The Sing-Off 4 – The Finale! – Live Blog and Results (VIDEO)

Live blogging The Sing-Off finale right here! Which of the remaining three groups win the $100,000 prize and record contract? Pentatonix is set to perform.

The Top 3, Ten, Vocal Rush and Home Free, open the show with a performance of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Shawn sings along. All of the great voices remain, resulting in a pretty awesome performance.

Ten sing gospel and soul harmonizers. Vocal Rush are the high school singers and Home Free are an a’cappella country group. All of the groups are back for the finale.

The Top 3 will be singing holiday favorites alongside each of the judges. Nick Lachey, suddenly launches into a performance of “It Had to Be You,” dedicating it to an embarrassed acting Jewel. It’s part of the bit! The Top 10 groups back him from their boxes. Jewel takes the stage with Nick to duet with him. This is kind of weird.

The AcoUstikats sing “Jingle Bell Rock” from their box as the show throws to commercial.

Ten and Shawn Stockman – “Joyful Joyful” from Sister Act II – I didn’t follow Boyz II Men during their hey day, but Shawn sounds nasally to me. This isn’t altogether pleasant. There are definitely better singers in Ten. Give them the mic, please. It didn’t happen, unfortunately.

Street Corner Renaissance sing into commercial with “White Christmas.” The Filharmonic sing us in with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”

Pentatonix are mentoring this week! Pentatonix said they bombed their rehearsal before the finale! They changed their arrangement “1000 times” they were so nervous. The groups are totally star struck by the Season 3 winners.

Pentatonix take the stage to sing “I Need Your Love” by Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding. Incredible harmonies. Verve and energy. Pentatonix, demonstrating to the other groups HOW TO DO IT. Shawn runs on stage to give them a big group hug.

Calle Sol sings “Feliz Navidad” after the break.

Home Free – “I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes – The Sing-Off has forced them to open their tool box and explore what they’ve got. Years on the road made them complacent. This is a very nice arrangement! The second half of the performance is particularly good. The bass singer holds an unbelievably low note, while some really beautiful high notes are featured. Lots of energy. Shawn gives them props for stepping out of the box. “You guys did awesome tonight,” says Shawn. Ben compliments the groove. Their personalities came through. Jewel loved it, and felt the singers brought out some star quality.

Nick Lachey and his group 98 Degrees take the stage to sing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” One of them is pretty bald! This is very pretty. And the harmonies are so tight and beautifully intricate. Good job, fellas. The judges weigh in. Ben says it’s amazing (You don’t have to fish!) Shawn says, “You might have a future.”

The Princeton Footnotes sings “Deck the Halls” into commercial.

A video package! The judges do a secret santa exchange. They get each other dumb gifts that give away the giver.

Vocal Rush and Ben Folds – “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth by David Bowie/Bing Crosby – Ha. The kids probably have no clue what this is. Ben sings the David Bowie part. Various group numbers step up to sing lead. The kids are little shaky. Also, not very engaging. I predict 3rd place for the high schoolers.

Element sing out to commercial with “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”

After commercial, Voice Play sing “Jingle Bells”

Ten – “Love on Top” by Beyonce – They are a group of individual background singers, which is why there are so many great voices in this group. Whoa. This group has improved so much from their first performance! The lead singer is OFF THE HOOK and this arrangement is sensational. I was fairly certain that “Home Free” had this. But I’m not so sure now. Ben noted the many modulations in the arrangement. He loved they way they played with the groove. Jewel complimented the lead singers. Shawn calls it an official “stank face” performance. He calls them “a box of assorted chocolates.”

Jewel and Home Free – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – Home Free provides a beautiful backdrop to Jewel’s lead vocal. I’m not digging her overcooked phrasing here. She’s trying way too hard. The extra little frills and trills she adds don’t feel organic. No, Jewell. You are not a jazz singer. Mkay? But those Home Free boys are pretty awesome. I could have done without Jewel, to be honest. Seriously, girl. CALM DOWN.

Another Video package – How to speak Sing-Off. The groups translate the judges big words. Well, not really.

