Dancing With The Stars Season 9 – Top 7 – VIDEO

The couples dance two dances, individual and team. There’s another double elimination this week.

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE Cast Shares Their Favorite Musicals

The pros are performing a group number, to show the “stars’ how it’s done. The team dance will be Paso vs Tango.

The stars designed their partner’s costumes. And they are fugly. Oh, Lacey Schwimmer is OUT with the dreaded flu!

Joanna and Derek earned the highest scores this week, with 55 points.   The lowest points go to Mark and Anna, with 43. Ouch.   Poor Mark lost his partner when Lacey came down with the flu.   I thought his Samba, while frenetic, was entertaining.

Team Tango were definitely the winners, but they probably did benefit from having a small group comprised of competent dancers.

I think Mark and Michael will be going home tonight.   Or maybe Mark and Kelly.   I wouldn’t be surprised if Micheal hung on for another week…

Recap after the JUMP…

The Pros perform the Paso and the Tango – VIDEO

Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova ‘ Foxtrot – What the hell is this guy still doing in the competition? He’s a dull, clumsy dancer. Dancing the foxtrot to a snarky Kinks song about the taxman taking all your money. Mkay! Len says, “I’m so glad you hung around…again tonight, this foxtrot…brilliant.” Bruno says, “Your musicality has improved, way to go” Carrie Ann says, “Tonight’s performance was gracious…very well done.” Damning with faint praise? Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 7 – 23471-800-868-3407VIDEO

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson – Quickstep – Donny needs to work on his posture. Donny’s tackling the difficult quickstep pretty well! I didn’t notice the mistakes. Donny’s getting a standing ovation. Bruno says, “As a performer you are solid as a rock…you covered your mistakes. You still sold the performance.” Carri Ann said, “You were pretty good…but you went wrong 5 times.” Len appreciated Donny’s pluck. – Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno 8 – 24521-800-868-3405VIDEO

Mark Decascos and Lacey Schwimmer and Anna Trebunskaya – Samba – Lacey got the flu. Tony stepped in to help Mark with rehearsal, until Anna could step in. Mark has found his confidence. His dancing has improved a lot–his performance is fun to watch. Carrie Ann says, “That was a mess, it was completely disjointed.” Len says, “I didn’t find it terrible, I thought under the circumstances you coped very well.” Bruno says, “It was a little like watching Kung fu Panda dancing the Samba on Planet of the Apes.” Aw, I didn’t think it was that bad. – Carrie Ann – 6, Len – 7, Len – 6 – 19431-800-868-3403VIDEO

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin – Foxtrot – Cloris Leachman drops by to help Mya with her Foxtrot. Alrighty then! This is beautiful. I wonder if Len is going to trash it. Len says, “I liked the parts that were in hold. But again, too many gimmicks” Yep. He trashed her again. Bruno says, “This foxtrot perfectly captured Hollywood of the Golden Age…you danced like an angel.” Carrie Ann says, “Len is officially smoking crack. I loved it, it was dynamic, fluid, graceful.” Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 7, Bruno – 9 – 25491-800-868-3411VIDEO

Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff – Jive – Ugh, he’s trying too hard. Aaron just screams D-BAG! to me. Is he throwing pelvic thrusts into the jive? Skeevy! He ends with Rawk hands. What a tool. The judges love it. Bruno loved it. Called it Aaron’s best performance. Carrie Ann said, “It was so good…high energy.” Len says, “that had enough energy to light up Hollywood.” Len was tempted to dust off his 10 paddle. Seriously? Carrie Ann – 9 – Len – 10 – Bruno – 10 – 2953 – He went there! – 1-800’868-3401VIDEO

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel – Salsa – I didn’t like this as much as the judges did. It still feels like Kelly is having an out-of-body experience when she dances. Carrie Ann says, “That was brilliant, your posture was up, you were unafraid of the dance.” Len says, “The first time you’ve really controlled your nerves, but all aspects of your dance have to come up a notch.” Bruno starts dancing on the desk, “Still a bit of a stumble, but you played the character.” Kelly thanks him for calling her beige last week. Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 24521-800-868-3416VIDEO

