Season 9 Preview: Top 50 Edition

Hollywood round is all but complete. They’ve slowly whittled down the list of 170+ contestants to a mere 50. Those contestants will go onto the chair episode. Anybody know when they film that? Must be pretty soon. Despite what editing would suggest, in the past few years, Hollywood week occured weeks/months before the chairs episode. Obviously, that won’t happen this year.

Anyway, names of those in the Top 50 have begun to leak and Joe’s Place (who has been deadly accurate with the Top 50 spoilers and Idol Spoilers for years), has them. Yay!

Let’s take a peak at 2. Spoilers after the jump.

Ben Honeycutt
Hometown: Ringgold, GA
Style: Acoustic/Metal Christian

We previewed Ben HERE.. Check it out to see what people had to say. He can do a mean cover and is generating a LOT Of buzz. Here are some links.

Golden Ticket Interview

Pride in the Name of Love
No One (youtube)
Bleeding Love (youtube)
I Don’t Wanna Be (youtube)
Youtube Channel

Band: Candlefuse
Turn Around (video)
Fighter (youtube)

Brittany Starr James
Age: 24
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Previous Audition Picture
Picture1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Like a Star (youtube)
Youbute Channel

When I saw the pilot episode of Glee and Rachel recorded a song in her room to upload to the internet, I thought she was a little weird. Now that I’ve been looking at these up-and-comer talents, I realize that this very common. It doesn’t really give you a feel for how they will do in front of a crowd or how they move. For some, like the WGWGs, that seems okay. For contestants like Brittany I think it would be better to see them sing on a stage.

So, it’s hard to judge with the crappy youtube recordings. Her voice seems to lose support at points and there is somehow too much air being expelled clouding the note. And if she gets this warbly and pitchy in her room, what is she going to be like on the big Idol stage or the Kodak?

Thankfully, autotune exists and her recordings on her Myspace are 10, 000 bazillion percent (to use a Randyism) better. She’s got an R&B/Ubran style and sounds very current. She also looks hot in her promo pictures. That means that Simon and Kara will consider her a commercial total package artist.

She seems to be a serial auditioner because there is a picture of her auditioning in a previous year. Anybody remember her? Is that the Season 8 background?

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