So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Spoilers, plus Tour Tickets Officially on Sale This Morning!

Top 6 So You Think You Can Dance spoilers from SYTYCDism:

Kayla and Brandon – Contemporary & Disco
Jeanine and Ade – Hip Hop & Rumba
Melissa and Evan – Broadway & Quickstep

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Evan gets Broadway for the second time this season. The first time was a Bob Fosse homage that didn’t quite fit his old school style. Maybe this time around we’ll get to see the best of Evan.   That quickstep, could be trouble for Melissa

Brandon, who has excelled in every style of dance imaginable on this show–except for his own–finally gets to dance a contemporary partner routine.   I can’t imagine Brandon’s second shot at disco will match his first–his fast and furious routine with Janette. Sniff.

Ade repeats two styles he’s done well before (Rumba Top 16 week, and a Hip-Hop with Janette (Sniff) Top 10). And Jeanine? Well, I think she can dance anything….

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  1. So will we be saying goodbye to Melissa and Evan this week? I can’t see those two dancing together. But maybe I’m wrong… I am excited to see Evan do Broadway.

  2. Since voters tend to be influenced primarily by the best routine a couple performs, it looks like the contemp for Brandon/Kayla and the Broadway for Evan have the biggest potential to expand some already strong fan bases.

  3. I feel like Evan could pull off both of his routines….with a different partner. I’m afraid the height difference will be awkward for the quickstep. And there’s nothing either of them can do about that.

    I definitely think this is set up so that Brandon and Kayla are going to be the stars of the evening. I think Kayla is the new “TCO” and they want to ensure that she makes it into the finale. Also, I imagine that Brandon and Ade are doing quite a bit of vote splitting and if they can’t have both of them, they’d take Brandon over Ade.

  4. It looks like each couple has one good style and one iffy one.
    I’ll be surprised if Evan goes home, his large fan base will carry him through to the top 4 and broadway is his style so if he shines with that then he and Melissa could pick up some casual votes too.
    I was hoping Melissa would get hip hop or krump.

  5. I am excited to see Evan do Broadway.

    That’s what people said last time. Unfortunately Joey’s choreography sucked and the performance was only ~good~ for me. If the choreographer plays to Evan’s strengths then Melissa will be in even more trouble. I’m hoping it’s Adam doing the chore. And the quickstep? I think will be a kiss of death. I don’t particularly see these two doing well in the closed hold. So Melissa has NEVER been asked to do Hip Hop? Wonder why? :flush_tb:

    A rumba? Again? Really? Are they trying to set up the judges critiques to compare it to Evan/Janette’s performance this past week? I would love it if they got Dmitry to do the chore or even Louis Van A (nothing against Tony/Melanie) – I’d actually love to see Jason G do something this season too. Hopefully the Hip Hop won’t be NappyTab. I think these two could do a Shane Sparks piece justice – a real barn raiser.

    Contemporary is perfect for Kayla and Brandon – but we’ll see what happens if Mia does the chore. She seems to have reversed herself about Brandon. But I have my doubts. Disco? We already know that Brandon can do well in it. However, that was when he had little Janette to throw around. Not so sure that he’ll be able to do the same with “his big woman” (Brandon isn’t that much taller than Evan). And someone I was talking to pointed out that Brandon lifting Jeanine this past week seemed a bit more labored.

    I’ll be power-voting this week!

  6. I generally don’t buy into conspiracy theories or claims that these shows are rigged, but pairing Melissa with Evan, *and* giving them the Quickstep? I’ve changed my mind.

  7. oh good! i was worried jeanine might get paired with evan, so this works out for me. i was hoping melissa would get hip hop for obvious reasons, but i’m happy to watch jeanine do another hip hop routine (but really i’m happy to watch her do anything). brandon and kayla should make a really nice pairing for contemporary.

  8. I would love it if they got Dmitry to do the chore or even Louis Van A (nothing against Tony/Melanie)

    Isn’t Louie choreographing this one? I thought I read somewhere that he was choreographing this week and it makes sense that it would be for the quickstep.

  9. Jeanine is with NappyTabs again… (3 times now!)
    Please please make it a great routine!!!

    And contemp is not Mia, it’s Stacey. (see SYTYCDism)
    I really thought Mia would insist in doing a routine for power-house-Brandon and perfect-lines-Kayla…

    Also, is Kayla taller than Brandon and the same for Melissa and Evan?

  10. I really liked the routine Stacey did for Karla and Johnathan so i’m excited to see what she does for Brandon and Kayla.
    I’m still not convinced that Melissa isn’t TCO.

  11. Yeah, Louis van Amstel is doing the two ballrooms, per his twitter.

    Doriana will be doing the Disco, of course. I think she’s the only Disco choreographer they have.

    I guess Stacey the Contemporary? Interesting. I was sure it would be Mia – she’s only choreographed two couples dances this season, although she has done two group routines. Maybe they’re saving her for a contemporary routine for the finale.

    NapTab is really doing the hip hop? I was hoping for Dave Scott, since Shane just choreographed and Jeanine has had NapTab twice already.

    I’m sure Tyce will be doing the Broadway. He hasn’t done nearly the amount of routines this season that he has in past seasons, but he’s one of their most used choreographers, so I’m sure they’ll use him this week. a) because he seems to have a choreographer’s crush on Melissa and b) because Adam won’t be back until the finale, per his twitter. But I would LOVE to see him choreograph some Broadway on this show in the future. I loved his season 3 “You Can’t Stop the Beat” group routine.

