Survivor Caramoan Episode 9 Discussion and Recap *Updated with Poll*

Welcome to another Wednesday and thanks for checking out the recap for Survivor Caramoan. Last week we had the season’s first real Blind Side with Corinne being sent home. This week we will see if Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie can find a new footing in the game to make it to the end or if Corinne screwed them over by being too vocal.

Last weeks poll was actually close with the idea that Malcolm will not be able to turn it around winning with just over 53%. I still agree that Malcolm won’t be able to overcome Corinne’s downfall and he’ll last a few more episodes at most. Hopefully I am surprised.

Come back later for my recap and please feel free to discuss below.

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We start off at Edil Edam. Eddie sees it as a victory because he is still in the game and a Favorite went home. He starts playing the game by flirting with Andrea to see if a door can be opened. Reynold is happy with his mini alliance of Eddie and Malcolm. Malcolm agrees and says that now that Corinne is gone he is the only person that knows he has a hidden immunity. He calls himself the head of the snake and says that the others missed when they cut off Corinne.

We come back to Phillip calling Sherri hot.  It’s kind of awkward but Phillip now trusts Sherri so she is save and Michael will go next. He names Sherri “Tenacity” in Stealth-R-Us.  He tells her the only rules are that you must be loyal and honest. Apparently he missed a memo because he still sees Malcolm as a member of the alliance.

Sherri calls Phillip her new Shamar and says she can work with big personalities. She predicts that in two votes he will be taking cues from her. Obviously she doesn’t know that he doesn’t need any ones advice because he has the Book of Boston Rob memorized.

And we are off to reward where the tribe will be split into two teams of five. One member will protect a goal while the other four will throw balls in an attempt to score. The first team to four wins reward and will be taken to a beautiful waterfall where they will repel to the bottom for a picnic lunch.

Purple team shooters are Erik, Eddie, Reynold, and Cochran with Michael defending with them. Orange is made up off Phillip, Andrea, Dawn, and Brenda with Malcolm protecting the net. Sherri was not picked so she will not be going on the reward.  In past seasons the person not picked usually got to guess the winner for a chance to go on the reward but not anymore. I would feel bad for her but Sherri kind of annoys me.

Eddie shoots first and Malcolm easily saves it.  Brenda goes first for Orange and shoots high and scores. Erik copies the routine and scores. Andrea follows the routine and scores for a 2-1 lead for Orange. Reynold beats Malcolm but is short of the net so no score. Dawn misses low and Cochran scores by going high to tie it at 2. Phillip shutter steps to try to psych out Michael but he doesn’t bite. Phillip goes high and scores anyways. Reynold ties it at 3. Brenda goes for the win but hits the top cross bar allowing Erik to go high for the win.

Cochran is worried about repelling since he barely leaves his apartment or Twitter. The rest of the tribe goes down easily and Cochran goes last. He even takes his shirt off for the climb down. The picnic is straight forward and Reynold and Michael take the time to pitch a men’s alliance to Cochran to stop women from ruling the game. Of course they don’t know Cochran because he is not a Guy’s Guy and doesn’t bite on the testosterone idea for ruling the game.

Malcolm approaches Sherri with the idea of working with all the fans and grabbing one more person. For some reason the stupidity of approaching Dawn continues and while she says she is open to it she actually wants to speak with others and blind side him.

Sherri and Dawn tell Andrea and Phillip. They make a plan to tell Malcolm that they are splitting the vote when they are actually voting for him. Phillip sets this in motion by telling Malcolm that is what is happening.

Andrea approaches Eddie for a “showmance” to try to get a vote in the end or gather possible information from him. Andrea tells him that she trusts him but doesn’t trust Reynold or Malcolm. Eddie says he will turn on both if it benefits him. She guarantees that the next vote won’t be him if he trusts just her.

It is not time for the immunity challenge and it is one of my all-time favorite challenges. Each person has to hold on to a rail in the water. As the tide rises it will raise on the castaways. The person who lasts the longest holding on will win immunity. I love it because it can be really stressful and it is mind over matter to stay in it. Also it would freak me out as soon as the water reached over my mouth.

One hour into the challenge and the tide as rising an inch. It is starting to go above the grates and as it covers the mouth Phillip drops out followed by Sherri and Erik. Of course Phillip simply chooses to drop out to save energy.

Dawn is pinching her nose to try to stay in it but gets water in her mouth and drops out next. Malcolm panics next drops out followed by Michael.

We are now down to five. Eddie, Cochran, and Reynold drop out in quick succession. It is down to Andrea and Brenda. Neither has moved since the challenge started. Andrea starts to struggle. She puts up a valiant effort but eventually is forced to come up giving Brenda the win.

The rest of the episode should be big as we will see if Malcolm gets an idea that he could be going. He’s not the best at reading people as seen at the end of last season so we will see what happens. He still has a secret idol in his pocket so he may even get voted out holding the idol.

Malcolm tries to fake out Andrea but pretending he is voting with them. Dawn successfully plays Malcolm in believing that she is with them. Dawn gets them to admit that Reynold has the idol and show it to her. He says that he will play the idol if he thinks he is in danger.

Eddie approaches Andrea for information and they play this weird dance with Eddie trying to get information and Andrea trying to not give it up. Somehow this conversation leads to Andrea thinking she is going home and trying to convince everyone else to vote out Michael instead. Dawn tries to calm her down and this leads to another Dawn crying fest.  Andrea is afraid Malcolm has an idol and Dawn doesn’t think so and thinks Malcolm needs to go.

At immunity Michael is happy that a favorite went home rather than a fan. He wasn’t thrilled that the vote didn’t include him but he is happy to be used for a vote in the future. Phillip lays all the Stealth R Us cards on the table singling out Eddie, Reynold, and Michael since Sherri is now a member. Sherri says that payback is a bitch since they all voted for her.

Eddie puts on a brave face saying that he would rather play his own game rather than be someone’s puppet. Jeff brings up the idea of an idol which can flip the game. Phillip brings up we learned from season 22 Redemption Island that if we think you have an idol you will be voted for. Michael says that there are already cracks in the Stealth-R-Us alliance since Corinne was sent home. Phillip repeats that we learned from Season 22 Redemption Island that a coalition that sticks together goes to the end.

Jeff says that not all people can go to the end so if someone can get the right numbers they can flip the game. Phillip lets slip that he expects this to happen getting some reaction from Malcolm. You can literally see the wheels turning. I think Phillip said too much but we will see if Malcolm read the writing on the wall.

With that it is time to vote. Malcolm votes for Reynold hoping that it doesn’t ruin the plan after Phillip’s speech. No other votes are shown and I am actually not sure what is about to happen.  After the vote  Reynold starts to head up to play his idol but Malcolm is convinced that Phillips speech as an in to vote for him and convinces Reynold to give the idol to him to play making Malcolm not only immune but also letting him keep his own idol.

In the end Michael is voted with six votes. He is the first member of the Jury so in a day or two I’ll post the first Ponderosa videos for Season 22.

On the up side Malcolm knows he can’t trust Dawn now but he also is losing numbers for people to work with. Stealth-R-Us were smart to switch to Michael. I really thought they were going to vote for Malcolm sending Andrea home.

Next Week Dawn continues to break her promise of no crying as it appears like she will have a break down. Not looking forward to that but fingers crossed she actually removes herself from the game.