Song of the Week – Want Your Love – Anoop Desai

Song – “Want Your Love”
Artist – Anoop Desai
Album – Zero.0
Season – 8
Place – 6th

“Wow”—this is what I caught myself thinking instantly when I previewed this track. I hope everyone feels the same, because it is amazingly awesome. The end.
Okay, maybe not the end quite yet. By now you guys know I could never be that short, sweet, and to the point! So let the rambling begin…

So here’s what brought me to Anoop in the first place. In some of the comments in the past few weeks, there have been complaints of me selecting only terrible songs. Admittedly, there have been a few train wrecks thrown in, along with songs I actually quite enjoy but many would also consider train wrecks. My intention was really to choose certain songs I didn’t like because I didn’t want this to be only about my favorites. Just as my guilty pleasures of terrible Idol songs are considered train wrecks by many, maybe the ones I consider train wrecks are loved by someone else.

Okay, enough with the train wreck references. What I’m getting at this week is that I really wanted to pick a great song by an Idol who has a strong following. I’ve been reading MJ’s site long enough to know that Anoop has got a solid fan base. They may be a small group, but they are truly “super fans” of Mr. Desai, and you gotta respect them for that.

I rather enjoyed Anoop when he had his run on the show, and agree with many that he was cut way too soon. I think there’s just something that didn’t connect with America when he performs. I can’t quite put my finger on it though. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, there is also something about him that really seems to resonate with certain people. He certainly has a lot of people in his corner. It’s probably his incredible voice. The guy can sing a ballad like nobody’s business. Maybe that’s why I enjoy “Want Your Love” so much.

The song is a pure love song through and through. Anoop simply puts it all out on the table here. He confesses his undying love and affection for the love of his life. It seems though she may not feel the same way, or she isn’t around anymore. Maybe an ex? Anyway, what I think is so awesome about Anoop is it seems his music can make me happy even on such a sad love song like this. The track may even come off as being a bit dated as well, but it just works for me. Almost like a Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love” type of vibe? Don’t you think?
Anyway, I’ve got a nice little music vid to accompany the track. Anoop is really great at keeping his material fresh and updating his fans with new vids and covers of popular songs. Keep at it Anoop, and I think some success may lie ahead. Even former Idols with incredible talent still have to work for many years in the biz AFTER idol to finally catch their break. (See: Katharine Mcphee)
Please guys, if you want your favs featured, shoot a quick e-mail to I know you all have that track you wish would get some recognition! We are all superfans of someone … I think.