I am mentally preparing myself right now for how ticked off I am going to be when it comes to results.

Benjamin Yonatton is this season’s sob story. He is 14 year old and mostly blind. He describes that his eyes are basically dying, and soon he will be totally blind. I don’t want to be mean, but I think his audition was a much stronger showing of his talents. Today was good, but I feel like it wasn’t his best showing. Despite it all, I think he will for sure be advancing tonight. The judges call him an amazing talent, and Howie seems really into the kid’s potential. Yep, he should sail through to Radio City.

Really quickly, we get a street dancer, a young ballet dancing girl and an escape artist. The fact that we are going through these so quickly makes me pretty sure none of them will be advancing.

Oooooh, another of my favorites is up next. Uzeyer is a dancer who looks like Charlie Chaplin. He does an act involving balancing on a ladder, and he was quite a standout in the auditions. He says he just wants to make everyone happy. This time, he climbs up his ladder, adds a extra few steps and stands at the top without holding hands. I hope he goes through tonight, because this guy is really talented. Michael does some shtick where he goes onstage and tries (and fails) to copy the act. The judges seemed to really be promoting Uzeyer, and I hope that translates to him moving on.

Ryan Shaw is a singer songwriter, who says he has been nominated for multiple Grammys. We get a short snippet of him singing I Can’t Make You Love Me and it is good, nothing that great. Michael says he thought he was the best singer so far, which I TOTALLY disagree with.

Time for the Craig Lewis Band! They are a singing duo who had a strong audition. Tonight, they are performing I’m Going Down and right from the first note I am sold. These guys have great voices! Great performance from these guys! And it looks like we won’t have to wait for results, because MICHAEL HITS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER FOR THEM! We will see them at Radio City! At least Michael gave it to them rather than someone like Ira.

Time for some danger acts! Dr. Danger is the head of his troupe. They like to do stupid stuff like crash a bus for no reason! WHY IS THIS A TALENT?! They basically are trying to be like “Jackass” but are not funny. One of the members rides a motorcycle into a fire. WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!? If they go through tonight I’m going to be pissed. It doesn’t look like they will be going on though, as Howie and Howard buzz them.

Center Stage are shown super quickly, as are Daditude. They were okay, but the fact that they were in a montage basically seals their fate. There performances lead us into DM Nation, another favorite of mine who had an incredible audition. Once again the girls deliver! DM Nation give us a show and it is super entertaining! They do some impressive moves and once again I am sold. Guys, I have a problem! We still have 30 minutes left and already I have filled my 7 predictions slots! Someone undeserving is going to be getting cut tonight. Can we send home 2 of the acts from last week and put some from this week through? Why would they fill this week with so much talent!? Spread it out people! DM Nation definitely deserve to advance though.

The Chippendoubles were on Britains Got Talent, and tonight they just don’t seem as fun as they were on that show. That is a shame, because I liked these guys on BGT.

Chris Jones is a hypnotist who made Howie shake hands during the auditions. What just happened? He has Mel and Michael on stage and he basically gives up on the act halfway through. No time to dawdle on him because we go right to the next act.

Yay! Next up is Scott Heierman! Scott is a drag queen comedian and he was a super standout during the auditions. His first joke is a killer, but then he crumbles and breaks down on stage. Oh no! He forgot the jokes… The judges give him some reassuring words, but I think that is the end of Scott. Such a shame, I really liked him…

Selected of God Choir will be the act closing the night out. They are a close knit group from Detriot. Tonight they are singing Destiny’s Child’s, Survivor and I can already tell with their pimp spot performance that they will be advancing. They are good, not the best of the night, but they are so sailing through… The judges give them a standing ovation, solidifying their spot in the next round.

Alright, before the results, it is time for a switch. As much as I hate doing it, I know with the edit that the last act is advancing, so I swapped them with Jenna Renae.

So these are my official predictions, what do you think?

Adam’s Predictions To Advance:
1- Craig Lewis Band (Golden Buzzer)
2- Selected Of God Choir
3- Daniella Mass
4- Benjamin Yonatton
5- Uzeyer
6- Aiden Sinclair
7-DM Nation

Official Top 7 Advancing:
1- Craig Lewis Band (Golden Buzzer)
2- DM Nation
3- Benjamin Yonatton
4- Uzeyer
5- Daniella Mass (YAY!!!)
6- Ira (get your pitchforks people)
7- Selected Of God Choir (it is a crime that Ira made it over Jenna and Aiden)

That wraps up tonight’s show! Thanks so much everyone for joining me! Be here same time next week where we will do it all over again. If you liked what you read and want to show your appreciation you can follow me on Twitter at @adamhsamuel

This is AdamSLM signing off…

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