    I don’t know if I can summon up the desire to watch this week, with my two favorites gone now. I might vote for Jeanine though. I guess I want her to win now.

    I did buy my tickets for the tour today though. Sorry I didn’t use your link mj – we went to the venue, in order to avoid TM fees.

  12. I suppose if I had clicked the link I would have seen some of the choreographers.

    I’m tired of NappyTabs predominantly “lyrical, feel-good” style of hip hop. They better bring something more dynamic this time, and please skip the props (i.e., take notes form Shane’s Zombie routine). Just put Jeanine and Ade out there to bust some moves! They’ll need it to balance the slow Rumba.

    Nice to see Stacey is doing the contemp piece.

    Sounds like Louis may be doing the group number? I’m still hoping that they’ll have Dmitry do the Rumba.

  13. This show does not need to pimp anyone. They should not have chosen ones. There are no consequences for the producers if someone they don’t like wins(unlike idol where they have to produce a record with potential returns). This could be a reality show that is pure. Winners actually could be chosen by America without manipulation.
    Obviously that isn’t happening. Nigel and Mia insist on telling us who they like best. Nigel feels the need to insert comments like heavy eyelids, milkshake, etc. And the pairings, and dance choices(yes Melissa should have had to do hip/hop by now and no Evan shouldn’t have had to do four or five ballroom in a row)tell us this show isn’t special even though it could be.


    Evan’s brother, Ryan, posted a video he made when Evan was only 8 years old. It’s really cute. Evan had star quality even then.

    I hope Evan and Ryan will choreograph in the future for SYTYCD. They have excellent style, and this show needs new choreographers.


    Evan’s brother, Ryan, posted a video he made when Evan was only 8 years old. It’s really cute. Evan had star quality even then.

    I hope Evan and Ryan will choreograph in the future for SYTYCD. They have excellent style, and this show needs new choreographers.

    That was frigging adorable. He had star quality even then. Evan for top 4

  16. How many contemps has Kayla had by now? How does it make sense for Jeanine to have three hip hops and Melissa none?

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that Tyce (if that’s who’s doing the B’way) picks something from American in Paris (not really a Broadway show, but who’s gonna care?) or The Bandwagon (Dancing in the Dark or Girl Hunt Ballet) or Funny Face or Daddy Long Legs. They’re all movies where someone in Evan’s style was dancing with a taller or balletic woman and it was great.

    I’d also love to see Evan do the Girl in the Yellow Dress number from “Contact,” or I think he might also do a good job with the speakeasy dance from “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” It’s sexy and cool, but for a dancer like him, as opposed to some musclebound FosseFosseFosse guy in “Chicago.”

    (Warning: Rant beginning…) You know, Gavin Creel and Sutton Foster (from TMM) are perfect examples of why Mia is so full of it about Kayla getting a free pass to be a singing, acting, dancing Broadway star. Has Mia HEARD the voices of the people who actually are Broadway stars like GC and SF? They’re fabulous. Their dancing is also really, really good, but the voices… And even as a dancer with an okay voice, Kayla is no Ann Reinking or Charlotte D’Amboise or Scott Wise. She’s just NOT. So shut, shut, Mia. SHUT! (Rant over.)

  17. Smartcookie, I like your suggestions for Evan and Melissa’s broadway. I was also thinking “On the Town” would be fun, too. Evan would look great in a sailor suit!

  18. Smartcookie, I love your suggestions and the reasoning behind them.

    From the beginning my favorites were Janette and Ade. Now, I am rooting for Jeanine as the winner. Yes, Evan has a chance but I would hope there would be a female winner instead. TPTB loaded the line-up with lots of truly good female dancers.

    I am not particularly fond of Hip Hop and wished Melissa had gotten it instead of Jeanine.

  19. I got my tickets yesterday! YEAH!!! I love going to see this show. :clap_tb:

  20. I hope Jeanine and Ade kill it this week. They are the only couple that doesn’t have a style in the male partner’s wheelhouse. I’d love to see Ade knock Brandon out of the finale, but I’m not super hopeful that will happen. Ade might not be as uber versatile, but there is a maturity to his dancing that Brandon lacks. Also excited to see Evan take on another Broadway, this one not Fosse-esque.

  21. It almost seems like a given that Evan will make it to the Final Four. I would like Ade to be there too. As long as Jeanine is there, I don’t care who the other girl is.

    It would be nice if they had a mini-reunion again on the Finale. Katie used up some precious minutes.

  22. I do not care for Evan, but love Melissa….and they just might surprise everyone with a Broadway routine…Ballet is all about performing characters too…and Melissa is good at showmanship. I am still rooting for a ballerina to make the finals….Ballet is the such a great base for all styles. Most of you are too young, but she reminds me of the great Moira Shearer who danced in my favorite movie as a kid…”The Red Shoes!”

    AND to all you people calling the show rigged…don’t they draw the dances at random with witnesses?? naturally it won’t be even. I am not happy that Melissa got a quick step, but don’t think for a minute it was planned.

  23. Enough with the contemporary for Kayla! She’s danced within her own genre so many times, that I’ve lost count. And judges do me a favor (and I’m pretty sure others feel similiar or the same)… STOP PIMPING Kayla! It’s appalling and disgusting; America will vote for who they want, not who you feel should win. She is a good dancer; but personality is missing from this girl; and she gives the impression that she reigns above the rest of the dancers… not! Clearly she is not America’s favorite and not the best dancer this season. We will make it our agenda tomorrow night to vote exclusively for Jeanine! This young lady definitely has amazing talent. Cheers.

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