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo perform “We Belong” with the rest of the Top 10 backing them. Neil is on guitar. Maybe the a cappella thing was a bit much for Pat? Nevertheless, she sounds fantastic! Her voice has more rasp, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Not one bit. The entire effect is transcendent.

Vocal Rush – “Roar” by Katy Perry – The group is made up of high school students from a performing arts school. They are no match vocally for the other two groups. It’s really not a fair fight. I give them props for their energy and youthful enthusiasm. Jewel says the group just sucks an audience into their performance. Shawn sees promise and potential in their performance. Ben says they’re always great. He compliments all the leads. They find a way to connect, he says.

It’s time for the results! Shawn tells them, no matter the outcome, never give up. Ben says Ten are rockstars, He hopes Home Free got out of their rut. Vocal Rush is amazing. Jewel is proud of all of them.

After announcing Vocal Rush in third place, Ten congratulates Home Free, but is really proud of their group. Austin from Home Free is absolutely in awe. He says The Sing-Off has changed the face of a cappella music.

WINNER – Home Free
2nd Place – Ten
3rd Place – Vocal Rush

OK SO I DID CALL THAT! Yay me. I called Home Free as the winners early in the competition. But man, Ten really gave them a run for their money tonight! Out of the three groups, Home Free stands the best chance of having Pentatonix-like success. They’ve been singing together for years and the win could give them a boost that makes the difference. Ten came together just for the show, and who knows if the group could have held it together to take the next steps. So overall–good call, judges.

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  1. So, I’m guessing the audience doesn’t get to choose the winner this year?

  2. Nope which sucks so basically the judges get to choose the winner. I mean I like the show but if we aren’t going to vote and get no say at all in choosing the winner, what’s the point?

  3. We did get to choose last time, right? I literally can’t remember.

  4. I think the judges decided on the early rounds and then we got to choose the winner (this may be how it worked on the short seasons)

  5. Yeah the judges chose in the early stages but when it go to down to 3 we chose the winner.

  6. Pentatonix are simply the best. This show would be hard-pressed to find their equal if it was on another ten years.

  7. They’d have to announce the winner of a vote on an episode of Law and Order, due to the extreme truncation of seasons.

    … that being the case, I’m sort of surprised that NBC didn’t go there. It could have launched a new spinoff. Law and Order: Reality Show Crime Unit, or something.

  8. So there are background tracks with the acapella groups tonight? hmmm

    Personally I like it that the judges are picking the winner. Lately the singing competition shows have turned into popularity contest with audience voting..

    And yes, I agree Pentatonix are great. No one has equaled them yet.

  9. I cannot remember! And I watched the whole season. Maybe I’ll google and get back on this.

  10. I’m so looking forward to Jewel & Home Free performance; I love PTX but Home Free harmonies is super duper clean.

  11. I don’t expect them to win, but I actually like Vocal Rush better than the other two groups in the finals. They might not be as polished, but for me they are more entertaining to watch. But they aren’t winning.

    Say what you what about Nick Lachey and his corny self, but the guy is talented.

  12. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I like Home Free for the win. Am no country music fan! Their voices are just beautiful.

  13. Nice to see Jewel giving Home Free a little part to sing themselves instead of just background singers.

  14. Not so happy with Jewel using Home Free as her back up group, was expecting something great from this pairing.

  15. MJ you are rarely way off on something, but that Jewel performance was AMAZING. Wow.

  16. I seem to remember talk about background tracks in previous years as well.

  17. Wasn’t really feeling the Vocal Rush performance. Just seemed something was missing.

  18. I am torn between Vocal Rush and Home Free but I think Vocal Rush are just a bit more appealing – and the solists I think outshine Home Free.

  19. I like the lead vocalists in Vocal Rush and Ten more than Home Free but I think Home Free will win.

  20. I can’t believe that at last this year, the talent I root for in a singing competition won ;)

  21. Well, as predicted from the beginning. Hope they let the audience pick next time … if there is a next time.

  22. Next season entries should learn that to be a successful recording artist they need to keep the numbers small; I just can’t imagine the logistic issues (among any other issues) that comes with a big group. I hope Home Free will have the same success as PTX if not more.

