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The episode begins after the last tribal council. Mike knows he needs to find another hidden immunity idol or win the rest of the immunity challenges to stay alive. Dan really wants Mike to go and has no interest in working with him. He also calls Mike arrogant and condescending. Dan claims he’s the person in power due to his two-vote advantage. However, Carolyn admits in a confessional that she does not trust Dan at all. She still has her hidden immunity idol, and wants to form a bond with Mike in order to have options in case she needs him. She goes to talk to Mike about Dan, and she reveals to Mike what Dan’s advantage is. Mike is glad she told him and that he has someone to work with, but Carolyn also admits in a confessional that Mike will still be the next one gone if he doesn’t win immunity.

It’s now time for the reward challenge. They will be divided into two teams of three. They must race through obstacles and untie knots, which will release a doorway. Then they’ll have to use a hatchet on ropes to get puzzle pieces and solve a word puzzle. The first team to win will win a helicopter tour of Nicaragua and a surf and turf meal as a reward. Rodney has yet to win a reward, and he hopes to either win or be given a spot by someone who does win. Jeff then calls him out for his entitlement and brings up the point that reward challenges should be earned. The challenge then gets started, with Dan, Rodney, and Sierra versus Carolyn, Mike, and Will. The challenge is even, and both tribes are completely stumped when it comes to solving the word puzzle. It’s not until after an hour of both teams trying to figure out the saying (“A Reward With All The Fixin’s”) that Carolyn finally realizes what it is. Her team solves it and they win the reward. Before they leave, Carolyn seriously contemplated giving up her spot to Rodney. However, she chooses to keep it.

We see the winning team on reward and Mike brings up the idea of those three being in the final three together. Carolyn is open to the idea, but Will tells Mike that it’s not a good idea since he’s public enemy #1. Mike then asks Will to just not let Rodney outlast him in the game. Both Carolyn and Will admit to being annoyed by Rodney. Mike is unsure if he can trust them, but he’s hopeful. Back at camp, Rodney is once again whining about Carolyn not giving him her reward. Dan finds fruit for them to eat, but Rodney is still angry and now targeting Carolyn. He wants her gone next.

It’s now time for the immunity challenge. Before the challenge, Dan asserts in a confessional that Mike cannot win immunity so he can get voted out. Mike approaches Sierra about getting Dan out and she’s open to the idea. However, she doesn’t want to sit next to Mike in the end and wants to vote him out if he does not win immunity. The tribe then meets Jeff and learn what the challenge is. They must use grappling hooks to retrieve three bags. Each bag has one ball in it. After they get their three bags, they must use one ball to solve a table maze. First person to solve the maze wins immunity. The challenge is even at first, but Mike is the first person to retrieve three bags. He now can go over to his table maze, but he’s followed by Dan. Those two are working on the maze while everyone else is still retrieving bags. However, Sierra joins them at the table mazes soon afterwards. Will is the next person to start the table maze, with Mike, Dan, and Sierra still working on it. Soon it’s neck and neck between Mike and Sierra with them both being inches away from landing their ball in the hole to win, but it’s Mike who gets his in fist. Mike wins immunity!

The tribe returns to camp after the immunity challenge. Dan is livid that Mike won immunity again, but he already knows who he wants gone next: Carolyn. However, Sierra is considering getting rid of Dan due to his two-vote advantage. Mike then considers going a different route with the vote after hearing everyone says they want Dan gone. Dan is insulted that Mike is saying he could help save him and doesn’t believe him. After seeing Dan’s reaction, he believes that Carolyn or Sierra is actually the target tonight. He tells this to them and points out how Rodney, Dan, and Will are sleeping peacefully in the shelter instead of scrambling for votes. Carolyn doubts she’s the target, but thinks Mike could be right. She does not want to waste her hidden immunity idol, though.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Rodney about trust, but he struggles to come up with an answer and he blames it on fatigue. He also needs Jeff to repeat the question. Rodney then answers and says that he has to go with the people he formed an alliance with and hope it turns out well. Jeff talks to Carolyn next and she admits that she knows that she’s on the chopping block tonight. Jeff asks Dan if she has reason to be nervous, and he says yes. However, he says he knows his name has been brought up too. The talk then turns to Dan’s advantage, and people still don’t know what it is. They admit that the advantage gets more worrisome when there’s less people on the tribe.

It’s time for the vote. But before Jeff goes to collect the votes, Dan uses his advantage. He goes to cast one more vote before Jeff tallies the votes. However, before he reads the votes, Carolyn plays her hidden immunity idol. The first five votes read are for Carolyn, and the next two read are for Dan. Dan is voted out and the sixth member of the jury.

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