Survivor 32 Kaoh Rong – Week 4 Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Kaoh Rong airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the Brain tribe returning to camp after tribal council. “Well, that was something,” Peter mutters. He goes to lie by the beach alone. Debbie goes over to talk to him. She says she didn’t want him to go and is glad he is still in the game. In her confessional, Debbie says Peter is a total narcissist, so his ego took a hit with being blindsided at tribal council. Peter is shocked, but is happy he is still there. He’s hoping that a merge or swap will be coming soon since he knows he’s on the outs.

The next day is a reward challenge. They must race through a series of obstacles, including digging and going under a log and digging for three bags in the sand. Once they have the three bags, they can roll the balls into slots. The first tribe to finish will win a kitchen set. The second place tribe will win salt and pepper. Sitting out the challenge are Julia and Anna for Beauty and Neal for Brain. The challenge begins. The three tribes make it through under the log, but they all struggle finding the three bags. It’s also extremely hot outside and everyone is struggling with the overwhelming heat. 45 minutes pass before Brain is the first tribe to find their three bags. While Beauty and Brawn are still digging, Brain finishes the challenge. Brain wins reward! Eventually, Beauty finds their three bags and are rolling their balls now. Alecia tries to keep the Brawn’s spirits up. “Hey, guys, teamwork! Teamwork!” she says. Scot and Jason, however, shush her and Scot points out he was the one who found the first two bags for Brawn. While Beauty is rolling the balls, medical checks on Debbie. She is really struggling in the heat and her tribe members are worried about her having heatstroke. Medics bring an umbrella and pours water over her head. Meanwhile, Brawn finally finds their three bags, but Beauty finishes the challenge before them. Beauty wins reward too! Brawn has lost the reward challenge.

After the challenge, Caleb collapses on the ground and Cydney is feeling very weak too. Medics are now tending to Debbie, Caleb, and Cydney. Caleb looks especially bad as he has to have an oxygen mask on and seems to be losing consciousness too. Julia and Tai are crying as they’re watching medical tending to Caleb. The medics call for an evacuation for Caleb as Cydney seems to be doing better. Jeff tells Caleb the bad news. Although he cannot speak, Caleb shakes his head, but Jeff tells him he has no choice and has to be pulled from the game. Caleb has been evacuated from the game. His tribe members break down in tears as they watch him be taken into a helicopter and flown out. Before we go into another commercial break, text appears on a black screen as we get an update on Caleb. He has 100% recovered and hopes to play again.

After the reward challenge, Debbie and Aubry talk about the craziness of it. Debbie is thankful Joe called for medics since Debbie was first unwilling to do so to not appear weak. We hear a confessional from Debbie saying she didn’t want to appear weak to her girls back home either, and she gets emotional talking about it. Back on the Brawn tribe, Alecia confronts Scot about his attitude towards her in the challenge. She didn’t appreciate Scot telling her to just be a cheerleader and saying that’s all she’s good at. She wanted them to have better teamwork, but Scot and Jason are extremely condescending and rude to her. She tells them that she simply wanted to be treated as part of the team, but they completely disregard anything she has to say. Scot and Jason get annoyed with Alecia and tell her she is definitely leaving next if they go to tribal council. Alecia hopes that a tribe swap will be coming soon since she does not get along with Scot and Jason.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Two tribe members must race into the jungle to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces as the other two tribe members must dive into the ocean to retrieve the other bags of puzzle pieces. Afterwards, they must solve a snakelike puzzle. The first and second tribe to finish will win immunity. The losing tribe will go to tribal council. The Brain tribe is the first tribe to finish. Brain wins immunity! Right afterwards, Beauty wins immunity too! The Brawn tribe will return to tribal council. After the challenge, Scot and Jason say they want to do tribal council right there. But Alecia refuses since she says that would be giving up.

It’s time for tribal council. They say nothing has changed. It’s very clear that Alecia will be voted out, but Alecia says she still wants to be there. It’s a very short tribal council with Jason and Scot saying Alecia is to blame for being on the chopping block for her overall demeanor. However, Jason and Scot just come across as very condescending and misogynistic.

It’s time for the vote. Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





Alecia is the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Koah Rong.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Koah Rong. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts on the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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