Katharine McPhee Shooting A Pilot For NBC

Katharine McPhee is shooting her first TV pilot for NBC:

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“American Idol” alumna-turned-actress Katharine McPhee is making her TV pilot debut with a lead role in NBC’s comedy “The Pink House.”

The project centers on Midwesterners John “Fitz” Fitzgerald and Rob “Bernie” Burnett who move to L.A. and rent a house right on the beach, determined to find jobs they actually love and make the most of their twenties.

McPhee will play Emily, a down-to-earth Midwest girl new to Manhattan Beach who lives in an apartment behind the guy’s house and works as a pharmaceutical rep.

Katharine’s playing a pharma girl! Ha ha.

Of course, shooting a pilot is just the start. It has to be picked up by the network next. Of course, NBC’s schedule is pretty empty these days with the cancellation of the Jay Leno Show, so you never know…

Katharine’s guest stars on the NBC show, Community airing March 4. Her movie,   You May Not Kiss The Bride, is currently in post-production.

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  1. Sorry, but the “down-to-earth” part doesn’t fit Kat at all. I hope she’s a great actress.

  2. They must be some pretty wealthy 20 something mid-westerners to be able to afford digs at the beach.

  3. Down to earth mid-western pharmaceutical rep. Sounds like the role that Katharine was born to play.

  4. is her hair darker in that picture?

    Well, good luck to her on that. She does kind of look like a pharmaceutical rep.

  5. I think acting is what she really, truly wanted… Good luck to her… I’m still not over it though… ;)

  6. I just saw some silly movie, “House Bunny” and Kat played a pregnant sorority loser girl. She did a great a job and I thought she stood out.

    I don’t get why peeps don’t like her. Oh well. I also don’t get why people don’t see her as down to earth either. She is a sweetie.

    But even my husband didn’t get her, so how crazy is that!!!!

  7. I think Kat could do well with a sit-com. My guess is she’ll play the love interest/eye candy for the two leads. She did really well in House Bunny and stood out more than the other background sisters. I say pursue it. Record sales ain’t all that. Maybe she’s the next Mandy Moore? Who? Mandy Moore. nvrmnd.

  8. Kat, yes-she is not all that! Not really that pretty, not such a good singer, second rate actress,etc, etc….Lets see- McPhee was runner up to Hicks(Taylor who?) the winner of Season 5, right?…AND,folks are now in Season 9 and we are still talking about her? What a failure that girl is is! Oh, to be such a failure I wish I were…but I have to much time on my hands to fail cause I am busy chatting and blogging my glorious comments!

  9. Kat was one of the most beautiful contestants to appear on Idol – and she wasn’t a blonde. Oh wait…she’s a blonde now? I hope she goes back to being a brunette. I would never think of her as down-to-earth, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a nice person.

    I wish Kat the best in her career choices.

  10. Katharine is gorgeous particularly as a brunette. She may be very sweet and as nice as can be but for some reason her interviews come across as superficial and shallow to me. She lacks substance and personality IMO at least in her public performances and interviews.

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