Smash “The Surprise Party” Recap and Discussion Thread

Smash moves to Saturday. Tonight, Liza Minelli guest stars.

The episode opens on Tom trying to give Ivy some direction, and she’s still mad at him and not responding to him. Julia is upset that she’s not at her son’s college tours. Eileen is trying to get Richard to write more about Bombshell, but he’s just interested in her. Karen and Jimmy are making out when Derek calls for Karen. Later, Jimmy pays Derek a little bit of money back that Derek loaned him to clear his debt with the drug dealer from the last episode. Richard shows up, ready to do a piece on Hit List. Back at Bombshell, someone delivers flowers to Ivy, which Tom finds weird, until he’s told it’s Ivy’s birthday. He feels like a jerk, and immediately plans something spectacular for Ivy, as well as something that will get her to forgive him. He calls Liza Minelli. Meanwhile, Sam is inviting everyone to something, but telling them not to invite Tom.

Back at Hit List, Karen and Jimmy perform a song for Richard. Richard loves it and talks to Derek about whether or not he’s dating Karen, and how it would be a great story. Derek denies anything with Karen. Scott is talking to Julia about her ideas when Derek comes in, and both of them convince her to stay and help them do the rewrites. Karen and Ana walk down the street talking about why Jimmy would want to keep their relationship secret. Tom wishes Ivy a happy birthday and tells her he’s got a nice surprise for her. Ivy is worried about her other party that Sam is planning, but can’t tell Tom about it. Eileen is trying to figure out how to spin this into good publicity for the show. Julia talks to Kyle about how she plans to help him.

Jimmy and Karen talk about why they’re hiding their relationship. Jimmy isn’t ready to go public, so Karen walks out. No more makeout sessions for Jimmy. Tom and Ivy are sitting at the table, eating. Ivy keeps checking her phone. Off to the side, Richard and Eileen are having dinner. Liza Minelli finally comes in and greets Tom, and then greets Ivy. She’s estatic. A couple photographers take some pictures, and Ivy gets suspicious of Tom. Tom realizes Eileen was behind it, and Tom and Ivy confront Eileen. Richard realizes Eileen was here for work after all, and leaves. Ivy is about to leave when Liza calls to Ivy and prepares to sing her a song with Tom at the piano. Of course, Ivy can’t leave now. She just sits there and enjoys her birthday song.

Derek walks in on Karen going over the script on the stage. He stays and talks. Derek tells Karen he has feeling for her. Karen says she’s kinda with Jimmy. Derek leaves. Ivy and Tom have a conversation, and they’re patching it up. Tom gets Ivy a taxi and sends her home. However, Ivy left her keys in the restaurant, which means Tom is going to need to follow her… to the surprise party he’s not invited to. Julia and Scott are helping Kyle, they run out of index cards. As soon as Kyle leaves the room to grab more index cards, Scott talks about the feelings he used to have for Julia. Ivy shows up at her surprise party. Tom is walking near Ivy’s when he sees a lot of the cast gathered at a bar, and decides to go inside. He sees them presenting Ivy with a gigantic birthday cake at the party he wasn’t invited to. He hands Ivy her keys and leaves.

Karen and Jimmy rehearse a scene from Hit List, with Derek watching. He hates it. Derek, Jimmy, and Karen have a threeway fight. Derek told Jimmy to stay away from Karen. Karen is mad at both Derek and Jimmy. Everyone leaves alone. Ivy chases Tom out, and apologizes. He thought he had made everything OK, she says that they still just need to be director and actor, for now. Their friendship has to be on hold, but it’s clear that she’s forgiven him in the long run. Kyle has rearranged the show, and Julia, Scott, and Derek like it. Kyle is worried that Jimmy and Karen won’t like it, and Derek doesn’t care. Scott and Julia go out for a drink.

Ivy and Sam are talking about the past year. Sam offers to walk Ivy home, she says it’s around the corner. She can manage. Eileen is going through some paperwork when Richard pops in. Eileen refuses to apologize. Richard apologizes for asking her not to work, explaining he was always with someone who never worked. Eileen admits she’s not over her last relationship. Richard says he’s willing to go slow. Then we get some random shots. Derek alone. Karen with Ana. Scott and Julia. Tom coming home. Ivy still at the bar. Then finally Jimmy on Karen’s doorstep, apologizing. He says he wants to take her on a real date, in public, so everyone can see. Jimmy offers Karen his coat, Karen finds the coke in the pocket almost immediately. She actually doesn’t say anything about it. Derek shows up at the bar and gives Ivy a birthday card, and sits down for a drink with her. The End.

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