Season 9 Preview: The Boston Edition: Luke Shaffer

Wow! I for one was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the spoilers were for Season 9. I half expected people to be spamming the spoiler lists to get attention for their bands or just for laughs. So, congrats to IDF and other spoiler mongers for doing such a great job.

So far, we’ve previewed 35 people and posted links to other blogs doing the same thing for a total of 50. Some of those contestants auditioned in Boston. I thought it would be interesting to round up those contestants and see what else we can find out about them.

Contestant previews after the jump.

To start off with, here are the ones previewed already (in the order they appeared last night):

1. Maddy Curtis – 16 – “ Bluemont, VA – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen
2. Jennifer Hirsch –  22 – Manhattan, NY
3. Ashley (Makailah) Rodriguez – 21 – Boston, MA – “If I Ain’t Got You”
4. Tyler Grady – 19 -“ Nazareth PA – “Let’s Get it On”  by Marvin Gaye
5. Katie Stevens – “ 16 – Middlebury, CT –  “At Last” by Etta James.
6. Joshua Blaylock – 28 – “ New York, NY “God Bless The Broken Road” by Rascall Flatts
8. Justin Williams –  21 –  Sandy UT – “Feeling Good”
9. Bosa Mora – 22 – Columbus OH

Not Previewed:
1. Claire Fuller – 23 – “ Philadelphia, PA
2. Jess Wolfe – 24 – Brooklyn, NY –  VIDEO
3. Amadeo Diricco –  28  –  Johnston, RI –  “Hoochy Coochie Man”
4. Luke Shaffer 24, New York, NY (see below)
5. Benjamin Bright – “ 25 – “ Rome, NY (some info below)
6. Mike Davis – 18 – “ Boston – “Yesterday” by the Beatles
7. Leah Laurenti – 22 – Medford, NY – “Blue Skies” – Myspace deleted

I’ll see what I can dig up on those last 7 (anybody know who the remaining 16 from Boston were?). Anybody find anything, please post in comments.

Luke (James) Shaffer (one of the two guys who harmonized well)
You Found Me (youtube)
Sunday Morning (youtube)
Poker Face (youtube)
Apologize (youtube)
Youtube Channel

A WGWG! He’s good. He can do covers with an original flair. He’ll also get the female fans. Can he stand out in a crowded field? His audition was pretty impressive last night.

BTW according to one of the spoilers, he was actually the last person to audition the first day in Boston.

Benjamin Bright
Dude appears to have been erased from the internet (youtube links have been removed).

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