Survivor Season 42 Week 4 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured L to R: Lindsay Dolashewich, Omar Zaheer, Jonathan Young. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 

Tribal Council Fallout

The episode begins after last night’s tribal council. When the tribe arrives at camp, Daniel announces to everyone that he would rather talk in the morning. Daniel says in a confessional that tribal council was a disaster. He didn’t feel like Chanelle had his back, and he thinks he screwed everything up. However, everyone else would rather talk now. Chanelle says she was blindsided by Daniel. She doesn’t think it’s fair that he threw her under the bus. Chanelle also reveals that Daniel shared Mike’s secret with her. She knew Mike found an idol and wasn’t able to vote at tribal council.

Mike is surprised to hear this since he trusted Daniel to keep that a secret. Hai feels blindsided by everybody but Lydia. Hai also reveals that he was instructed to write Mike’s name down to split the votes, but he chose not to. Mike and Hai talk privately, and they agree to work together. Mike says Daniel is at the bottom of his list, and Hai says Daniel has no backbone. Mike talks to Daniel later, and he wants Daniel to admit it was all gameplay. Daniel says he put his trust in the wrong person, but Mike points out that Daniel lied to him. Daniel’s excuse is that he wanted to be loyal to his #1 ally Chanelle, but Mike reminds him that Daniel claimed he trusted Mike the most. In his confessional Daniel says it’s unfair Chanelle has no blowback for playing both sides.

Reward Challenge

The next morning, the three tribes meet Jeff for the Reward Challenge. They must untangle ropes with a hoop attached at the end. They must toss the ropes to hook onto a sled. They must pull the sled, which has balls they must toss to land four baskets. Each member of the tribe competing must land a basket. The winning tribe will earn a fish reward.

The challenge begins, and Taku takes an early lead untangling the ropes. Jonathan hooks their sled before the other tribes have finished untangling their ropes. Maryanne lands the first basket for Taku. Omar lands his second ball. Jonathan lands his basket. The other two tribes haven’t even hooked their sleds yet. Lindsay lands her basket. Taku wins reward! Jeff asks if Taku have found their core that leads to their success. Jonathan says they have solid four and he feels comfortable working with them. Jeff asks if the other tribes can learn anything. Tori calls Jonathan “Goliath” and recalls Jonathan’s dominant performance in the previous immunity challenge. She says her tribe needs to figure out what Taku is doing to succeed without having a Goliath of their own.

Taku Tribe

The Taku tribe members receive their fish reward. They must cook it themselves, but they are happy to have lots of nourishment. However, the other tribe members are annoyed how Jonathan announced to everybody at the challenge how they are an unbreakable four. He thinks he revealed too much information. Jonathan is also worried how Tori called him Goliath. He’s aware he’s a target, but he hopes other people will view him as a shield that can help them succeed.

Ika Tribe

Rocksroy’s bossy demeanor is bothering Romeo. He wants to tell Rocksroy to be quiet, but he knows he needs to keep his cool if he wants to make it to the end of the game. Meanwhile, Tori and Swati talk game. Swati wants to vote out Drea since she has an extra vote advantage. They need to pull in another number, and Swati suggests Rocksroy. Tori is annoyed by Rocksroy, but she’s willing to work with him to keep herself off the chopping block.

Tori and Rocksroy talk game. Rocksroy wonders if there are any advantages in play, and Tori reveals to him that Drea has an advantage. Rocksroy is surprised to learn this information. Tori says she wants to work with Rocksroy, and Rocksroy says he hasn’t committed to anything. However, Rocksroy shares in a confessional that he still wants Tori to be the target. Later, Rocksroy approaches Drea and tells her that Tori said she has an advantage. Both Drea and Swati are unhappy that Tori shared this secret with Rocksroy. Drea wanted a girls alliance, but now she doesn’t feel like she can trust Tori anymore.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff asks the tribe how they’re doing. Once again, Maryanne recites her secret phrase about a bunny rabbit in a mailbox. She works this phrase in by talking about the heavy rain. No other person recites a secret phrase. Maryanne says in a confessional that she is disappointed that she still doesn’t have a vote because the other idols aren’t activated yet. She says the other tribes need to do better. For today’s challenge, two tribe members must swim into the water while tethered to a boat carrying their other tribe members. They will swim to a platform, where they must jump off and collect a key. They will use this key to unlock puzzle pieces. The first two tribes to complete their puzzle will win immunity.

The challenge begins. Despite Omar losing the key momentarily, Jonathan’s strength is giving Taku another early lead. He is swimming pulling the boat. Taku reaches the puzzle-making station first, but Ika arrives shortly afterwards. Omar and Maryanne are working on the puzzle for Taku. Drea and Swati are working on the puzzle, but they have no pieces in place by the time Vati arrives. Omar and Maryanne are making great progress with the puzzle while Vati is catching up to Ika. Taku completes their puzzle first. Taku wins immunity! Drea accidentally drops some puzzle pieces, putting Ika behind Vati. In the last few seconds, it is very close between the two tribes. It just comes down to a couple more pieces. Lydia and Chanelle complete the puzzle for Vati. Vati wins immunity! Ika will go to tribal council tonight.

Targets Before the Vote

Rocksroy is annoyed they lost again. He says Tori is going home tonight since she’s a threat and cannot be trusted. Romeo asks Tori about her plan to team up with Rocksroy and Swati. Tori shares this was because Swati told her that Swati, Drea, Romeo, and Rocksroy already had an alliance. She was trying to form something herself.

Romeo is stunned to learn Swati has been sharing too much information. Romeo now wonders if Swati should be the target instead. He says she’s playing the game hard. Later, Romeo and Drea discuss voting out Swati for playing both sides. They also share that Swati told both Romeo and Drea that they are her number one ally. Romeo and Drea share this revelation with Tori, and she also tells them that Swati told Tori that she was her #1 ally too.

We see flashbacks of Swati individually telling Romeo, Drea, and Tori that they are her #1 ally. Swati notices the conversations around camp, and she’s nervous. Swati approaches Drea, and she wants the vote to stay on Tori tonight. She says Tori is the one who was targeting Drea. Drea and Romeo discuss the vote again, and they are unsure who they should trust. Drea wants them both gone, but she hopes they make the right decision tonight.

Tribal Council

Jeff asks what’s the vibe of the Ika tribe. Drea doesn’t know how to explain it. She doesn’t think the tribe has become one yet. Tori says the vibe is off, and she hopes tonight’s vote will remove the division. Swati speculates that the blame of someone’s big move could be placed on her. She doesn’t want to be the scapegoat. Tori and Swati blame each other for wanting to blindside Drea.

While they each accuse the other for wanting to target Drea, Romeo whispers to Drea and asks if she’s playing her extra vote advantage tonight. She says she doesn’t know. Jeff asks for Drea’s thoughts. She says she’s trying to bring the team together. She will assess all the information and figure out what makes sense. Swati says everything that has happened is not her fault. She says it was Tori trying to make a big move. She hopes the other people will trust her. Romeo says they need to move forward with the person they trust the most.

Jeff asks for Tori’s thoughts. She says it’s hard to combat Swati’s words since they aren’t rooted in reality. Rocksroy stands up for Swati. He says Swati is very shy, but she’s standing up for herself tonight. Swati is appreciative for Rocksroy for having her back. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Swati plays her shot in the dark. She gave up her vote for a 1/6 shot at safety. Jeff opens the scroll. Swati is not safe.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





Swati is the fifth person voted out of Survivor 42.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.


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