Survivor Season 36 Ghost Island Week 5 Recap and Live Blog

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The episode begins on the morning of Day 15. The castaways greet Jeff on the beach and he tells them to drop their buffs. They are switching tribes again. Michael says this switch is a saving grace, and it’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel for Jenna and himself. James remarks what happens today could play a crucial role in everyone’s game moving forward. Afterwards, they all draw new buffs. There will now be three tribes.

Malolo – Michael, Angela, Desiree, James, and Kellyn

Naviti – Domenick, Libby, Donathan, Chelsea, and Bradley

Yanuya – Chris, Laurel, Sebastian, Wendell, and Jenna

At the new Yanuya camp, Jenna hopes her losing streak will end after going to the past tribal councils on her previous tribe.  Wendell and Sebastian started on the original Naviti tribe, and he returns a conch shell to Sebastian. Sebastian is especially appreciative of this. He first considered Wendell someone he wasn’t too close to due to the Chris versus Domenick rivalry. He was better friends with Chris while Wendell was better friends with Domenick. We next see Chris talk to Wendell and wants to work with him. Wendell says he was stuck between two big egos in Chris and Domenick, but now he’s on a tribe with just Chris. He’d rather work with Domenick, but he admits Chris has a good winning track record. Laurel doesn’t like Chris, so she’s biting her tongue around him. Chris also confesses to Laurel that he’s a model, but she doesn’t care. She says Chris’s ego is rubbing everyone the wrong way and could be in trouble if they were to lose immunity.

At the new Malolo camp, Desiree is confident she, Kellyn, and Angela have the numbers against Michael and James due to being original Naviti tribe members. However, James and Angela tell the tribe about the Chris and Domenick feud, and they find out Angela was betrayed by her original Naviti tribe. Kellyn is now worried while Michael hopes this will help him. Afterwards, we see Michael and James talk game. They are hoping to pull in Angela to their side, but James admits they have their work cut out for them.

At the new Naviti camp, Bradley is glad to be back at the new Naviti camp. He also feels like he has the numbers with Domenick and Chelsea. In addition, Chelsea is happy there’s coffee on the tribe since it reminds her of home. Domenick is also happy since he is now separated from Chris. Later, we hear Domenick call Libby the devil in an angel’s body. He talks to Bradley about Libby. He calls here Parvati 2.0 and says she has a seductive charm. He and Bradley agree Libby needs to go next if they were to lose immunity. We hear a confessional from Bradley, and he says he’s a fantastic player and playing an A+ game right now. He feels like he is in a very good position.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. There will be a caller for each tribe directing their blindfolded tribe members to collect bags of puzzle pieces. Afterwards, the caller must direct a pair of blindfolded tribe members to assemble the puzzle. The first two tribes to complete the puzzle will win immunity. The challenge begins with Domenick, Desiree, and Wendell as the callers for their respective tribes. All the blindfolded people are trying to follow the directions of their caller. There’s a bit of confusion as Chelsea tries to take a Malolo bag. As the challenge progresses, Naviti falls behind Malolo and Yanuya. The blindfolded tribe members repeatedly bump into obstacles, including Libby’s chin bumping into a pole as she climbs under it. Malolo’s lead grows as they are the first to collect all their puzzle pieces. Desiree is now directing Kellyn and Angela (both blindfolded) to complete the puzzle as the other two tribes try to catch up. They all get their pieces, and Wendell sets Yanuya back as he forgot a bag of puzzle pieces behind. Eventually, all three tribes are working on the puzzle at the same time. Wendell is directing Sebastian and Chris as Domenick directs Bradley and Libby. Sebastian and Chris are the first to complete the puzzle with Wendell’s help. Yanuya wins immunity! It’s now down between Malolo and Naviti, and Domenick helps Bradley and Libby complete the puzzle next. Naviti wins immunity! Malolo will go to tribal council tonight.

At the Malolo tribe, Desiree feels bad that the tribe lost. She feels like it’s her fault, but she’s confident James will be voted out tonight. Meanwhile, Michael and James hope to sway Angela to their side. We see James talk to Angela, and Angela admits that she’s on the bottom of the Naviti alliance. James promises Angela she won’t be on the bottom of the group if she sides with him tonight. In a confessional, Angela admits that she does trust James due to having a lot of genuine conversations with him. She now has to decide whether to side with Desiree and Kellyn or with James and Michael. Later, Kellyn approaches Angela about the vote, and Angela says she doesn’t know what to do. Kellyn is nervous since she feels like Angela wants to save James. Kellyn asks Angela to stick with her and Desiree, but Kellyn is still worried and unsure what will happen at tonight’s tribal council.

At tribal council, Jeff says Malolo might be the worst tribe in terms of challenges. Desiree says she takes full responsibility for their loss. She hopes to do better next time. Jeff points out how James did poorly in a challenge a few rounds ago and received votes. He’s aware, but he points out how he got a second chance. The talk about challenge prowess continues, and Desiree points out that brute strength is not something you want to go up against in the latter part of the game. Michael and James say they need to focus on getting to the merge first, and they need to keep the tribe strong to get there. Kellyn eventually points out how there are two original Malolo tribe members and three original Naviti tribe members. She says past relationships are just as dangerous as challenge strength. James claims that past relationships were just random. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything moving forward in the game. Jeff asks them all if they follow their head or their heart. James, Angela, and Desiree say “head,” while Michael says “heart.” Kellyn says she listens to her gut, which is a mix between her head and her heart. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote. We see James and Desiree vote for each other, but which one will leave tonight?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





James is the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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