Simon Cowell: I Want to Grow Enough to Be the #1 Show

Simon Cowell tells TV Guide that he’s determined that X Factor will eventually become the #1 show.  And it should be no problem, because he genuinely believes his X Factor is a better show than American Idol.  He likes that older people compete against younger people and groups. What’s more, the judges involvement in the results process fixes problems that could have been avoided on American Idol.  Read the entire interview HERE.

TV Guide Magazine: What will make The X Factor a success in your eyes? Is it important to you to top American Idol?
Cowell: No. 1 is finding a star [and the show having] unpredictability, controversy and people talking about it in their daily lives. All of these [competition] shows have grown over the years and eventually, I don’t know how long it will take, [I want to grow] enough to be the No. 1 show.

TV Guide Magazine: How does the pressure of launching The X Factor compare to the early days of Idol?
Cowell: It was a different feeling with Idol. Nobody knew who I was, and in a way that was quite comforting. No matter what happened, we were going to make the show we wanted to make. But as we got more successful, many more people arrived. So many more people were in the room that you didn’t recognize. So many watching you, sending emails. It wasn’t fun anymore.

TV Guide Magazine: Was that part of your reason for leaving?
Cowell: I was making a lot of money on American Idol, but I did X Factor because I genuinely felt this was a better show. I personally was happier sitting on a show where older people could compete with younger people who could compete with groups. I just preferred that process. And because I was producing X Factor, it had more of my character on the show. So I’m sure some performers would prefer to be on Idol or The Voice, but you’ll see the ones we backed sit better with us.

TV Guide Magazine: On The X Factor, judges act as mentors to the contestants. Why is that important to you?
Cowell: There were things that happened on Idol that could have been avoided if we [judges] had more of a say in what [the performers] sang or did. Tamyra Gray and Jennifer Hudson are perfect examples of people who should have been finalists but because of stupid song choices, they didn’t get the opportunity. I’m very frustrated about that even though it was 10 years ago. I was very upset about Tamyra missing out on a chance to compete with Kelly Clarkson, because that would have been one heck of a final.

Good luck with that #1 thing, dude. I’m having a hard time envisioning 20+ million Americans dropping what they are doing to tune into the X Factor finale, scheduled just a few days before the Christmas holidays.

Despite the success of America’s Got Talent, I have to wonder if Simon REALLY understands US pop culture. In America, Simon has only been able to successfully launch Adult Contemporaty acts like Susan Boyle and child star, Jackie Evancho. If he’s got visions of boybands dancing in his head (and I think he might) he may be out of luck.

Love his namechecking of Jennifer Hudson, a contestant he dissed plenty when she competed in Season 3, whom I don’t think he was sad to see go in 7th place…

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