Survivor: Cagayan Ponderosa Videos and Thoughts

With another season of Survivor winding down to the end it is time to look over the Loser videos otherwise known as Survivor Ponderosa.

These videos always interest me because if give a good insight into the castaways mentality as they try to figure out what went wrong with their games and start accessing blame to the ones left in the game. You also start to get an idea of which way the jury may vote as we get to the final Tribal Council.

Without further ado enjoy:

Survivor: Cagayan – Sarah Arrives At Ponderosa

Survivor: Cagayan – Morgan Arrives At Ponderosa

Survivor: Cagayan – LJ Arrives At Ponderosa

The season on a whole has been amazing. I think what makes it a great season is that for the first time in awhile there is absolutely no real alliance and every person in the game would flip around if it gets them three more days in the game.

At this moment I think Spencer and Jeremiah are the closest thing to an alliance and I see them sticking together as a block of two votes and it’s highly likely that Tasha will also be used as a third solid vote with them. Spencer is also still holding a hidden idol so he has room to make a big move in the game if he gets the chance to play it right.

Woo is a great TV personality but he hasn’t really played his own game at all. He seems to follow in what others want to have done. I am sure part of this is the editing of the show but he started off following Cliff’s plan and now just seems to do what Tony wants done. Woo actually reminds me of the game play of Ozzy who excelled at challenges and physical elements but lost because social and strategy part of the game just wasn’t there for him.

Jefra had been absolutely useless. She is playing the role of the castaway who is just there and ends up either leaving 4th of 5th or getting dragged to the final three because she hasn’t done any game play and will be easy to beat in the end.

I think Trish is actually playing a great game but that is only from the outside looking in. I don’t think any of the jury will take her seriously as a player if she makes the end but she was the main instrument that helped Kass jump to rid Sarah and she was the one pushing the end of Cliff which took out Lindsay as well. It’s too bad because she is vastly overshadowed by others and I think she would only win if she bring Jefra and Kass to the end.

For Kass, I don’t think she has any chance of winning the game. She continuously burns bridges and she seems to scatterbrained to ever win the game. She is playing a game to get to the end but not to win. It takes more then getting to the end to win Survivor. She totally missed the social aspect of winning the game and if she makes the end the jury questions will be bad for her.

Tony is the biggest Survivor Wildcard ever. She easily turns on alliances but is always able to justify what he did even if it made no sense to do that move. I didn’t like his turn on LJ from a game play perspective but it made more sense then Kass’ jump. Kass had a solid three person alliance within a 6 person alliance. Tony didn’t seem to have that solid block as I think Woo was with him but Trish was getting closer with LJ and Jefra. I think Kass would have also  joined them in a final four rather then side with Tony and Woo so it made some sense to rid LJ from the game even if I thought he did it too soon.

It should be a great finish to the season and I will be back weekly with some thoughts and the newest Ponderosa video for the remainder of the season.