So You Think You Can Dance 9 – Los Angeles Auditions – Recap and Videos

Eliana Girard and Megan Branch were my favorite dancers tonight. There seemed to be a MAJOR emphasis on the girls. Some of the boys were entertaining–I absolutely LOVED the circus performer, David Matz and the Ninja twins were amusing–but there seemed to be no major contenders in the XY department. Oh! Except the marital arts inspired dancer, Cole Horibe. He was amazing.  Stephen Jacobson, the ballet dancer who faked the crap choreography, really annoyed me.

Nigel Lythgoe is live tweeting at @dizzyfeet

Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Mary and Nigel on the judges panel. HOORAY!

Alexa Anderson – Made it to the Green Mile last year, she was cut before the Top 20. She’s back again to give it another shot. She’s learned a lot since last season. Nigel: I’m not even going to bother to talk to you (He hands her a ticket to Vegas!

Jontel “Johnny Waaks” Gibson – Waaking is back! He practices a few hours a day. He’s dressed like a deranged disco dancer. Nigel thanks him for bringing back “Soul Train.” “How long have you been wacking?” OOPS. He’s only been wacking for a year. The panel is cracking up. Johnny says he saw it on You Tube. “Some people do,” cracks Jesse. “Then I started to train by myself,” The panel is losing it now. Dude is mesmerizing to watch, even if his moves aren’t precise. Nigel: You’ve got incredible musicality. If you had a larger dance vocabulary, you would be a good choreographer because you hear things that others don’t (Johnny tells Nigel he’s had contemporary and hip hop experience) Mary: You are as cute as the button. Jesse: You are absolutely precious. I want to carry you in my pocket. So entertaining. It’s a yes to choreography.

Eliana Girard – She’s a contemporary dancer, but does more. Went to Joffrey and Alvin Ailey, and also danced for the Cirque Du Soleil “Viva Elvis” show. She absolutely loves the ariel pole. As she dances, Nigel freaks out over her legs. Eliana brings amazing strength to her dancing. The panel gives her a standing ovation. Nigel: I felt as if you felt your music. It didn’t feel fake. The technique was superb. One of the best girls this year. Mary: You were like an instrument, playing that music. Definitely Top 20 material. Jesse: Your spirit is so genuine. Eliana gets at ticket straight to Vegas.

A montage of talented dancers is next. One dancer was inspired by last year’s runner-up. Sasha. A tap dancer put a smile on Nigel’s face–he got a ticket to Vegas. In fact, everyone in the montage is going straight to Vegas.

A montage of duos is next, to the tune of “I Want To Be With You” by the Raspberries.

The Ninja Twins – Nick and James Aragon are twin brothers and 32 years old. Uh. the age limit is 30. These guys have been put through for the entertainment factor. The duo is very…sassy. They dance a contemporary-ish routine to MJ’s “Man in the Mirror”. They aren’t joke contestants, but they aren’t very good either. They are pretty good tumblers, though. Very athletic. Nigel reminds them that they are past the age cut-off. But he’s happy to have had them on anyway. Nigel: It’s been a real pleasure having you on the show, because of your personalities and exuberance. As dancers, you’re tremendous. Mary: You certainly brightened up my day. Jesse: You have to feel the impact you made on all of us in this room (We ain’t DEAD dang! Says one of the brothers.)

Sam Lenarz – Six months ago, this 18 year old came home from dance class. Her stuff was packed up–her mom kicked her out of her house. She was devastated. She’s been living with a friend’s family ever since. She dances a beautiful contemporary routine. Nigel: You need to be careful that it’s not exercise after excessive. You need to bring in more artistry. Mary: I think you are extraordinary. There are times when you are going to have to let it go. There’s something that’s holding you back. (Mary teases her story about her family out of her.) Jesse: You are here for a very specific reason. You are a brilliant beautiful dancer. Nigel tells her to channel her emotions into her dancing. The panel sends her to choreography. (She earns a ticket to Vegas)

Caley Carr – Surfer and skateboarder is also a tap dancer! Caley has a ton of Joie de Vivre. His enthusiasm is very contagious. His tap technique isn’t full of tricks, but it’s unique. Jesse: You’re like this crazy…so many weird talents. I was really entertained by that. Mary: I like your confidence. You built up, you took your time. Cool, fresh. Nigel: You’ve been trained in other styles…I thought it was tremendous. The panel sends him to choreography. (Fails choreography)