  23. Okay gotta say this, this season of the Sing Off kind of a dud. When you see how it should be done with the Pentatonix Home Free just appear lame.

    I would of preferred Vocal Rush to win but I feel like i’m grading on a curve. They weren’t great just preferable to the rest. At times they felt like pros and other times they felt like the high schoolers they are.

  24. Vocal Rush was dynamic. They were dramatic and focused and fascinating to watch. Ten had fabulous singers but as a group they were an unfocused mess of egos and tricky arrangements. Home Free played it safe and sang straight boring 3-part chords + bass + beatbox, Home Free will be easy to market, so best of luck to them. Their arrangements tonight were really cool, here’s hoping they take that creativty forward.

  25. I liked vocal rush too, they were my #2 behind Home Free, I would not be surprised if the majority of the vocal rush group is able to land college scholarships from schools listening in on the competition.

  26. the 1st part (0:15-:45) of Home Free “I Want Crazy” had a cotton eyed joe meets John denver thank god I’m a country boy groove. insane.

  27. I can’t believe that MJ picked on the bass in Nick’s quartet for losing his hair. That’s like pointing out that someone’s fat. not cool. The four guys did really well on I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

  28. I’m not sure his hairline has changed much in 14 years! A bit hard to tell though, since he used to have his hair bleached blond.

    I thought they’d do their own Christmas song, This Gift.

  29. I’ll get caught up on the actual contestants’ performances later (and I thought it was inevitable after the first episode Home Free would win, but I love them so I don’t mind) but that Pentatonix performance is so great. Everything they’ve been doing lately has been amazing, but this one is so special for so many reasons. I’ve been rewatching their performances from the show almost constantly since it came back, trying to figure out how they were so amazing THEN, but to see the on that stage you can see even how much more professional, and cohesive they’ve gotten. It’s still mindboggling that Kevin and Avi had joined the group right before they auditioned, and you can truly see looking back how much stronger they became as a unit as the show went along. But now they’re just in such perfect harmony (literally and figuratively!) with one another at all times and it’s such a beautiful sight to see (and sound to hear).

    I love Avi getting that solo, and then Kevin joining in for the five part harmony.. something we never really saw when they were on the show. Such a nice touch with their return performance.

  30. it really bugged me too. Shawn and Ben both brought their groups into their performances. I was afraid at the time that it was a bad sign for Home Free. Using them as her background singers was not cool..
    She sounded great but certainly was not generous.

  31. I liked all 3 groups but I am very happy with Home Free winning. I love their voices and believe they will do very well.
    The Sing-Off tour is coming to my town. After seeing all these groups, I may have to go.

  32. I was really happy with Home Free winning and wish them much success. I’ll be looking for their music!

  33. I KNEW THEY WOULD WIN, BUT THEY WEREN’T THE BEST. Although, their lead singer is good looking and has a terrific voice.

  34. I am sure he ladies and teens would have voted for Home Free. I knew though win. I think they’ll find some success with their recording contract and more people will come to see them sing.

  35. I love Home Free. They were my fave but 10 was awesome and I really liked Vocal Rush too.Over all I am happy with the out come. But it would have been nice to be able to vote.

  36. I lost the plot in Pentatonix season because of the timing (Starting in Sept.) and so many groups. I do like that Season 4 returned to Xmastime, like in Street Corner Symphony’s season 2 (and I know they didn’t win but they should have).
    What was bad about this finale was it was too dragged out with filler and at the exciting part when they crowned the very deserved winner, Home Free, the show simply ended for game show snooze-ola. Would it was hurt to have 5 minutes of an actual sing-out by the Home Free guys? I would have really liked to see that.

  37. It’s worth watching Shawn Stockman lose his *hit when Tim Foust hit & held that low note. lol

  38. kinda glad the viewers didn’t choose the winner, need more shows like that where judges have the final decision, we can’t have it all ,not when we get it wrong sometimes

  39. I expect to start seeing Home Free performing on the Country music award shows. I think Country will embrace them !!

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