So You Think You Can Dance 12 Top 10 Power List

I was absolutely baffled this past week when America chose to save Derek, yet again. I’m so disappointed in you America. Starting this week, I’m combining Team Stage and Team Street, because even though they are eliminated separately, only one can win.

10) Derek- I gotta say, even though he got Rayvon’d a few times, I don’t actually think there’s a chance he can win. The thing is, I think our twitter saves are done, and now the lowest vote getter goes home. That’s gotta be Derek either this week or next. He’s by far the weakest remaining Team Stage dancer, and he’s been in the bottom more than any other person on Team Stage. In fact, there are three dancers on Team Stage who were never in the bottom. They all must have more fans than Derek.

9) Edson- That being said, I also don’t think Edson really has a chance at winning. I think he has a slight chance of surviving longer than Derek, but not really a chance of winning the whole thing. He hasn’t proved himself to be a “next level” dancer, and isn’t really a star of the season. He has always felt like a mid-pack performer for me, so a 4th or 5th place Team Stage finish wouldn’t surprise me.

8) JJ- I gotta be honest and say I think JJ is the weakest person left on Team Street, overall. She has her moments, but she hasn’t had “A” moment yet, in the way that all four of her remaining Team Street members have had. She hasn’t been able to break away from the pack.

7) Neptune- He’s definitely a dark horse, but dark horses rarely win the entire competition. He’s been in the bottom too many times for me to think he has a legitimate chance of winning this competition. I do think that if he keeps his momentum going, he could knock off another member of Team Street, but he also might accidentally go home next week.

6) Jaja- Jaja is starting to feel a little overrated, and I love Jaja. So that’s really hard for me to say. But, honestly, when she was paired with Hailee, it was like a bitter reminder of how much she lacks technically. Remember, she’s actually starting at ground zero in terms of technique, whereas Megz and Virgil both have had the opportunity to study outside their style before the show. It’s helping them, but whenever she’s out of her style… it’s always lacking a bit, technically. I think this is going to stop her from winning the show, even though her fanbase is pretty big.

5) Gaby- I’d say Gaby is the dark horse of Team Stage, and she’s the dark horse with a better shot of winning. She’s only a dark horse because she’s up against Hailee and Jim, both of whom really seem to be killing it almost every week. Gaby is a solid performer, and if she keeps it up, she could end up knocking Jim or Hailee out of the finale. But right now, I think she’s most likely going to be 3rd place for Team Stage.

4) Virgil- Virgil’s energy is everything, but I’m pretty certain a girl is going to win this season. Girl Power on Team Street has been one of the big themes of the season, so much so that Team Street had more to begin with, and still has more remaining. I think that once the other Team Street girls start to fall, their votes will go to other girls on Team Street, and not really to Virgil.

3) Jim- I don’t think Jim’s gonna win, but he’s not going down without a fight. There’s something about him being perceived as “the chosen one”, which sometimes backfires. Last season, we did end up crowning Ricky, but it had more to do with Ricky truly always being on a different level than the rest of the dancers of his season. This season, there’s really no excuse for it. Jim is not so far beyond everyone, so even though Nigel claims he’s the best dancer, it’s not so obvious.

2) Hailee- I think Hailee could definitely win this thing. I think we could easily see a top 2 girls. I think this season has been subconsciously rooting for a girl-girl final two this whole time. Hailee has been super consistent, and has had several opportunities to dance in her style, and dance with other strong partners (Virgil, Jaja) that were always going to earn her votes. I might be wrong in ranking her #2, but I just think Team Street’s going to end up with the win.

1) Megz- Yeah, I think Megz is going to win right now. She’s been operating a little stealthy and under the radar, perhaps, only because Jaja takes up so much air in the room. But, Megz is a consistent performer, and she actually does quite well outside of her style. She’s a little unconventional, but she’s also a testament to why the Team Stage/Team Street routine works. I doubt in previous seasons that Megz would have been able to secure a Top 20 spot on her own, but she’s proven why she deserves to be here. She’s never been in danger, and wouldn’t it be cool for a female hip-hopper to win the whole thing? Girl power!

Join me tonight as the dancers perform, and two more dancers get sent home. Sound off below. Who is your favorite?

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