Vicki’s American Idols Tour 2009 Dallas Re-cap

This is my second American Idol concert, but I have been watching since Season 5, when it occurred to me that because my kids were really into it, it was something we could enjoy together. Within 4 weeks, I was hooked and have never looked back. They came to Austin that year, so we saw the show (mostly because of Chris Daughtry, who attempted WLL, but not very successfully), but until now there has not been anyone as compelling as Adam, so I have not bothered with the concert. We went because I, my two daughters 14 and 16 and my niece, 14, love Adam. We also are big fans of Allison.

Just a little background on our journey: In order to take this journey, it required a bit of money for the floor seats that I procured through Stub Hub (thanks for that link MJ!), travel from Austin to Dallas and an extra $500 to pay an on-call midwife just in case one of my ladies decided to have her baby. I am pleased to say that I did not need to spend that money on a back-up midwife. Whew!

So me and my girls head out of town at 1PM on Thursday, arrive at my folks place around 5 and get ready. This involves a hasty meal prepared by my mom, deep blue nail polish, eyeliner, and lots of glitter. We are excited!!

We get to the show around 6:40 and easily find our seats. We are approximately 4 rows in front of the mixing board, meaning that the sound will be great, the view sometimes great, sometimes not. But we are all happy to be there and judging from the rest of the crowd, everyone else is too. I offer glitter to everyone around me and the women behind me take me up on it.

The show opens and everyone is on their feet. Michael Sarver is up and he sounds good! The Texas boy is happy to be home and we are happy to dance along to his enthusiastic music.

Megan Joy: the pink background was odd, but I thought she handled those high heels really well. I think a modeling career is in her future. She is gorgeous! Her singing is Ok. I still dance for her though, because I am an enthusiastic concert goer and determined to enjoy myself. The woman next to my very tall 16 year starts griping at people for standing up (!?!?!) We ignore her.

Scott is next, and he is good too, but I have to sit, so I do. I miss his jokes somehow, distracted by a text from my partner. My kids tell me later he was really funny. The crowd loves him

Lil Rounds is great, people love her, but that Single Ladies text on the screen is not helpful. I decide to watch the big monitors so I can see her, not the irritating words to the song. Lots of people dancing, singing, applauding.

Anoooooop. He gets lots of love too and I sit for his slow stuff, but get up and dance for My Prerogative.

Matt totally rocks out with Hard to Handle and Georgia is just sweeeeet. His piano skills are mad, i tell you, mad! The Fray song is not so much for me, but others loved him. He calls for cell phones. I put up a lighter. the woman behind me laughs out loud and tells me that me and my kids are as entertaining to her as the performers are.

We do dance hard, me and my girls and we are having a great time!!

Group numbers, Sarver surprisingly great on Suspicious Minds.

Intermission. I scope out where I want to be for Adam’s set. I want to see his whole body, not just the upper half, and I have seen enough vids. I want the real deal, not the 40 foot monitors. I find an unclaimed seat just one step up from the floor and I know I will be back.

I get back in time for Allison’s set. Now, we’re at a rock ‘n’ roll show! She’s just great!! Cry Baby is perfection. I dance like crazy with my girls and we sing along. Barracuda rocks out and so do we. The people around us look concerned, we are dancing so hard, but we smile and spread more glitter. The crowd is loving her!! She owns the stage, moving around like a real pro, interacting with the band, having a great time

Danny’s set is all right for me. He’s not my fave, but I like his voice so I enjoy his first two songs. Enjoyed Maria Maria. Found myself undulating with my eyes closed. Very nice. the Rascal Flatts songs, well, they leave me flat. I’m not a country fan.

Danny is learning how to be sexy again, I think. It occurs to me while I’m watching him toy with the idea of removing his jacket, which he eventually does and throws to the crowd, as he straddles the mic stand in his own way and awkwardly attempts an Adam move and I wonder what it must be like for him to have lost his beloved less than a year ago. I’m glad he has a good enough voice and stage presence to propel him this far. It’s something to focus on besides his awful grief. I think some of us Adam fans should give Danny a break. He’s all right and everyone deserves a chance to explore their own idea of what sexy is. Clearly, he has lots of fans. Lots of love, lots of cheers. I missed the sermon, just didn’t hear it. I was too busy exiting the floor to my new seat where I could get a perfect view of my favorite performer ever.

