Survivor 31 Second Chance – Week 5 Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Second Chance airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Last week Angkor lost immunity again, and Varner was voted out. Will Angkor finally win an immunity challenge tonight or will they lose and return to tribal council? Let’s find out!

After tribal council, Woo thanks his tribe members for keeping him and they commend him for fighting for his life. In her confessional, Abi says that if Woo writes her name down again, then he’s dead to her. Meanwhile, Tasha and Savage are amazed that they were able to fight from the bottom to the top. They were in the minority after the tribe swap, but now they are calling the shots at Angkor.

Over at Bayon, Monica, Kimmi, and Wiglesworth search for clams to eat. Monica suggests conserving the clams so they don’t run out, but Kimmi disagrees completely. She wants to collect and eat as many as possible. Monica wants to leave them in the ocean, but Kimmi isn’t hearing any of it. When they return to camp, Kimmi goes to her tribe members and vents about Monica. Kimmi says she needs to learn to be more patient, but Monica is getting under her skin.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Three tribe members will be tied together at the wrists while rolling a fourth tribe member in a barrel. They will roll the barrel to flag posts where the person inside the barrel will have to unravel ropes to release a bag of balls. Once they collect the three bags from the three flag posts, one tribe member will have to roll all six balls into a series of targets. The first tribe member to get all of the balls into the targets wins reward for his or her tribe. The first place tribe will win comfort items and refreshments back at camp. The tribe that comes in second will win a tarp. The challenge begins with Woo, Monica, and Wentworth being the people inside the barrels for their respective tribes. Monica struggles a lot with releasing the bag of balls, putting Bayon way behind. At the last part of the challenge, Woo and Keith roll the balls. Jeremy rolls for Bayon after they finally collect all the bags. Spencer takes over for Jeremy after Jeremy struggles landing the balls into the targets. It was a good choice as Spencer manages to tie it up with Ta Keo and Angkor. However, Keith gets all six balls into the targets first. Ta Keo wins reward! It’s close between Woo and Spencer, but Woo wins second place for Angkor. Bayon loses and returns to camp empty-handed.

While the Ta Keo tribe members enjoy their reward, Ciera, Joe, Wentworth, Keith, and Kass agree on a five-person alliance when the tribes merge. Joe wants to make sure he has people on his side that won’t target him while Keith is just happy to be part of a group. Wentworth notes how she has been throwing Terry under the bus to her tribe members and believes her plan has worked. She hopes he will be targeted before her and that she really will be a part of this group.

At Bayon, Spencer and Jeremy decide to go fishing. Spencer notes how he’s growing from his past Survivor experience, and going out fishing for his tribe is fulfilling a Survivor dream of his. He feels like he’s enjoying his time on Survivor more now than he did during Cagayan. Meanwhile in Angkor, Woo tells his tribe members a story about how his mother went through a tough medical situation. He opens up to them emotionally and breaks down in tears in his confessional. However, Abi is bothered by Woo’s story. She feels like he’s emotionally manipulating his tribe members with his sad story. She tells Tasha this, and Tasha is starting to get annoyed with Abi. She admits it’s easier to be around Woo, whereas it takes effort to be around Abi. Nonetheless, she’s grateful that Abi has helped her and Savage stay in the game, and she doesn’t want to make an emotional decision if Angkor has to return to tribal council again.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One tribe member from each tribe will climb up a series of ladders to then launch a bag at a target with a slingshot. The first two tribes to have each of their targets hit will win immunity. The challenge is evenly matched as people hit their targets. Each tribe member must attempt the challenge at least once. After someone hits a target, he or she must go down to let someone else take over. At one point, Stephen accidentally hits one of Angkor’s targets and it counts for Angkor. All three tribes continue firing at the targets, and Woo hits the last target for Angkor. Angkor wins immunity! It’s down to Ta Keo and Bayon, and Keith hits the last target for Ta Keo. Ta Keo wins immunity! Bayon loses and will go to tribal council. Jeff notes how this will be the first time Jeremy, Kimmi, Monica, and Stephen will go to tribal council. Monica tells him that going to tribal council won’t be so bad since it will determine where the loyalties lie in the tribe.

After the immunity challenge, Jeremy ponders who should be voted out between Spencer and Wiglesworth. Jeremy says he thinks he can trust Wiglesworth, but he feels like Spencer needs them more. He decides with Stephen and Monica that Wiglesworth should go. Spencer talks to Jeremy and Stephen later to make sure he’s good. He hopes he will be staying, but notes there’s only so much he can do. Meanwhile, Kimmi talks to Monica about the vote. Kimmi is on board with taking out Wiglesworth, but Monica wants to vote out Spencer. She wants there to be more girls than guys on the tribe so they can form an all girls alliance down the road. Kimmi is very bothered by this and calls Monica a snake in the grass. She tells this to Stephen and Jeremy. They are bothered by Monica scheming too hard, and now they are contemplating voting out Monica. They say she’s going to ruin a good thing by not letting the original Bayon members stay strong. They want her out, but they also don’t want to be the first to vote out one of their original Bayon members either.

It’s time for tribal council. Monica agrees that the original four should stay strong. There is talk of the difference between old school and new school Survivor players. Wiglesworth is more laid back, and she hopes her actions and work ethic will keep her in the game. Spencer is new school, so he was not as passive as her. He was admittedly more erratic, and he tried to have talks to ensure his safety. Spencer also adds that he feels like he’s part of a team with this tribe. Jeff talks to Jeremy, and Jeremy says he believes Wiglesworth and Spencer are both loyal and work hard in challenges. Jeff asks him what will be the determining factor between who goes tonight since Spencer and Wiglesworth have both of these qualities. Jeremy reiterates that it’s loyalty and challenge prowess. Jeff talks to Monica, and she says that the vote is already locked in. Kimmi also says that she feels bad about crushing someone’s dream, but she is simply playing the game.

It’s time to vote. We see Spencer and Monica vote for Wiglesworth and Wiglesworth vote for Spencer. However, it will be Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi who decide who leaves tonight.

Jeff begins to read the votes. The first vote is for…







Monica is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Second Chance. She is clearly blindsided as she gets her torch snuffed and walks out of the tribal council area.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Surivor: Second Chance. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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