Megan Branch – She arrives with her mom, who worked extra hours to pay for her dance classes.  Megan has a very unique and forceful style.  Totally fierce!  Strong and sharp. Mary: You’re like a little butterfly flying over that stage. You are so Megan Branch. You are so  So You Think You Can Dance.  (Mary cares about this one!) Jesse: You are so gorgeous, great energy. Likeability. Nigel. You are a little firecracker. Pure joy. Great feet. I felt your joy. I would like to see you let your hair down at some point. The panel sends her straight to Vegas.

A montage of talented girls is next.

Cole Horibe – The martial arts Cole learned as a young boy informs his dancing.   He portrays different characters in his dancing. He plays a warrior today. His performance is like a little play and he melds the two styles seamlessly. Very unique.  Nigel: that really was beautiful to watch. Your control, how you used the floor, the speed. (He’s danced many other types of dance) Tyler: I am very very intrigued. you have major presence. Mary: That was simply spectacular. Your legs are lightning. The panel sends him straight to Vegas.

Mary likes the eye candy!

David Matz – Circus performer. He works with a giant metal hoop that he does “Crazy acrobatics” with. The hoop is often on fire! WOW. This routine with the hoop is absolutely exquisite, elegant. There’s very little dancing involved. Really, it would be cheesy, but he’d be better off taking his acrobatic act to America’s Got Talent. He tried out for the wrong show.. Jesse: It’s amazing what you can do with Cat Deeley’s old ear rings. That was beautiful! Really cool. Mary: I found it absolutely mesmerizing. You are an artist. Did you do enough dancing? Nigel: I don’t know what else you can do dance wise. I need to see you in choreography. The panel sends him to choreography. (Fails choreography)

Stephen Jacobson – Stephen takes the stage and announces that he’s be dancing ballet, but not classical ballet. What? He hops around the stage, throwing in a few ballet moves. It’s terrible. Nigel is pissed, because it’s obvious to him that Stephen has been trained. Jesse tells him to trust himself. “You’re so good!” Nigel calls the routine corny. Mary requests another song. And then Steven dances brilliantly. I SMELL A BIT to get attention. Sheesh. Nigel goes from telling Stephen he should be shot to sending him straight to Vegas. The panel sends him to Vegas.

Here’s a montage of returnees. Do you recognize any of them?

Jonathan Anzalone – This guy is a return customer. Back in the day he had hair and by his account, was very cocky. He dances a B Boy routine that strings together a bunch of tricks that includes a split that looks REALLY painful. Nigel calls it “The nutcracker suite.” Jesse didn’t see a lot of substance, but felt that what he can do was fantastic. Nigel found it a bit strange. More of a contortionist act than dance. Jonathan has been studying dance. He knows a little ballroom, so Nigel pulls a girl on stage to dance with him. She’s not a dancer. Many yucks ensue. Mary is pleased he came back. and is ready to send him straight to Vegas. Nigel wants to send him to choreography. Jesse agrees with Nigel. (Fails choreography)

Jasmine Mason –  Jasmine was in a terrible car accident with her brother Marshea, who has auditioned for SYTYCD dance before. The car was completely totaled. Marshae was pronounced DOA at the hospital, but miraculously, he and his sister but both survived.  Marshea was in a coma for two days. Jasmine performs a graceful jazz routine. Nigel: You poured your heart and soul into it. I really enjoyed watching you. Mary: You dance so maturely. Really fantastic. Jesse: You’re like a gorgeous Greek statue with the talent to back it up. The panel sends her to Vegas.

Marshae Kidd – Marshae’s accident was only 6 weeks ago. Hm.  He performs part of his routine, and for somebody who was nearly killed a few short weeks ago, he’s made a remarkable recovery.  Mary stops him and hands him a ticket to Vegas.  It’s a feel good story, but I wonder how he’ll handle the rigors of Vegas.

Courtney and Robert lead the choreography round. David Matt, Jonathan Anzalone, and Cale7 Carr are eliminated. Sam Lenarz advances to Vegas.

Atlanta next week.

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