Survivor: Blood vs. Water Final Ponderosa Videos and The Jury Speaks

Now that the season is over and Tyson has walked away as the newest Sole Survivor I just thought I would drop in with one more post on the season with the final The Day After, The Jury Speaks, and Ponderosa videos. For the Day After and Jury Speaks videos I set them as playlists so I wouldn’t need to copy and paste a ton of links so for those who wanted to check them out enjoy.

The Day After: Hayden, Laura, Ciera, and Tina

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – The Jury Speaks

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Laura & Hayden Ponderosa

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ciera Ponderosa

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Tina At Ponderosa

It has been a fun season to follow and a very deserving player won which is like the cherry on top. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and see you all in February.