Survivor Season 37 David vs Goliath Week 5 Recap and Live Blog

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The Vuku tribe returns to camp after tribal council. Kara is worried about her position on the tribe now that Alec flipped with the other Davids to vote out Natalia. Kara feels like she is on the outs and has some scrambling to do. Meanwhile, the weather in Fiji is getting worse. The next morning, all tribes are struggling with a heavy downpour of rain. They later get a letter from production informing them that they will be evacuated due to a cyclone coming their way.

The tribes return to camp after the storm passed, and they see the destruction at their camps. They get to work repairing the damage before it’s time for the reward challenge. After shocked reactions from Goliath tribe members to see Natalia gone, the challenge begins. They must get bags down from a net and then use the bags to hit targets with the use of a sling shot. It’s a fairly even challenge as all tribes are trying to land both targets. Vuku is the first to hit both targets. Vuku wins reward! They win chickens. It’s now down between Jabeni and Tiva. Nick gets the last target for Jabeni, winning his tribe a dozen eggs. Tiva will go back to camp with nothing.

After the challenge, Kara is throwing Alec under the bus to her fellow tribe members. She points out how disloyal Alec is, and she tells them all that she trusts them way more than Alec. However, Elizabeth has doubts about Kara. She believes Kara is done with Alec, but she’s certain Kara will work with her other Goliath tribe members if she reunited with them, whereas Alec is no longer interested playing with the Goliaths. Regardless, Elizabeth is just glad they have the power to get rid of a Goliath if they were to lose the immunity challenge.

On the Jabeni tribe, Lyrsa is fed up with Natalie. Natalie is bossing people around about how to cook the eggs. Lyrsa calls Natalie egotistical in her confessional, and we next see her talk about Natalie to Mike. Mike is also irritated with Natalie and wants to play Survivor without her.

On the Tiva tribe, Dan says in a confessional that Christian is very much part of his bromance with John. He says Gabby is on the outs, but he wants to make sure she doesn’t have a hidden immunity idol. Dan goes searching for an idol, and stumbles upon a clue. He reads the clue, and he learns the idol will be hidden at the next immunity challenge. Dan says in his confessional that he’s proud of himself for how he’s playing the game thus far.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribes must go across a platform with bridges by pulling ropes and then retrieve balls. Afterwards, they must use the balls to solve a snake maze. The first two tribes to complete the challenge will not go to tribal council tonight. The challenge begins, and Tiva takes an early lead. Soon, all three tribes make it to the final stage with the snake puzzle. As John, Nick, and Alec are trying to maneuver the ball up the snake maze, Dan retrieves the hidden immunity idol hidden underneath a post. Dan has found the hidden immunity idol! John is struggling with the maze, so Christian takes over for him. It soon becomes very close as everyone has a ball near the top of the puzzle. Alec gets his to the top first, and he’s closely followed by Christian. Vuku and Tiva win immunity! Jabeni will go to tribal council tonight.

Jabeni returns to camp after losing the immunity challenge. Natalie says the Goliaths have the numbers since she, Angelina, and Mike outnumber Lyrsa and Nick. The three of them have a group discussion, and they agree to vote out Lyrsa. Angelina also wants to get Lyrsa’s jacket since Angelina is struggling with the cold. Angelina hopes Natalie can help her get Lyrsa’s jacket, and Natalie asks Nick if he’ll get Lyrsa’s jacket for her. He says he’s not stealing anyone’s stuff, and Natalie asks if Nick is willing to give up his jacket. Nick refuses, and Natalie asks him if his jacket is worth a million dollars. Nick feels like Natalie is bullying him, so he vents his frustration to Lyrsa. Nick later approaches Mike to vote out Natalie tonight. Mike wants to vote out Natalie, but he doesn’t want to upset the other Goliath members. Nick tells Angelina that he can’t stand being around Natalie anymore. In her confessional, Angelina says that the Davids and Goliaths will be even 7-7 if they vote out Natalie tonight. She wants to be with people she feel like she can trust when it’s time for the merge.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Angelina her thoughts on the David and Goliath divide, and Angelina says she still wants to be Goliath strong. Lyrsa points out how Natalia was voted out last time, so they don’t know what’s going on in the other tribes. Natalie says she committed to being Goliath strong. She says she is not the cause of any drama, but the conversation soon turns to the disagreement about the eggs. Angelina says Natalie prioritizes efficiency and Mike admits he’s been bothered by Natalie’s demeanor around camp. Nick brings up the issue with the jackets. Natalie said it was simply a negotiation, but Lyrsa says it was very mean. Natalie asks Angelina to speak up, and Angelina admits that Natalie was trying to get a jacket for her. Angelina clarifies that she didn’t take anyone’s jacket. Before the vote, Mike adds that it’s still a numbers game. However, he says they also have to consider people they can vibe with and trust. “Jackets and eggs,” Jeff says. “It’s been a lively tribal council.” Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for…






Natalie is voted out of Survivor: David vs. Goliath. As Natalie stands up to get her torched snuffed, Angelina gives her a hug and asks Natalie if she can have her jacket. Natalie ignores the request as she walks away.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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