Season 8 Trio Shoots Reality Show Pilot

American Idol Season 8 semi-finalists, Nick “Normund Gentle” Mitchell, Tatiana Del Toro, Kristen McNamara shot a pilot for a reality show called “Takin’ Over Hollywood”.

Wait…I thought everyone hated Tatiana?

Kristen is the only one here billed as a singer. Tatiana is an actress, Nick a comedian, and I guess we’re supposed to yuck it up as the trio attempt to get their careers started in Los Angeles.

Kristen, from what I recall was a pretty decent singer (who also had her share of dramz in Hollywood), and Nick as Normund Gentle was hilarious, but I can’t imagine Tatiana as anything other than uber-annoying, like she was on the show.

All three sing the theme song. Hm.

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  1. ok well knowing America if it gets picked up it will be a huge hit.

  2. That was.. interesting. The theme song is terrible.

    Kind of off topic, but whatever happened to that show Katy Allen was in?

  3. Kind of off topic, but whatever happened to that show Katy Allen was in?

    Also a pilot looking for investors.

  4. I’d be interested in seeing Kristin and Nick, but a huge NO to Tatianna. Her laugh in that trailer was enough to turn me off … again.

    I think Nick is also a regular as Normund Gentle on Wendy Williams’ show as her AI correspondant.

  5. Nick seems like a nice guy, but his comedy was a one-schtick thing. And Kristen is nearly as annoying as Tatiana.

    This has high potential as must-see trainwreck stuff.

  6. Is this really a pilot or just a YouTube spoof?

    Wait…I thought everyone hated Tatiana?

    I always thought both Nick and Tatiana were recruited to play their roles last season. I never believed “Tati’s” crazy-ass act for one minute. Kristen is the only who seemed like she was really auditioning for the show, although she’d been on Nashville Star prior, so maybe she was planted as well.

    I’ll admit, if it’s for real, I kinda want to see it just to see “Normund.” And “Tati” sounds good singing!

  7. Yes this would be great! LOL I love Tatiana! hahahah I really do, so shoot me. The bitch is funny as hell. I love Normund too. This could work.

  8. hahahaha I remember an interview with Adam, Kris, and Allison where Adam said they couldn’t stand Tatiana!

    Although when you’re fame hungry, you just put up with people like her I guess ;)

  9. hahaha that could be fun! Tatiana came off as annoying last year but she has a very pretty voice and sings well

  10. Hate to admit it…but I would watch this.

    I’m pretty sure the annoying side of Tatiana was a character played up for the Idol cameras. Maybe there’s more too her than we think?

  11. I would watch only if these three were the last humans left on earth. In other words, not in my lifetime.

  12. Well, at least the premise is better than McPhee’s pilot. Are they living at the beach?

  13. Nick was a one shtick pony indeed, and after the first episode it got tired. His jokes were not even witty. .
    tatiana– a train wrack from hell. Kristen McNamara was actually a decent singer but she is not interesting enough. While I dig reality TV such as American Idol, this pilot shows that some people would do anything and everything to be famous. That some of us are willing to watch that junk (and that’s always instead of doing something else) is not such a good sign…

  14. Seems a natural for Fox Reality the home of classic but little seen shows like Seducing Cindy, Househusbands of Hollywood, and Re-Inventing Bonaduce. Besides, that would pave the way for cross-promotion with Idol (and get rights to use show footage).

  15. …..I’d watch it once. Or twice…..

    Three times, maybe?

    I admit that last year I wanted to eviscerate Tatiana and make a boa out of her colon (…umm, I think I went a bit out of line with that one), but it could be entertaining to see how annoying she is.

    And, God help me, I laughed at the fact that her laugh was spread throughout the whole thing. I hated her laugh.

    This could be one of those “so bad it’s good” things.

  16. I guess that I was one of the few people who liked Tatiana. I think she was a better singer than her detractors gave her credit for but clearly she was playing a part on Idol and never really somebody that the producers intended to put through to the top twelve. That top thirty six format last year was an abomination.

  17. This could be a very funny, entertaining show. I would watch it just for the curiosity factor.

  18. LOL yeah, I’d prolly at least check it out. They can actually all sing. Could be interesting.

  19. As I was reading this, the thought came to mind that somewhere in their adventure they would run into Katrina (Bikini Girl). Now, that would drive anyone crazy.

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