Joanna Kupra and Derek Hough – Rumba – I had a hard time focusing on this routine….until Joanna stumbled and knocked me out of my reverie. A little dull for me. Len says, “I think that more or less ticked all of our boxes.” Len says, “So sexy I could taste it.” Carrie Ann says “You dance at your edge…tonight I loved watching you.” – Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27551-800-868-3415VIDEO

Team PasoMark and Anna, Aaron and Karina, Mya and Dmitry and Michael and Anna – Bruno says, “At times you lost a bit of sync…You Mya and Dmitry stood out.” Carrie Ann says, “Your choreography was out of sync, and a little basic. ”   Len says, “As it went on, the routine got better and better.” Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 24RehearsalDance

Team TangoDonny and Kym, Joanna and Derek and Joanna and Derek – That was good. Carrie Ann is so excited she ran out to high five…but she chastised them for incorporating a lift. Len says the routine was superior. Bruno is super-excited too. I think we’ll be seeing some good scores. Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 10 – 28RehearsalDance

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  1. Wow no comments so far? Sort of a meh night until Aaron and Karina! That was awesome!

  2. How on earth can Len score Michael Irvin higher than Mya?? What is his problem with her? Seriously.

  3. Derek is going to show Joanna what it “really” feels like to dance with a Latin lover?…. Because he suddenly discovered his Latin heritage??


    Seriously, that couple could leave my teevee at the end of the show TONIGHT and it would not be soon enough. I. cannot. stand. them.

    Len is ridiculous. I’m over him.

  4. Ok Im not a big Aaron fan myself but I have to say that his and Karina’s Jive was the best so far tonight.

  5. OMFG, Bruno. TINY little stumble?! She was thisclose to falling on her ass!! Y’all call Donny out on “5” mistakes that no one noticed and then gloss over a HUGE mistake that no one could MISS for Joanna? PLEASE. I freaking hate this show. Why do I even watch?

  6. Awww, poor Mark got bus’d by the judges AND the flu. Sads.

    Derek…ew. Just ew.

  7. It doesn’t seem like you agreed with most of the judges evals tonight, mj! Interesting. I can’t watch today and will be watching it online tomorrow. Can’t wait.

    So Mark is going home this week, y/y? Too bad. I would have liked to see Michael, and possibly Aaron and Kelly go before him. It’s not fair for me to want Aaron to go, is it? He really is a good dancer. *feels guilty*

    Last seasons I used to rage at the football players getting a free pass with the voters all the time, but this season I’m resigned to it.

    I’m still the only one supplying the Derek love on this site, I see! ^_____^

  8. ^ I think it SHOULD be Derek and Joanna going home. Mark was underscored and both Joanna and Michael overscored. I so don’t get the purpose of the team dances.

  9. Is it bad that I hope Joanna DOES fall on her ass this time? I REALLY cannot stand her.

    Also the Lacey/Karina almost bitchfight made me LOL.

  10. Is it bad that I hope Joanna DOES fall on her ass this time? I REALLY cannot stand her.

    The judges love her for some reason.

  11. Ug, with Derek and the Skinney B****, I mean Joanna, in first place we are never going to get rid of her. I so can not stand her there is nothing redeming about her, she never uses her skinny legs all she can do is sleeze her body around, just UG. Poor Mark, I hope he doesnt get sent home because of the change of partners and losing Lacey. And why does Len hate on Mya so much, and praise the poorer dancers. But Aaron did deserve his scores, that was a hard Jive, and he did great. I would have loved to see Skinney B**** do that. No guess who is going home, its up to the voters.

  12. The judges love her for some reason.

    Same reason they like Aaron. She’s a pretty good dancer. I don’t really like either but I love Derek so they’ll keep getting my votes until I feel like they’re jeopardizing Mya and Dmitry.

  13. > How on earth can Len score Michael Irvin higher than Mya?? What is his problem with her? Seriously.

    I have been wondering about that all season. Maybe it is Dmitry he has a problem with. Len wants simplicity and no fancy gimmics. Dmitry knows this but has delivered as Len wants only once. So, he is trying to teach him a less. Please me or no 10. How he gave a 7 with a clear conscious is beyond me.

