Michael Sarver: OMG It’s a Puppy!

Who can resist a puppy? I can’t! No seriously. I heart puppies. So, I just had to post this photo Michael Sarver tweeted today of his brand new pup.

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Exclusive: Clay Aiken Webisode - Spamalot And In The Studio Recording

“Me and our new puppy, tweeted Michael, “The new addition to the Sarver family.”


Michael recently signed a deal with Dream Center/Universal records.   His new single, “You Are” will be released soon.

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  1. That is a beautiful puppy. Michael said they haven’t chosen a name yet. It looks like there’s an old soul behind those eyes, I might call him Plato.

  2. That is one darn cute dog (who looks like he’ll grow to be HUGE). Good luck with the pup Sarvers!

  3. that is a gorgeous dog. by the size of his paws, i get the impression he is going to be HUGE. but ITA with the other comments in that he looks like an old soul, a great addition to any family. Congrats to them :)

  4. So beyond adorable I can’t bear it!! He actually inspired me to tweet him when he posted that. We have a yellow lab. They are simultaneously the sweetest creatures on earth and the dog from hell. :) I hope Michael and his wife don’t value their posessions because everything they own is going to be chewed to bits between now and 2013. But, their kids just got the best, most devoted, protective, and loving buddy they could ever ask for. Yellow labs rule! Even right after they’ve devoured a $450 pair of prescription glasses.

  5. That will never work on me! Damn you Sarver and your . . . sunbeam . . .puppy . . . awwwww!

  6. AWWWWW!! My yellow lab had paws just like that! Now he weighs 96 lbs. LOL.

    ETA: But he’s also the biggest wimp in the world. He’s never been an alpha dog in his life.

  7. lol’ ¦’ ¦ the puppy looks just like sarver’ ¦ rofl

    Doesn’t he? Seriously, I’m constantly amazed how similar some dogs are to their owners. My cousin has the cutest Poodle, and while they looked nothing alike when she first got the dog, somewhere along the way she changed her hair color so it now matches the dog’s (Who’s very light brown, almost golden). Pretty sure it wasn’t intentional or planned, either. LOL

  8. Awwww puppy! I don’t follow Sarver much, but the cuteness of this won me over,a nd yes, the dog looks like Sarver.

    As a proud owner of a chocolate lab puppy I can’t think of a better dog in the world, and I totally think my lab resembles my husband too, more in their actions than their physical appearance unless my hubby is sporting brown that day.

    How can you resist a puppy?

  9. awww.. too cute! With paws like that, this is not going to be a small dog :)

  10. congratulations to Michael on getting signed!

    And, good luck with the adorable puppy. Labs are wonderful dogs…who eat everything in sight, have endless energy, and need lots of training. But, there is nothing like a Lab….

  11. Michael said they haven’t chosen a name yet.

    Judging from the size of those paws, Marley might be appropriate. ;)

  12. he’s got that thang in a sleeper hold.

    cute dog, cute man. All in all, not a bad picture!

  13. AWWWWW!! My yellow lab had paws just like that! Now he weighs 96 lbs. LOL.

    ETA: But he’s also the biggest wimp in the world. He’s never been an alpha dog in his life.

    Heehee! So true. And never get a lab for a watch dog. They’ll just happily greet the burglar at the door, follow him/her around the house trying to get some fetch action in, and even give the thief a massive, sloppy kiss as he’s leaving with all your stuff.

  14. I have a black lab/rottweiler mix, and despite the rottie in her, she is the biggest wuss ever. Ever. And well behaved in the weird submissive way.. and is just a big dope.

    that is a handsome dog though. Makes me miss my dog. Ok not really she’s annoying.

  15. ol’ ¦’ ¦ the puppy looks just like sarver’ ¦ rofl

    I thought so too! The eyes and the blond hair! So adorable!!! I love puppies!

    They named the puppy Hurley

    I like this! Our neighbor has a white lab named Harley. :) They do grow fast! Our dog was smaller than him even when Harley was a puppy. LOL!

  16. Yeah, Me too, I adore puppies, even their sweet smell!!
    I had a Big crush On a guy named Hurley in high school…..Story
    short, I would have done better with a puppy.

  17. Puppy breath…the sweetest smell in the world, it brings back a flood of wonderful memories.

    Good luck to Hurley and the Sarver clan…hopefully they don’t have a Marley on their hands.

  18. Awww. I LOVE labby puppies–we’re on our third one (black-yellow-and now black again). They are the BEST family dogs! Good luck with Hurley, Michael and family!

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