Survivor 33 Millennials vs Gen X Week 6 Recap and Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Vanua returning to camp after tribal council. David is relieved and believes he made the right choice. He says it’s no longer Millennials vs Gen X; it’s about people you trust. Zeke, however, believes Chris and David made a mistake since they were the one tribe where the Gen X-ers had the numbers advantage. Zeke sees himself in a power position with his new close ally Chris, so he’s excited. Meanwhile, on Ikabula, Jay discusses his work ethic and how people underestimate millennials. He breaks down in tears in his confessional and says he wants to win this game for his family. We next see Jay hunting for the hidden immunity idol with Will, and he finds the log with a green symbol on it. Jay has found the hidden immunity idol!  Jay makes Will promise to not tell anyone else about the idol, but at that moment Michaela walks in on them. Jay is now forced to share the discovery of the idol with Michaelea. In her confessional, Michaela remarks that she knows that idol won’t be used for her.

It’s now time for the reward challenge. When Vanua walks in, Figgy is really excited to see that Michelle wasn’t voted out. Jeff points out her reaction, and she admits that she’s really close with Michelle. Afterwards, the challenge begins. Tribe members will be blindfolded as one person on each tribe calls out directions for them. The blindfolded people must go through obstacles to collect bags of puzzle pieces and then put the puzzle together blindfolded too. The first two tribes to complete their puzzle wins reward. Figgy, Michelle, and Jay shout out directions for their tribe members, and Takali take a lead. David is struggling with the challenge, and Michelle gets very frustrated screaming directions at him. Takali gets started on the puzzle as Michaela gets the last puzzle pieces for Ikabula. David and Zeke finally get the last pieces for Vanua too. All the tribes are now working on the puzzle as the callers tell them what to do. Vanua solves it first. Vanua wins the reward! Meanwhile, Hannah is on the sidelines and is feeling faint. Jeff told her to go into the shade and not hesitate to ask for medical. Ikabula solves the puzzle next. Ikabula wins reward! Afterwards, medics check on Hannah. She had a panic attack, but is okay. She says she feels better. Later Jeff hands out the rewards, which includes desserts. Vanua gets cake, cookies, and brownies while Ikabula gets cookies.

We next see Vanua enjoy reward. They give Michelle props for doing well in the challenge, but Zeke isn’t so enthusiastic. In his confessional, he says that he sees Michelle as a very dangerous player. He says it was stupid for Figgy to tell everyone she was close to Michelle. And since Figgy is really close with Taylor, he sees Michelle as having really strong connections on the Millennials’ side. Zeke is seriously contemplating voting out Michelle if they were to go to tribal council.

Over at Ikabula, Hannah discusses the anxiety she deals with. It’s not easy, but she is determined to keep going on. Meanwhile at Takali, the showmance with Figgy and Taylor is still going strong. They wonder whether they should reveal this to Jessica and Ken. They believe they have the numbers with Adam on their side, so they feel they have nothing to worry about. Later on, Figgy tells Jessica and Ken that she and Taylor are romantically involved. Jessica and Ken both sarcastically act surprised. Ken tells them he already sees the hand holding and cuddling between them. In his confessional, Ken admits that Figgy and Taylor’s close bond could be dangerous, but he won’t just sit around and hope things work out his way.

It’s time for the immunity challenge! Two people from each tribe must race across balance beams in the ocean one at a time toward the beach and then collect bags of coconuts. Then the other two members must use three balls hidden in the bags to solve a puzzle. Ken, Jay, and David race across the balance beams, but Ken slips and falls off. He must go back. Ken is still behind as David and Jay untie the bags of coconuts. Ken eventually catches up, and Ken, Jay, and David all get the first three bags for their tribes. Bret, Taylor, and Chris now go across the balance beams with Takali in the lead and Vanua in last. Ken and Taylor get their six bags tied up on a post, allowing Jessica and Figgy to untie them to find the balls. Takali still remains in the lead, but the other tribes get all their bags too. Soon enough all the tribes are now working on the puzzle: Jessica and Figgy for Takali; Michaela and Hannah for Ikabula; Michelle and Zeke for Vanua. Michaela shouts orders to Hannah and is aggressive and frustrated, but Michaela manages to get them the win. Ikabula wins immunity! Michaela now gives advice to Vanua to win immunity, and her encouragement helps out despite it being close between Vanua and Takali. Vanua wins immunity! After the challenge, Jeff asks Michaela why she helped out Vanua. She explains that she wants Millennials to stay in the game. “There’s Millennials over here too!” Taylor says. Michaela retorts, “There’s three of you. If you can’t figure out how to work together, then you deserve to go home.”

After the challenge, Adam bemoans the fact that he’s in a tough position now. He has been playing double agent, but now he’ll have to show his cards. He talks game with Figgy, and they agree to vote out Ken. Taylor is on board too, but believes there is still a chance Adam could be playing them. Jessica talks with Adam, and he tells her that Ken’s name is on the chopping block. Jessica does not want Ken to go home, so she tells him he needs to talk to Adam. Ken approaches Adam, and Ken tells him that he will have Adam’s back 100% moving forward and will fight for him and never write his name down. He says he and Jessica are voting for Figgy tonight and hope Adam will too. Adam is now torn what to do.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff points out the obvious: Three Millennials and two Gen X-ers. Ken agrees, but hopes things have changed. Soon enough there’s talk of the showmance, and Taylor and Figgy are all giddy as they candidly discuss their attraction for each other. Jeff even asks them if they would be willing to get married right now, and the two of them are giggling as they jokingly agree to it. Jeff asks them about the candidness of their showmance, and they aren’t worried because they have the numbers. Ken, however, points out it might not be so black and white. Jeff asks Adam his thoughts about being in the middle of two pairs, and Adam agrees he is in a swing vote position. Taylor says if Adam flips, then the other Millennials will vote him out as soon as they can. Figgy says there’s a current tug of war for Adam’s vote. Adam says he is thinking long term and wants to make the move that will help him down the line. However, he admits he likes the person he is voting out, and he knows that one person will be mad at him after tribal council. After he says this, Jeff says it’s time to vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…






Figgy is the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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