Simon Cowell Promises to Announce X Factor Judges’ Panel “Within the Week”

Simon Cowell is promising that his yet-as-unamed judges’ panel for his upcoming X Factor US will have “The best judging panel so far”. He promises.

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New Trailer Released for West End's X Factor Musical, I CAN'T SING!

Dude, you have to tell us who they are first. Auditions begin in Los Angeles on March 26. THAT’S NEXT WEEK SIMON.

“I’ve got it in my mind now, ” reveals Simon, “I think of who I want this panel to be, and within the week, I think we’re gonna announce it.”

Unless he plans on filling the table with temps, it’s time to step on it!

What does it take to be an X Factor judge? He tells MTV:

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“I think you’ve got to put yourself out there and, as a priority, it is about the contestants to begin with. You’ve got to have a sense of humor. You’ve got to work hard because you’re gonna be mentoring the contestants on the final stages of the competition, which basically means you’re going to be responsible for what they sing, what they wear, how they behave, ” he explained. “You’re like a manager/producer for up to 10 weeks, and I think it’s important that you have to have people on the panel that have made people into stars as well. And so you’ve got to be different, you’ve got to be original.”

“This has been harder than I thought, ” Simon says about casting his show, “You’ve got to negotiate people’s deals, you got to make sure you’ve met as many people as possible, and you got to find the right chemistry.”

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  1. Just tell us already Simon, geez!

    Still hoping for:
    US female popstar (Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Mary J Blidge etc.)
    US male producer/record executive, not necessarily famous (a new Randy or Louis)

  2. I think the auditions that begin March 27 are just the first “cattle-call” round where the producers decide who will advance to see the celebrity judges. On American Idol, the judges don’t visit the audition city until several weeks after the initial cattle call round.

  3. With how well Idol is holding up this season the “buzz” about X-factor is diminishing accordingly. I haven’t heard any on-line judge speculation since Jessica Simpson..and that didn’t even cause a ripple of interest.

  4. Simon must be concerned about a tepid response to his auditions. I just received an email from Ticketmaster advertising the auditions! Here is what it said:

    Dear Friend,
    Have you heard about The X Factor?
    It’s Simon Cowell’s new prime-time television show of make it or break it competition and it’s hitting the small screen this fall. And this time, there are no restrictions.
    Solo singers, vocal groups and anyone over the age of 12 will have the chance to win a $5 million recording contract with Sony music.
    If you think you’ve got what it takes, auditions start on March 27 in Los Angeles and will travel to Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Newark and Dallas. Now is your chance to sign up, who knows, you could be the next big star.
    Be sure to visit for a step-by-step guide for your audition – everything you need to know to show up and be prepared.
    Bring your friends and family to support!
    Be sure to sign up and tune in. Stardom awaits!
    Best of luck!

    The X Factor USA
    The X Factor USA
    Simon Cowell
    Location – Dates

    Los Angeles
    L.A.Sports Arena (Reg) March 26
    (Aud) March 27

    Miami, FL
    Bank United Center (Reg) April 6
    (Aud) April 7

    Newark, NJ
    Prudential Center (Reg) April 13
    (Aud) April 14

    Seattle, WA
    Key Arena (Reg) April 19
    (Aud) April 20

    Chicago, IL
    Sears Center Arena (Reg) April 26
    (Aud) April 27

    Dallas, TX
    Dallas Convention Center (Reg) May 25
    (Aud) May 27

    Now that you know when and where to show up, make sure you’re prepared to wow the judges! Still have questions? For further information, please visit our website or call the toll free information line: 1-(855) 345-5678.

  5. J9bt:

    I got that message too. I loved Simon on Idol, but I don’t think this show will take off.

  6. it’s goin to be HUGE, …i don’t think america realises how enormous it will be. its so much more exciting because not only are the contestants competing but the judges against each other too,….

  7. The judges competing against each other is exactly why I won’t like it. And it’s exactly what Mr. Cowell likes because he secretly wants more of the spotlight than the contestants themselves.

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