    Aaron was outstanding and doesn’t come across as cocky. Donny really gives all. Michael could go home tomorow or 3 weeks ago. I could care less. I know Mark will go home tomorrow, but he turned out to be such a pleasant contestant. Poor Lacey.

  14. Maybe it is Dmitry he has a problem with. Len wants simplicity and no fancy gimmics. Dmitry knows this but has delivered as Len wants only once.

    Len was hard on Lacey’s choreo last year, and it seems that Dmitry is this year’s SYTYCD alumni punching bag.

  15. I think the judges are very aware that Joanna and Aaron are getting very few votes, so they inflate their scores to keep them in the race, and harpoon Mark so he’ll be the one taking the fall. Donny’s votes are high enoiugh that they can do whatever they want with his scores and he’ll stick around. I think they also want to lull Michael’s fans into false security, or maybe they at least won’t be ticked off without the snotty comments and terrible scores when he really wasn’t that bad, and they won’t vote so hard this week.

    Meanwhile, I’m hoping the ratings are in a freefall because no one wants to see super-annoying Joanna, and the judges will buy a clue and STOP. THE. PROPPING. I guess it’s gonna take actually falling on her ass AND her head and knocking herself out before they’re forced to admit she made mistakes.

    Since three people will be in danger, with one out right away (Mark?) and two dancing for their lives (somebody and Joanna, with the judges obviously letting Joanna stay), I think they’re propping Joanna as much as they possibly can to cover their butts. If it’s Aaron or Mya with Joanna and they keep Joanna, though… Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!

  16. Mya is awesome. I don’t get Len’s hating on her at all. Joanna is pretty hot, I’ve got to say but Derek is a complete skeeze.

  17. I don’t think they’re Len is hating on Mya. He’s hating on Dmitry. He despises the gimmicks and Dmitry won’t stop including them. A bit of a power struggle, it seems.

    I enjoyed the show tonight. I think they all did a really good job. The group dances were fun, too.

  18. Regarding Len’s ragging on Mya:

    Folks, it HAS to be a setup. These judges KNOW that Mya is probably way way out front with the voters so they have Len give her a hard time just so when it gets close to the end, he suddenly “sees the light and becomes a Mya enthusiast”…

    I mean c’mon, she gives a flawless performance and Len gives her a 7? Please, what a joke.

    I swear, at times it seems like Len and Bruno are going to come to blows.

  19. I don’t get the dislike for Derek but c’est la vie! I can’t wait to hear he and Mark Ballas sing tonight!

  20. Len was hard on Lacey’s choreo last year, and it seems that Dmitry is this year’s SYTYCD alumni punching bag.

    And it seems they are still gunning for Lacey, too, if the sandbagging of Mark is any indication. I don’t get why they ask the SYTYCD dancers to be pros and then the judges act like they aren’t part of the cool kids club. This is DWTS, cheese central. Everyone has used gimmicks. Helio was one big gimmick and he won. Dmitry just uses them more creatively. I’m so over the judges this season.

  21. I thought Aaron was surprising good this week and looked less like a drug addict.

  22. I cannot stand Joanna, Derek seems like a sweet guy, I dont get the dislike, always smiling. Loved Donny and though I havent been a big fan of Aarons I thought he did so well last night. Mya was ok, Len went too low on her but she is just cold to me, I dont know why – and the make up again -ugh.

  23. Maybe Len’s hard on Mya because he knows she’s a dancer/choreographer and shouldn’t even be on the show? Or that may just be me, lol. I hate to say it but Aaron was really good. I don’t care who goes home as long as it’s not Donny and Kelly but I’m nervous for her. Michael should go but may not. I can’t believe Mark is in trouble but unfortunately for him his dancer was sick the same week that Aaron did really well.

  24. The team concept was dumb, plain dumb. If they use it again next season, it MUST be three teams on each side for it to be fair. You cannot judge a team of 4 celebrities doing a difficult dance to the three who have a simplier dance. Maybe it was a way to pad more points for Joanna?

    I am excited to see Michael go home, but there’s no way their “girl” Joanna is going, although Mark will probably be voted out. I tried again to vote for Dmitry and got constant busy signals for one hour. I tested my phone by voting for Matk and Kelly and got through. Rod Stewart is tonight’s guest. I don’t think I will be watching as much SYTYCD tonight.

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