So You Think You Can Dance 9 – Atlanta Auditions – Videos and Recap

I won’t be live blogging So You Think You Can Dance tonight, because I’ll be covering the CMT Video Awards instead. But here is a discussion post, and I’ll definitely have videos of all the noteworthy performances up later tonight!

Debbie Allen is the guest judge in Hot Lanta!  Fantastic talent in Atlanta this week. WOW.

Audrey Case – Audrey can fart with her neck and lick her elbow! Nigel advises her to keep information like that to herself next time! This contemporary dancer has some weird habits, but she’s definitely got some skills. She gets a standing ovation from the panel. Nigel tells her she’s “magical.” Audrey goes straight to Vegas.

Boris Penton – He’s part of the 3 man “Dragon House” crew. He’s a B-Boy with a stunning, mesmerizing style. He’s got a very unique style. Standing ovation from the panel! Debbie calls him a real artist. They send him straight to Vegas. We’ll see if he can hang with the other styles.

Joshua Alexander – Joshua is a musician, as well as a dancer. He’s got a very fluid contemporary style, with some nice tricks. All 3 judges wave tickets to Las Vegas. Debbie says when he dances, it’s like he’s testifying.

Several More Tickets To Vegas – One female dancer was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome, a male dancer lost his mom when he was young. Both go through to Vegas.

Tim Conkel – Karate champion began dancing because he wanted to get girls. The martial arts thing wasn’t doing it for him?  He’s got a weird obsession with Selena Gomez too.  He mixes Hip Hop, breaking and martial arts and the dude moves like lightning. Wow. Very impressive.  Nigel didn’t see much dancing, he ask about other styles. Tim hasn’t had much.  But after seeing a little “ballet” the panel puts him straight through to Vegas.

Janelle Issis – Palestinian who belly dances.  She’s also studied many other styles of music.  The panel loved her performance. “You’re a star,” says Mary.  The panel sends Janelle to choreography. She passes choreography to Vegas.

Danielle Dominguez – A contemporary dancer, she was once a cheerleader via her mom’s influence.  Mom does a cheer at Nigel’s request. The panel finds her contemporary style weird, but unique.  She holds poses, like she’s doing some odd style of yoga.  The girl is tailor-made for Sonya’s choreography!  The panel sends her straight to Vegas

Andre Rucker (Dragon House) – The second “Dragon House” crew member auditions. Dude does some unreal moves with his body. How does he do that? Andre confesses that he was nervous. Nevertheless, the panel was impressed. “It’s beyond magical,” says Debbie He is sent straight to Vegas.

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer (Dragon House) – The last of the Dragon House trio auditions. He’s going to show them what a robot animated popper looks like! His performance is unique, but also full of humor. “Shut up! Shut Up! I’ll stab you in the eye!” yells Nigel, who says he’s topped his fellow crew members. Of course, the panel sends him to Vegas.

Courtney Kirby – Courtney brings her cute grandma who used to teach tap and ballet back in the day. Nigel invites grandma to sit in his chair. She gives him a big hug and a kiss. This contemporary dancer has a strong, athletic style. Debbie calls her “magnificent” and “stunning.” For some reason, Nigel wants to send her to choreo. Maybe just for some drama? Mary and Debbie send her straight to Vegas.

Asher Walker – Asher is a redneck from Virginia. He hunts, fishes, rides dirbikes. Torches Christmas trees in the backyard? What? Not exactly dance material. He took an interest in Hip Hop dancing and has not looked back. He says he wants to show the panel personality, but its not important to be the best dancer. Sounds like a trainwreck, doesn’t it? But this dude is surprisingly good. Not the best technically, but inventive, creative and really fun to watch! Debbie calls it fresh and original. The panel sends hm straight to Vegas.

George Lawrence II – He was a track star, but decided to dance instead. His father is disappointed. Lawrence has a beautiful, balletic style. Mary calls his audition the best for her so far. The panel sends him straight to Vegas.

Brittany Ortner – Small town girl is looking for more. She wants to take her dancing to another level. She performs a sensual jazz routine that impresses the panel enough that they send her to choreography.  She advances to Vegas.

Damon Bellmon & Deon Lewis – This is funny. Cat is making light of the duo’s tendency to STEAL CHOREOGRAPHY! Last season they did a dance routine by a group called Les Twins, but the producers CUT OUT the part where they gave the choreographers credit. The Hip hop duo perform their own routine this year, and it’s a ton of fun. The panel send them to choreography. Damon advances to Vegas. Deon does not.

Choreos Day 1 & 2

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