Spoiler Update – More Names for the Hollywood Week List!

More Hollywood round spoilers for you, kids! (check out yesterday’s post HERE.) King Julien over at Idol Forums has dug up more names for the list of potential Hollywood Week contestants. I did a cursory check of the names, and they appear to be legit. Unfortunately, you have to be a member of Idol Forums to see them, but I’ll pull out some of the highlights for y’all.

  • David Osmond – Yep, he’s from THAT Osmond family. David lives in Provo Utah, is the 4th son of Alan and Suzanne Osmond, nephew of Donny and Marie Osmond, and the lead singer of the Osmond Second Generation since he was 4. Yeah, seriously–the children of the original Osmonds sing in a band! On a serious note, he’s battled the West Nile Virus, leaving him with a form of MS. Whoa, dude’s going to have a double whammy backstory! And he’s married. Check out his website for more, right HERE and HERE. Official site of the Osmond Family HERE.   I ran a domain search on davidosmond, and he’s got as many iterations of his name registered as he could think of, including, americianidoldavidosmond.com and davidosmondamericanidol.com.
  • Jacklyn “Jackie” Tohn – She has a Wikipedia page, and a list of credits for small TV and film roles, including The Nanny, The Sopranos, Strangers with Candy, Angel, Veronica Mars and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She’s done musical theater, released an EP in 2005, and performed acoustic shows in and around LA and NYC. Links: Myspace Website
  • Danielle “Danni” Roundtree – Danni was Miss New York, USA 2008. Links: My Space My Space Music Miss USA NBC.
  • Tom Korbee and Jennifer “Jen” Korbee – A husband and wife made it to Hollywood–for the first time, I believe.   Can’t wait to witness the meltdown when one of them is eliminated! Good stuff!   I vote for the husband biting it first.   The song he’s got playing on his website, “American Son” is   third-rate Springsteen-lite. Wife Jennifer fares much better with the pleasant singer-songwriter material she’s got on her website. Jennifer previously released the out-of-print album, “Give a Girl a Reason”, and starred in a childrens show, Hi-5. More links: Tom My Space Face Book, Jennifer My Space Wiki.
  • Tatiana Nicole Del ToroEspanol!
  • Michael SarverHardcore! not exactly Idol material.
  • Nate Marshall – Seriously annoying music
  • Lacey Brown – Seriously NOT annoying music. check her out, she’s good.

Note:   Felicia Barton, from yesterday’s list, is worth noting.   Be sure to check out her My Space.

Update: Apparently, nobody spotted S7 Top 50 contestant Colton Swon, who is rumored to have made it to the judges round, in Hollywood. He may be out of the running.

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