So You Think You Can Dance Top 18 SPOILERS!

I got spoilers on which two dancers the judges eliminate this week.   If you want to know, click the jump.

Top 18 Spoilers from SYTYCDism


Dance pairs and Styles for this week:

Ryan & Ellenore – Argentine Tango – Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo
Phillip & Channing – Samba – Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin
Victor & Bianca – Broadway – Tyce Diorio
Peter & Pauline – Jazz – Wade Robson
Legacy & Kathryn – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey
Nathan & Mollee – Bollywood – Nakul Dev Mahajan
Russell & Noelle – Hip Hop – NappyTabs or Jamal Sims
Kevin & Karen – Hip Hop – NappyTabs or Jamal Sims
Jakob & Ashleigh – Viennese Waltz – Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

Two tappers…

Phillip Atmore and Bianca Revels.

So much for the year of the tapper!   There’s one tapper left, Peter Sabasino.

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  1. Wow. I thought Bianca would have gone further.

    Me too. The Broadway must have really been terrible for them to eliminate her this week. Surprising. I figured they were ready for Phillip to go after seeing the dance style spoilers earlier today on TWoP – saddling him with Latin two weeks in a row? Ouch. And Samba is probably the most difficult of the Latin dances too.

    I still haven’t watched last week’s show yet, and will miss tomorrow too, because I have plans tomorrow night. I don’t know when I’m gonna catch up. lol.

  2. So who was in the bottom three? If Bianca went this early, they must not have wanted who ever else was in the bottom three to go home. Phillip I don’t think mattered as much as Bianca…

  3. Well, if that really happens, its a godsend for Channing who will now be coupled with Victor. That ups both of their chances for ending up in the final 4.

  4. Well, if they had to get rid of tappers, I’m glad they kept Peter, although Bianca was a pleasant surprise last week.

    Oh, and Noelle must have recovered nicely if she could handle hip hop.

  5. Sad about Bianca, she was one of the only girls I like. Good riddance to Philip, he was pretty cold. I am glad my eye candy Peter stayed though!

  6. I knew one tapper would go, but two?

    I am looking forward to: Nathan & Mollee ‘“ Bollywood. This is such a cool dance.

    So, tomorrow night we have DWTS Results show with Rod Stewart singing, and then the new series “V”. SYTYCD will suffer in the ratings.

  7. I am totally confused. these are the spoilers for tomorrow so how do you know that 2 tappers will go?!

  8. these are the spoilers for tomorrow so how do you know that 2 tappers will go?!

    The performance shows are not live. They’re always pretaped, and this one was taped last night. “Little birdies” come back and provide spoilers for us fervent fans.

  9. There is no bottom three. The judges just pick the guy or girl that they want gone. The audience does not get to vote until next week.

  10. I thought it should be Philip and Channing last week, so I’m not sorry to lose him. But I thought Bianca would be around longer. The most surprising thing, I guess, is that Noelle made it back. I still think she ought to have been eliminated last week, like everybody else who was injured and couldn’t dance that week in the past (Jessi, Jessica).

    Sometimes, Nigel and his favorites really suck the big one.

  11. Without having seen the performances it’s hard to say whether the choices were right but based on last week i’m not really surprised.
    I thought Philip should have gone last week and while Bianca is an amazing tapper I don’t think she can pull off some of the other styles, I thought she danced like a man last week when she had contemporary but that’s just me.
    Too bad Noelle makes it back, I was hoping she wouldn’t.

  12. good. phillip had an old, creepy vibe about him. and sorry, part of this show is about the charm. and bianca? i thought she was overhyped, especially in last week’s routine where her shoulders bugged the heck out of me. she isnt a graceful dancer, i wounder how much she messed up this week doing broadway.

  13. Is MJ having an office pool this year? I can’t find it if there is one…

  14. Maybe next week, Cari.

    I have a feeling the four chosen by the judges may not have been the 4 we would have seen gone if we voted. I watched Ariana’s performance and she did a really nice job last week.

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