Season 5 Rumors

Season 5 Rumors

Survivor Sucks Dude, mkbdiva, has started a Top 24 list over at the Survivor Sucks AI forum.  He has provided this information and swears by his sources, who he hasn’t named.  So ya know….still rumors at this point. :).

Ace Young

A picture named ace.jpgHe goes by his first name, Ace.  He’s a white R&B male who has opened for Brian McKnight and New Edition.  He has long hair, done some modelling and guest-starred on an episode of UPN’s “Half and Half” as himself.  He co-wrote the R&B singer, Mario’s “Let Me Love You”.  He sang on the soundtrack of some vampire movie.  Here’s a sample.  It’s very generic R&B.  If he’s a pretty boy with smooth moves, he could go far.A picture named ace2.jpg  White R&B singer?  They don’t have one of those yet, could be a possibility.  He sounds like the type of contestant Paula would want to sleep with. :).  He had a website, but since he’s currently in the running, the producers made him take it down.  However,    this website has some information.  No picture, yet. Correction: THANKS to my buddy will from sucks and the HH we have a picture! This comes from the cache of his defunct website :).

Younger picture of Ace (right) Courtesy of the mad googling skillz of grrrr from the HH….

17 year old Asian girl

According to another Hollywood contestant, she’s in the same league as Kelly Clarkson. No name yet.

The following folks I described here already.

Ayla Brown
Becky O’Donahue

Jose Penala
Paris Bennett

Got Cut Before the Top 24

Heather A picture named holly_group.jpg

No last name, apparently.  Nah, we just don’t know it yet. “Heather” is too common a first name to become one of those one-name dealies.  All I have on her is this picture (right).  She’s third from the left, sitting next to the bald guy. To her left are Bobbie Bullard, fate unknown, and Annie Pookasem who did not make it to Hollywood.  The green papers are third-round (audition in front of the judges) tickets.

Jordan Southerland

A picture named jordan.jpgSurvivor Sucks dude had another conversation with Jordan, and apparently he did indeed make the Top 24.  That’s all I got right now.  To refresh your memory, he’s from North Carolina, previously competed in something called Net Idol, and really, really really loves Jesus.  Here is a picture to refresh your memory (left)A picture named laurawrightGreensboro.jpg

Laura Wright 

Auditioned in Greensboro.  She’s 16 and from Marietta Georgia.  (right)