Fair warning, dear readers, I am an Adam nut, so here we go…….

As Danny exits, the lights go black. There is applause and then, the crowd sounds develop into a slow roar and and begins to chant “Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam!!!” His intro starts and people are screaming. I am on my feet and I realize I am surrounded by red shirts. Ah well….The driving locomotive train that is WLL’s intro cranks up, smoke fills the stage and Adam appears. Adam transforms the space completely. He sings WLL with everything he’s got, leaving nothing to chance. All the sexy moves are given to us Dallas folk. He really is going to give us every inch of his love. Are we really still in the same arena where those other performers just played? Doesn’t feel like it. His mic stand moves tonight are over the top and he belts out “baaaaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” like he really means it. Goddess, I just love him. Starlight is up next and it’s like being transported to a different galaxy. The backdrop behind him is really otherworldly. I realize I am breathing hard and move to a place where I can lean against a railing if necessary. I am tingling, his voice is just so incredible. Mad World is lyrically haunting and I look around and see the crowd standing, rapt attention, no screaming, just quiet respect. More incredible galactic backdrop stuff. He calls Allison to the stage for Slow Ride and they are having great fun. It’s so awesome, the chemistry between them. They are great together. The Bowie Medley is incredible. He is a human slinky. How does he move like that, anyway? He did not exhort us to dance by calling us “bitches” (which would have been fine with me). He took a drink of water instead. Smart man. The whole set was sexy, hot, chest heaving, and I didn’t stop moving the entire time he was filling the air with his amazing voice, which was way too short. Hair? It looks good no matter what. He’s beautiful. Jacket? Yes, take it off. It’s too hot in Texas for all that leather, honey. It doesn’t matter that I’m a lesbian and he is gay. Sexy is sexy and that man is sexy.

I make my way back to the girls for Kris. We are all sweating, amazed at what we have seen. We swear we will travel far to see him when he is solo. Oh, now Kris is up. He is awesome. I sit for Heartless and really love his voice. The denouement after the climax so you can drive home without getting into a wreck. I love the Killers song. We all dance and sing. Ain’t No Sunshine rocks it and he plays piano and guitar really well! Hey Jude is a crowd pleaser and then everyone is on stage singing with him.

Loved DSB and the chicken dance. They are all having so much fun together and so is the crowd. Bubbles come down ad it’s over.

Me and my girls, we waited and waited after the show at the barricades with the crazy Dallas crowd and it was worth it. Lil Rounds, Megan, Matt, Anoop, Danny Scott, Michael, they all come by. Where I was, we all tried to help each other get the autographs of favorites, budging over so that people could get their pictures, tickets or posters through. It was hot, packed like sardines, sweaty, my back hurt and it was worth every second. Allison signed my ticket and implored two young girls who started stroking her hair to “stop messing with her hair. then she hugged them and had pics taken with others. Scott bantered and signed for people, gave out hugs. Matt signed some then moved on, then came back. And then Adam finally appeared. He signed my ticket and I told him I couldn’t wait for his CD to drop. He smiled and looked up and then looked right at me, nodded and said ‘yeah, it’s gonna be awesome’  I told him I liked dancing to his music and he should come to Austin. He continued to smile and look me in eyes and said ‘  I hear Austin is a good town’  I just grinned and invited him to come on down, told him he was beautiful. He held eye contact with me for longer than I ever expected and then he was on to the next person. A few people down and there’s my 14 year old. She has managed to slowly inch her small body topped with short cropped purple hair to the very front to the barricades. She tells Adam that she has gauged her ears for him and he says “thanks sweetie!” She asks for a hug, which he politely declines and then she remembers her ticket and her sister’s ticket in her pocket and asks if he’ll sign. He says of course and then TOUCHES HER HAND. She is ecstatic. He signs a few more autographs and I try to get my niece closer. She just got back from an Outward Bound trip and is really tired and just had to sit down for the wait. We are unsuccessful, however, as his time his up and his handler whisks him away. I think he spent about 30 minutes with the crowd. He’s really pretty gracious, polite, pleasant. Never saw Kris, but my girls did. They said his handlers were pretty tight about touching him, but he was really nice.

All in all, an amazing experience. Thanks for letting me share!!

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