So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – Top 10 Performance – VIDEO

The big surprise tonight were Jeanine and Jason.   Well, maybe not Jeanine so much–it was clear she was a gifted dancer held back by an untrained partner.   But Jason really shone tonight–it’s amazing what good choreography and the right partner can do for a dancer.   Their Travis Wall choreographed routine was just gorgeous. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jason has amassed much of a fanbase over these weeks–he could be in trouble.

Jeanine, on the other hand, is turning into quite the little dark horse.   Could she be the Courtney Galiano of Season 5, sneaking into the finals?

The dancers in danger tonight are Randi, Kupono and Jason.   I suspect the popular Evan has been carrying Randi these many weeks. I agree with the judges–I didn’t believe a minute of her Paso routine with Kupono. And the brown wig was kind of silly.

Also, Evan really shines when he dances in his own style. His solo–winsome and playful–was pretty awesome.

Live blog and videos after the JUMP…

Debbie Allen is guest judge tonight.   She says 3 of her top ladies and 3 of her top guys are still in the competition.

This week, America takes over–the judges will no longer eliminate contestants.   Plus, viewers will vote for their favorite individual dancer rather than pairs. The Top 10 are coupled with new partners, and each dancer will perform a solo.

Girls group number – Bollywood by Nakul – “Dholna” from Pyar Ke Geet (soundtrack) – High energy and fun. I love the distinctive hand movements. “Nakul you’re cool, ” says Nigel. He says the 5 girls are incredibly beautiful. He felt they all shined. “Bollywow” says Mary. She can see any one of the 5 in the final. Debbie calls it an amazing cultural fusion. “Best Top 5 group of ladies, ” says Debbie. – VIDEO

Kayla and Evan – Viennese Waltz by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin – “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal – Kayla is the tallest girl, Evan the shortest guy. Lots of blah about the height difference.   Kayla is in flat sandals, and Evan is wearing heels. Look, it’s Gene Kelly dancing a waltz! And, why is Kayla so unmemorable to me, despite her “beautiful lines”? Nigel complains about the choreography, but compliments the dancers.   Mary felt Evan lacked power in the closed hold and was clomping rather than gliding, but she loved his lifts. She loved Kayla. “Darling, you handled your big woman, ”   Debbie says to Evan. She loves Kayla. – VIDEO

Brandon’s solo – “Your Eyes” by Jeffrey Gains – 1-888-836-7601VIDEO

Janette and Ade– Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha – “Love Sex and Magic” by Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake – More height talk…Janette is THE shortest and Ade is THE tallest of the dancers. Ade is the funk doctor who hypnotizes funk into Janette, who has no funk. Got that? Janette says she has no funk, but I think she doth protest too much. Ade hypnotizing her with his hair pick is Lulzy. Nigel stick pencils in his hair. He’s a hair pick fan now. Nap/Tabs used them well, says Nigel. Nigel and Mary hijinks! “That was funky!” screams Mary. “These children wore me out!” says Debbie. – VIDEO

Randi’s solo – “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn – 1-888-836-7602 VIDEO

Kupono’s solo – “Marina Gasolina” by Bonde Do Role – 1-888-836-7603 VIDEO

Jeanine and Jason– Contemporary by Travis Wall to “If It Kills Me” (The Casa Nova Sessions) by Jason Mraz – Travis was a contestant in Season 2. – The story is about a couple, and the girl can’t quite commit yet.   A beautiful, sensual work. It’s obvious Phillip was holding her back. Jason has stepped it up this week. All the judges stand for an ovation. I think they like it! Nigel is so proud to have SYTYCD produce a fine choreographer.   Jeanine and Jason both became stars tonight, says Nigel. Mary is lost for words. Nigel can’t believe it. “You two are starrrs” she says. She gets teary talking about Travis. Then, Mary puts them both on the train. Debbie babbles on about evangelizing dance and calls them a magical pairing. – VIDEO

Melissa’s Solo – “Gabriel” by Lamb – 1-888-836-7604 VIDEO

Evan’s Solo – “Zing went the Strings of my Heart” by Rufus Wainwright – Very Gene Kelly-awesome-50’s musicals. I loved it. – 1-888-836-7605VIDEO

Kayla’s solo – “Rock Your Soul” by Elisa – 1-888-836-7606VIDEO

Randi and Kupono– Paso Doble by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin – “Dies Irae” by Karl Jenkins – My computer ate my recap -urgh. Long story short–the judges hated their Paso. Felt it lacked strength and passion and chemistry. I agree these two weren’t exactly exuding star quality in this routine.   They are both in trouble this week. – VIDEO

Ade’s Solo -“Unchained Melody” by Righteous Brothers – 1-888-836-7607VIDEO

Jeanine’s Solo – “Violento” (Up Mix) by Bailongo! – Another beautiful solo from Jeanine–I love her solos! – 1-888-836-7608VIDEO

Jason’s solo “Train Fare Home” by Muddy Waters – 1-888-836-7609 – Jason’s got personality. Who knew. 1-888-836-7609VIDEO

Melissa and Brandon– Broadway by Tyce DiOrio – “Aquarius” from Hair (the new Broadway cast) – Even more height talk. Melissa the long lean ballerina is a little taller Brandon. Wow, Brandon is especially impressive here. He can do amazing things with his body. I’m not as impressed with Melissa. The choreography may have played to her personality, but not to her strengths as a dancer. Nigel, on a nostalgia trip, thinks the routine is fantastic. Mary says, “That was unbelievable!” Debbie says they evoked the real harmony of the era–bringing together their differing styles. – VIDEO

Janette’s solo – “This is Miami” by Saunder Kleinenberg – Not very impressive, but the ballroom dancer’s solos typically suck. 1-888-836-7610VIDEO

Guys group dance – African by Jeff Paige –   “Balant Funk” by Ayanda Clarke & Shawn Kelly – Too funny, Evan is the whitest of white boys here, and not cut like the rest of the group. But, he’s holding his own.   They’re all shirtless. Check out the screaming tweens! Lulz. The shirtlessness is too much for them!   Nigel loves African dance. Jeff Paige is a new choreographer. Nigel calls Evan a “dancing milkshake”. Like the girls, he thought they all were good. Mary calls it “exciting” and says Evan held his own. Debbie mentions that African dance is the mother of modern urban dance styles. Debbie is proud of them all. – VIDEO

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